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Sunday, 1 August 2010

BB11: Housemates Concerned After Messages From Home

Day 54: Dave and Corin became the latest housemates threatening to quit the Big Brother house after Messages From Home failed to lift their spirits. Instead, Dave was concerned for his wife and children after receiving his message. He told Steve that her message was 'flat' and he could have delivered a more positive message himself.

He continued,"I don't want to go but I'm ready to walk out if I have to"

"I won't stay if me being here is putting pressure on my family because the messages just weren't positive"

"They gave go no indication that everything was alright and there was no messages from my family saying that my they supported me, they just weren't excited".

Meanwhile Corin became concerned when her video message only featured a picture of her mum with audio, "It could be that your mum is just nervous to do it," Mario reassured her – but it wasn’t enough to dispel her doubts. "I wanted to see her face smiling, it's made me think," she replied.

Steve expressed his concern about her reaction to the message. "If they don't tell her [why her mum didn't record a message] she'll go. I think she'll go," he told Mario. "Her mum's her everything, her mum's her rock," he added.

The situation was rectified by Big Brother, who spoke to Corin in the Diary Room to explain the situation to her.

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