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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

BB11: Sam And Josie Argue Again!

Day 56: The arrival of Sam Pepper continues to upset some of the housemates, especially Josie, who continued their fall out, with the pair arguing within minutes of waking up this morning.

Digital Spy reports that when the alarm sounded and many of the housemates were still in bed, Sam got up and walked towards Josie, seemingly offering a truce.

"Do you seriously want it to be like this, Josie?" he began.

"Sam, I don’t like you," Josie replied. "I don’t like what comes out of your mouth."

Josie went on to call the 21-year-old "arrogant" and "rude", before repeating her dislike for him.

"And that’s how you want it now, OK?" Sam responded.

Josie asked Sam to stay away from her, but he refused, warning her that she would now be on his "bad side".

"If you want to be on the bad side of me you can be on the bad side of me," he told her. "I said one comment to you and you keep going on about it."

Josie insisted that Sam had made more than one comment and offered to repeat everything he had said to her. Sam said he didn't want to know, before asking her to confirm: "You're holding the grudge?"

Josie ignored him and continued to list the things he had said, prompting Sam to get up from the bed and walk away.

"Shut up, Josie, you chat shit," he stated as he left the bedroom.

"I'm gonna make sure everyone knows what he has been saying now," Josie told John James and JJ, who had been listening to the dispute.

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