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Saturday, 19 June 2010

BB11 VIDEO: Rachael Evicted From Big Brother

Day 10: The first eviction from the Big Brother house was a close call, yet shockingly it was Rachael who faced eviction. Watch the Channel 4 video below of the moment she found out the news.

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Friday, 18 June 2010

BB11: First Housemate Evicted From Big Brother 11

Day 10: The first housemate to evicted from the Big Brother 11 house with 37.5% of the vote, was announced by Davina McCall after England's lackluster World Cup performance against Algeria. The Big Brother eviction was a closer fought battle than the football match, at least it had winners and a loser - Rachael became the unlucky housemate as the public voted her out of the house.

Shabby was the first housemate to find out that she was safe, leaving Rachael and Sunshine fighting for the other safe place in the BB11 house.

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BB11: Eviction Poll Result

Day 10: The results are in from our Big Brother Eviction Poll and although Shabby is the bookies favourite too become the first evicted housemate (8/13), it was Sunshine who topped your votes. You voted for Sunshine to be evicted with around 39% of the vote, although Paddy Power have the Lady GaGa lookalike as the LEAST likely to be evicted with odds of 6/1.

Rachael (15/8) seems to hold the key tonight as she came third in your votes, getting 26% and just 2% behind Shabby but is second choice with the bookies. We threw Dave into the Eviction Poll vote since he was initially up for eviction, and it seems one or two of you felt he should have been the housemate being evicted.

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BB11: Govan Calls Housemates Greedy

Day 10: The tempers have already started to fray as the Big Brother housemates bicker between themselves. Govan was the latest to get angry, as he blasted housemates as "greedy".

Following the delivery of their weekly shopping, a number of items had already been consumed before certain members of the house had been able to have any.

The 21-year-old complained, "Some people are so greedy in here... there are 14 of us in here."
Sunshine agreed, explaining that her hummus and falafel, which she requested specifically due to her vegan diet, has also been eaten by others.
Govan suggested that he knew who had been snacking on the extra food. "I bet it's the same people. I won't say, but I've got a good idea of who," he said.

Sunshine tried to calm him down, telling him that it didn't matter and she could just eat plain pitta bread. However, he continued his protest, saying: "It makes me angry quite honest how greedy people are."
*Story reported on: DigitalSpy
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BB11 VIDEO: Josie And John James Flirt In Bathroom

Here is the Big Brother video of Josie and John James as they get flirty in the BB11 bathroom. Is it just a matter of days until the housemates get it on? Stay tuned!

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Thursday, 17 June 2010

BB11: Bookies Predict Eviction Result

Day 9: At first it looked like a certainty that Sunshine would become the first housemate evicted from the Big Brother 11 house, that was until Dave threw Rachael into the equation as he escaped the public vote.

Now Paddy Power have Shabby as the housemate most likely to be evicted on Friday with odds of 8/13. Sunshine appears to be the safest on 7/2, having increased in popularity over the past two days as she moans less. Meanwhile Rachael could be the housemate who throws a spanner into the eviction as she becomes more unpopular and cries even more as she falls out with fellow housemates, the Beyonce lookalike is currently on 9/4 odds.

Yet 24 hours is a long time in the Big Brother house and anything could happen between now and 9pm on Friday (18 June 2010)

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BB11: Nathan Flashes To Josie

Day 9: Nathan came out of his shell and proved he certainly is not shy about his manhood. During a dip in the pool today, Josie advised Nathan to tighten his trunks because they kept slipping down. Instead of heeding her advice, Nathan joked that he didn't care if he Josie saw everything. She then egged him on to show his penis as the banter continued between them.

Nathan then gave a quick flash, allowing Josie to see down his trunks. She screamed and ran away shouting "Oh my god, it's huge!" Looks like John James might have a love rival on his hands in this battle of bulge with Josie!

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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

BB11 PICTURE: Shabby Flashes Her Boob

Day 8: Shabby is up for eviction, and what better way of trying to win a few fans over than flashing a bit of flesh? The nominated housemate appears to be desperate as she showed her boob and spread her leg while in the Big Brother bath tub.

Can the cheeky stunt save Shabby?

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BB11 POLL: Who Would You Evict This Friday?

The latest Big Brother Blog Poll wants to know who YOU would evict from the house this Friday. Sunshine, Shabby and now Rachael all face eviction but who would you pick as the first one to leave the house?

Just for a bit of fun, we've included Dave in the poll since the housemates initially nominated him earlier this week. The poll will be available at the top right hand side of this blog until Friday evening when the first BB11 eviction will take place.

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BB11: John James And Josie Share Shower

 Day 8: Things are hotting up in the Big Brother 11 house as romance begins to form among the housemates. We already know Josie has a bit of a thing for Aussie housemate John James, he has already let it be known he doesn't go for the girls that are stunning. So what better way to push that romance along than sharing a nice hot shower together.

Josie and John James fooled around after the shower, Josie stole his towel and he wrestled with her to get it back. It looks like Josie has fallen for the Australian housemate, but could she end up with a broken heart?

Later John James told Josie that Big Brother had asked him who he considered attractive in the house.

"I hope you said me," she smiled. John James confirmed that he had and Josie promised to tell Big Brother that she found him attractive as well. John James took the opportunity to ask her again why she had stolen his towel.
"To be closer to you," she said.

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BB11: Three Way Eviction Battle Between Girls

Day 8: This Friday will see a three way eviction battle between the girls as Sunshine, Shabby and now Rachael battle it out trying to avoid becoming the first Big Brother housemate to leave the house. Originally Dave was up for the public vote, but in a Nominations Twist - Big Brother set a Task allowing the winner to escape the public vote this week. Dave won the Mouse and Cheese Task, nominating Rachael to take his place because she is popular so will be fine.
Shabby and Sunshine are the most likely for eviction according to the bookies, but only one housemate will be evicted this Friday. Who goes - YOU decide!

Dave wins Mouse and Cheese Task

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BB11 POLL: The Results

Day 7: The first BB11 poll results are in and the vast majority of voters felt sad Big Brother is coming to an end and that we should keep Big Brother. More people felt it was the right time to end Big Brother than those who were happy it was ending. Come back soon for a new Big Brother poll.......

The results were as follows:
Happy? 5
Sad? 14
Right Time To End? 6
Should Keep BB? 13
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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

BB11: Govan v Gollum

Day 7: Call us cruel but we couldn't help notice that Govan has a look-a-like in the form of Gollum from Lord of the Rings. Thankfully Big Brother housemate Govan has a better chance of getting his ring!

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Monday, 14 June 2010

BB11: Nomination Results

Day 6:  The results are in from the first Big Brother 11 nominations and there are three housemates that face the public vote on Friday. Dave, Shabby and Sunshine received the most nominations from their fellow housemates.

But don’t forget one of these housemates will get the chance to save themselves and nominate someone else to take their place if they win a task. As reported earlier, Big Brother has twisted nominations this week and one of those nominated could be replaced by a housemate of their choosing....... ouch!

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BB11: First Big Brother 11 Argument Erupts

Day 6: Someone has turned up the heat in the Big Brother house, and it can only lead too tears, especially in this case as onions are involved! According to the official website: "As Ben put it nicely, 'Oniongate' has been the topic of tension tonight. During the evening meal, Ben helped himself to some onions to spice his meal up. Govan witnessed the event and began to voice his opinion when he saw Dave follow suit.

As the dinner table was being cleaned, Dave and Govan took to the Living Area where Dave sought an explanation to the words he had heard Govan say. Ben tried to diffuse the situation, but it soon erupted into a full blown argument.

Dave accused Govan of being disrespectful as he claims he heard Govan say 'Dave jumped on the back of Ben having onions knowing he shouldn't have' and went on to say 'if I was you Govan, I would sit back and apologise'.

Govan could not hide his frustration any more and exploded into rage, retorting 'don't assume what I said... I don't need to explain myself anymore'

'Oniongate' has spilled over into an argument surrounding Sunshine and most notably, Govans involvement in the group voting her as the Mole on Day 4.

After the first ripples of the onion argument began to settle, a wave of anger washed over Govan as he was suddenly accused of 'playing games' and 'manipulating' the group into voting Sunshine as the House Mole.

Govan pleaded his innocence barking 'I'm sorry you think I'm some sort of devious monster Dave but if you think I was playing games, that really offends me'.

Dave responded 'my take is that you were playing games as many people in this House do play games, but I don't want us to fall out over this'."

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BB11: Nominations Twist

Get ready for a twist in Big Brother nominations this week, according to the official website as housemates took part in their first ever nominations, they are in for a surprise later today. One of the nominated housemates will then be given the chance to save themselves and choose someone else to take their place.

So how will it work? The two or more housemates who receive the most nominations will take part in an exciting challenge with an all important outcome. The winner of this task will be saved from being a nominated housemate and exempt from this week’s eviction. Get the feeling it’s going to be competitive?

But that’s not all! The winner must then choose another housemate to replace them as a nominated housemate. Normal rules then apply and whoever is chosen as a replacement will be up for Eviction with all the other nominated housemates on Friday.

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BB11:Big Brother Viewing Figures Day 2 - 5

Thurs 10th June (Day 2) - Big Brother had 2.83m (15.8%) viewers for Channel 4 from 10pm, with 254k (2.7%) tuning in on C4+1.

Fri 11th June (Day 3) - The 9pm show was seen by 2.19m (10%) and a further 434,000 (2.4%) on Channel 4+1

Sat 12th June (Day 4) - Saturday night is traditionally the worst night for Big Brother viewing figures and this year BB11 has the World Cup to compete with, but 1.79 million (8.9%) still managed to tune in and watch Mario the Mole and the Tree of Temptation at work. This was only slightly down on the opening Saturday last year (1.9m / 9%)

Sun 13th June (Day 5) -  Over 3 million tuned in to find out if Mario would become a housemate as he completed his 'Impossible Task'. The show averaged 2.69m (10.8%) for Channel 4 in the 9pm hour, with 324,000 (1.8%) watching on the timeshift. channel C4+1. This was a massive boost for Big Brother, year on year it was about 50% higher.

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Sunday, 13 June 2010

BB11: Mario Streaks

Day 5: Mario is well and truly out of his mole costume as he ran outside the Big Brother house into the garden naked. He had just been sharing a shower with John James and Ben and was then challenged by Shabby to strip down to his birthday suit.

Mario proved he was game for a laugh and proceeded to get naked as Shabby, Ife and Caiomhe cheered him on. Running around the garden naked, Mario seemed to be having fun and it looks like this is just the beginning!

Viewers will already have seen Mario sneaking around in the garden in just his underpants as he threw vegetables into the pool during his 'Impossible Task'. I'm not sure it was such a good idea but viewers seem to like Mario  - who is the current bookies favourite to win BB11.

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BB11: Zig And Zag On Big Brother's Little Brother

 Day 5: Zig and Zag made a welcome return to our screen on Sunday during Big Brother's Little Brother. The former Big Breakfast presenters joined George Lamb and Emma Willis in the studio for a bit of cheeky banter. They also got a bit scary when BB1's Nick Bateman sat between them.

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BB11: Bookies Odds On Housemates

Day 5: The bookies are already hard at work giving odds on who will be the outright winner of BB11. Although Steve looked like he would be the bookies favourite when the 14 housemates entered the house on Wednesday, now it looks like Mario the Mole has burrowed into the lead.

Paddy Power have these odds: Mario 3/1,John James 5/1, Steve 7/1, Josie 8/1, Nathan 10/1, Corin 11/1, Caoimhe 16/1, Ben 18/1, Ife 20/1, Govan 20/1, Dave 20/1, Shabby 20/1, Rachael 25/1 and Sunshine 40/1.

We'll be updating the bookies BB11 odds during the series, so keep checking back for further news.

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BB11: Mario The Mole Escapes Eviction

Day 5: Mario had been set the 'Impossible Task' of entering the Big Brother 11 house dressed as a mole and could only become a proper housemate IF he passed the task. He needed to convince the majority of housemates he was NOT a mole, although it was pretty hard since Big Brother dressed him up as a mole and made him live in a mole hole!

Lined up in the BB11 garden, housemates were lined up in a Unusual Suspects remake and surprisingly only two housemates chose Mario, they were Corin and Ife.

Dave chose Govan,

Rachael chose Steve,

Sunshine chose Ben,

And astonishingly, the remaining eight housemates all chose Sunshine......... something that would result in tears later........

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