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Sunday, 13 June 2010

BB11: Mario The Mole Escapes Eviction

Day 5: Mario had been set the 'Impossible Task' of entering the Big Brother 11 house dressed as a mole and could only become a proper housemate IF he passed the task. He needed to convince the majority of housemates he was NOT a mole, although it was pretty hard since Big Brother dressed him up as a mole and made him live in a mole hole!

Lined up in the BB11 garden, housemates were lined up in a Unusual Suspects remake and surprisingly only two housemates chose Mario, they were Corin and Ife.

Dave chose Govan,

Rachael chose Steve,

Sunshine chose Ben,

And astonishingly, the remaining eight housemates all chose Sunshine......... something that would result in tears later........

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