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Saturday, 12 June 2010

BB11: Ben Has Love For Josie

Day 4: Love is already in the air as the Big Brother 11 housemates get to know each other. Posh boy Ben may have had a harsh reception from the public when he entered the house but it hasn't stopped him forming quite a friendship with Josie.

According to the official Big Brother website Ben admitted, 'I select my friends very carefully because if someone is going to be my friend, I have to love them'.
The blonde Casanova then went on to say 'Although you and me fool around and tease each other, I do have this love for you. I have to have an attraction with my friends, whether that's an attraction that leads later to the bedroom or ... I have to have chemistry with people, whether they're male or female'.

Ben finally went on to tell Josie 'We are friends; we have a flirt, we can be silly together... and if I get kicked out of here, or you do, we'd still be friends forever'. Time will tell..............

*BB official website:

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