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Saturday, 17 January 2009

CBB6: Day 16 - Highlights

Day 16 in the Celebrity Big Brother house:

* Mutya walks out of CBB house
* Mutya walks - the video
* Mutya's Best Pictures
* Big Brother Band Task
* Tipsy Verne Rams Diary Room Door - Video
* Terry and Coolio Fall Out Over Task
* Big Brother Band Task Pictures
* Video of the Housemates Performing Big Brother Band Task

*BB official website:

CBB6: Day 15 Headlines

It's Day 15 in the CBB house and the effort of updating this website constantly just gets too much so each day I'll just do headlines and links.

* Housemates to be locked in a room with a big spider
* Girls and Spiders - Diary Room video
* Boys and Spiders - Diary Room video
* Boys Vs Girls - Task Results
* Arachnophobia - the pictures
* Tina is evicted with 38.8% of the public vote
* Tina's Eviction Interview with Davina
* Tina's Best Bits video
* Tina's Best Pictures

*BB official website:

Friday, 16 January 2009

CBB6: Day 15 - Battle of the Sexes Task

Michelle Heaton read out the latest Task given to the Celebrity Big Brother housemates, and it was quite fitting given the rising tensions in the house between the boys and girls.

Housemates will be asked to perform a series of challenges that will include cooking, memory, multi-tasking, common sense, presentation and bravery.

Quite a tall order, but seeing as there are five men and five women left in the House, they should be pretty evenly matched until tonight's eviction that is!

*BB official website:

CBB6: Day 15 PICTURES - Letters From Home

As a reward for passing the Moan-Free Task yesterday, the Celebrity Big Brother housemates were rewarded with a Letter From Home - with tearful results as these pictures show:


Ulrika comforts Tina
Michelle in tears

Tina reads La Toya a letter from home

Coolio gets letter from his daughter

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CBB6: Day 15 VIDEO - Housemates Sex Dreams

Housemates must be feeling a bit sexually frustrated being trapped in the Big Brother house for 15 days, and it seems they are taking that sexual frusatration out while they sleep. Ben and Ulrika reveal their sex dreams in the C4 video below.................

*BB official website:

CBB6: Day 15 - Mutya Looks Her Best

While all that negativity has been taking over the Big Brother out, we couldn't help but notice that Mutya is looking the best she has looked since entering Celeb Big Brother two weeks ago. Maybe its the lack of food in the house that is having a positive effect on Mutya, but I'd say she is looking pretty good in the picture above...........
See - there are some positive things going on in CBB6!

*BB official website:

CBB6: Day 14 VIDEO - House Pass Moan-Free Task

Finally the Celebrity Big Brother housemates passed a Task and were rewarded with some luxuries. They were able to have a Moan-Free House (I know it's hard to believe!!) for an hour and so the housemates passed the Task.
Watch the C4 video below and see their reactions............

*BB official website:

Thursday, 15 January 2009

CBB6: Day 14 - Moan-Free Task

At last Ulrika has been silenced! No , she's not trying to impersonate Michael Jackson - she is taking part in the latest Celebrity Big Brother Task.

Big Brother is sick to the back teeth of hearing the housemates' constant moaning. Aren't you? So Big Brother is tackling the problem head on, and banning moaning for an hour.

If all housemates stop moaning and whingeing for that hour, Big Brother will reward housemates with the following:

1 token


Soft drinks

Party food



Messages from home for each housemate.

However, each time Big Brother deems a housemate to have moaned. whinged or whined (within that hour) Big Brother will withdraw one of the housemate's message from home.

Big Brother will begin withdrawing housemates' messages from home in alphabetical order, beginning with Ben.

So here's the rules: Big Brother will inform the housemates when the one hour begins and ends. All housemates must take part in the Task.

No housemate is permitted to moan about this Task or anything at all, once the Task has started.

Big Brother will permit housemates five minutes of moaning before the Task starts, just to get it out of their systems.

*BB official website:

CBB6: Day 14 - Food Looting In Celeb BB House

Food looting has been the result of the desperation felt in the Celeb Big Brother house as the ten housemates were condemned to a week of basic food rations after failing this weeks Shopping Task. It became a free-for-all when Big Brother announced the shopping had arrived.

Ulrika, Michelle and Coolio were first in line as they helped themselves to tuna, eggs and cereal. Housemates hid their loot away from the less adventurous housemates but it didn't go unnoticed.

"It was amazing to see the food, all the girls went in there and just took it. They went straight to the back and grabbed it," said LaToya. "They took it to the rooms?" asked Verne. "Yeah, with their food. No talking. It's different, it's not the same atmosphere anymore." "That's what they started," said Verne, gesturing to the Luxury Bedroom. "They got their food, we got our food." "Yeah," shrugged Latoya.

*BB official website:

CBB6: Day 14 VIDEO - Tina and Coolio Shouting Row

It's been brewing for days and we all knew that eventually Tina Malone would explode in the Celebrity Big Brother house. Coolio was the match that set her blazing as the housemates argued about who would read the Shopping List.
Things got loud when Tina waded into the debate as she told Coolio "It's not your decision to tell the rest of the House what to do." From that moment the sparks really did begin to fly as a barrage of swear words were exchanged between the housemates.

Watch the C4 video below and see just how things developed in the best row so far this series..............

*BB official website:

CBB6: Day 14 - Michelle Feels Left Out

Shock horror - Michelle goes into the Diary Room and there is not a tissue in sight as she manages to talk to Big Brother and NOT cry!

"What have you learned from your time in the House?" asked Big Brother.

"That I'm a cry baby," replied Michelle.

"Have you grown or changed?" asked Big Brother.

"I've probably dealt with issues more maturely," she began. "Big Brother has given me some advice, when you told me to go and speak to Coolio and iron out our differences, it was good advice." Big Brother does have good ideas sometimes, Michelle.

"I went to speak to him and even though it's not plain sailing and not smelling of roses but it's better than it was. I have respect for Coolio. Even though I don't agree with the things he says and does, doesn't mean we can't get on. I feel better since I've spoke to him."

But as that drama ends, another one could be about to unfold. "I was with the four girls and we didn't appreciate Coolio," she said. "But now I've ironed out my differences I feel a bit snubbed by the other three cos I'm not bitching about him. It's not that things don't still grate on me, but I've only got a few days left and I don't want to spend my time moaning."

Big Brother pushed her further on the subject of being snubbed. "You-lrika made a point of Coolio being my 'new best friend'. I feel like You-lrika is a good friend in here and I hope that continues."

*BB official website:

CBB6: Day 14 - Verne and Ulrika Get Heated

Hard to believe some feel Ulrika is 'controlling' in the Celebrity Big Brother house. Verne might have a few words to say on the subject as the housemates came to terms with another basic shopping budget...........

Tommy suggested that no more than four people should complete the shopping list, which seemed like an intelligent idea, but everybody wanted to get their oar in.

"I think we should get more pasta - pasta fills you up," Coolio suggested.

"I'll have a word with LaToya," said Ulrika helpfully. "I think she might have to have tuna, or some fillets of salmon instead of smoked salmon, 'cause it might be a little bit cheaper. She might be happy to come to a compromise," she added.

"It's her diet - you can't ask a vegetarian to eat meat," interjected Verne.

"I'm asking her about salmon Verne, a different type of salmon that's all. I never suggested she should eat meat," said Ulrika defending herself.

"You said she should eat something and she doesn't eat that stuff," argued Verne.

"I never said that," said Ulrika.

"Yeah you did," Verne countered.

"This is all f****** b*******," muttered Ulrika as she got up and walked out towards the Luxury Bedroom where she found an ally in the form of Tina.

"We're dealing with children in there," hissed Ulrika, referring to the men of the House. "And children don't listen."

*BB official website:

CBB6: Day 14 - Housemates Fail Shopping Task

This weeks Shopping task had the Celebrity housemates performing all sorts of funny tasks dressed as toys and it was a close result..................

Big Brother expressly told them that they were not allowed more than two fails and as they sat waiting on the sofas waiting for the results Big Brother announced the results, starting with the successful group challenge, however two fails came next with Michelle and Verne's Bear challenge and Coolio and Tommy's Car Wash challenge. Big Brother then announced that Ben, Ulrika and LaToya and Mutya had passed their challenges. Leaving Terry and Tina sweating it out to hear if they managed to beat the hits Ulrika and Verne's 'Endless Love' video had received on the website.

"Verne and Ulrika got 81, 483, Terry and Tina's video received 36, 609," Big Brother announced.

And with that the housemate's faces fell. "I knew it wouldn't receive as many hits," Terry said with a nervous giggle. "Oh I can't bear it...It means that I'm a better singer than you are a ballet dancer, which isn't saying much," Ulrika sighed. Well it was a good try but it just wasn't enough though and the House will be surviving on basic rations for another week that means £1 per head per day.

*BB official website:

CBB6: Day 14 - Terry and Tommy Bitch Again!

It all started off so sweet fourteen days ago when eleven celebrities entered the Big Brother house but oh how things have changed! Two weeks later and we are about to reach boiling point as the housemates bicker and fight.

Last night Terry and Tommy had another bitching session about their fellow housemates, Terry had been in the Kitchen explaining to Tommy that the past six months had been really stressful and that being in the House was a breeze. "It's been really stressful for the past six months, so this doesn't compare - it's a break mate," he confided to Tommy, prompting Tommy to get a few things off his chest.

"That's why I can't be bothered with all the f****** tantrums and tears," growled Tommy quietly. "it's all a pile of pish and I do find it hard not to laugh openly," he added.

And he wasn't finished. "There's a lot of phoney-ism - there's loads of 'oh, I can't wait to get out'. There's one I believe, but I'm not sure about the others," he said before noticing that Ben was approaching the Kitchen.

"I hope you're not trying to join our bitching session," said Tommy with a laugh

"You know what," replied Ben, "I've heard enough bitching sessions to last me a lifetime."

"The problem is," said Tommy, "we were just about to start bitching about you."

*BB official website:

CBB6: Day 14 VIDEO - Piano Task Performance

The Celebrity Big Brother Piano Task involved Mutya and La Toya Jackson repeating a routine on a giant piano. Watch the C4 video below and see how well they performed...........

*BB official website:

CBB6: Day 14 PICTURES - Piano Task

Mutya and La Toya Jackson nit the right notes during the Piano Task during this weeks Shopping Task, so here are a few pictures of them in action:

*BB official website:

CBB6: Day 14 POLL - Who Should Be Evicted?

The Celebrity Big Brother 6 POLL is up and running and we want to find out who YOU would evict from the BB house on Friday?

Tina is the bookies favourite to go but is she your choice or do you think it time controlling Ulrika left the house? Maybe you have had enough of Michelle's crying? Does miserable Mutya grate you?

Vote in our POLL at the top of the page and let the world know who you want to boot out of Celebrity Big Brother................

*BB official website:

CBB6: Day 13 VIDEO - Ulrika Arrows Task Challenge

This weeks Shopping Task continued with Ulrika trying to aim the 'arrow' at the board - would she hit the target in her role as a Native American or would she fail?
Watch the C4 video to find out.............

*BB official website:

CBB6: Day 13 - Ben Scares Ulrika In Task

Ben managed to pass his secret Task but it was a hot mission.............. So what was his task?
"It was to scare a housemate," said Ben, "and I scared Ulrika by hiding behind the chair. It was hot. I was under a duvet, behind the chair and I was sitting there for fifteen minutes thinking 'this is hot'."

"Is that what you were doing?" asked Michelle.
"Yeah," laughed Ben.
"We've got one pass. Which is good."
"So you were told the Task but you couldn't tell us?" asked Tommy.
"I wasn't allowed to say anything," said Ben.

*BB official website:

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

CBB6: Day 13 - Ben Tells Michelle To Get Controversial

Ben told Michelle that she should get controversial if these are to be the last two days in the Celeb Big Brother house. The pair who have been getting along too well - in some people's estimations, enjoyed an intimate chat on the heated seats.

Michelle confessed that she had spent most of her time crying so far in the BB house and was unable to turn off the tear ducks. Ben joked and said she was going for the sympathy vote, before he encouraged her to get controversial.

Yet fans of Michelle can sleep easier tonight because bookies have tipped loud mouth Tina as the next housemate to leave the Celebrity BB house on Friday.

*BB official website:

CBB6: Day 13 VIDEO - Verne Does A Stunt

No it's not a joke about stunted growth you evil Big Brother fans, this is a stunt involving Verne. Famous for his role as Mini Me in Austin Powers, the pint sized star has won over the nation and the Celeb housemates with his actions.
Today he impressed them some more by showing them he could jump into Michelle's arms, watch the C4 video and see if she will catch him or if he'll fall onto Ben.

*BB official website:

CBB6: Day 13 VIDEO - Boys Gossip About The Girls

Tommy, Verne, Coolio and Terry dish the dirt on the girls in the Celebrity Big Brother house. Watch the C4 video below and find out what the lads thought about Lucy Pinder...............

*BB official website:

CBB6: Day 13 PICTURES - Terry and Tina Ballerina Dance

Terry and Tina played the part as ballerinas during the Toy Task, Terry's outfit says it all. If you want to see the bigger picture then click any of the images below:

*BB official website:

CBB6: Day 13 VIDEO - Tina and Terry Ballerina Dance

Tina and Terry performed a ballerina dance as part of the Shopping Task and will need to get more than 81, 483 hits on the BB official website: to beat Verne and Ulrika's total last week. Click onto the official link above to see the video and help them pass the task - or if you can't be arsed - click the video below and watch the ballet routine.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

CBB6 Day 12: VIDEO - Nominations Announced

Celebrity Big Brother is going to turn nasty as the results of this weeks nominations were revealed earlier today. Although the four people seemed happy with being nominated, behind the scenes tells a different story. Expect daggers to be drawn and inserted later this week - watch the C4 video below:

*BB official website:

CBB6: Day 12 - Nominations Results

The results are in and the Celebrity Big Brother nominations are revealed.............. Michelle, Ulrika, Mutya and Tina will face the public vote in a four way contest. Only La Toya escaped the all female eviction vote in the surprising nomination vote. Coolio and Terry were thought to be nomination favourites after a lot of bitching from certain CBB housemates but both have escaped the chance for the public vote with nominations divided.

Here are the results of the nominations:

Ben - Tina and Mutya
Coolio - Ulrika and Michelle
La Toya - Ulrika and Mutya
Michelle - Tina and Coolio
Mutya - Tommy and Verne
Terry - Michelle and Ulrika
Tina - Michelle and Ben
Tommy - Ulrika and Mutya
Ulrika - Ben and La Toya
Verne - Ulrika and Tina

*BB official website:

CBB6: Day 12 VIDEO - Tommy and Coolio Car Wash

Tommy and Coolio went through the car wash as part of their Toy Task for this weeks Shopping Task. The results were worth watching as Coolio gets a right soaking and Tommy falls about with laughter...........
Watch this C4 video below:

*BB official website:

CBB6: Day 12 PICTURES - Toy Task

The Celebrity Big Brother housemates have been busy taking part in the Toy Task with hilarious results. Verne looks lovely as one of the bears eating honey and Mutya looks the part in her costume. Ben fits his part as a toy dinosaur and Ulrika's face makes a scary toy native American.

Click the image below to see the bigger picture............

*BB official website:

CBB6: Day 12 - Toy Task

The housemates learn about their Shopping Task...

Ben has returned from the Diary Room and read aloud the instructions for this week's Shopping Task.

"For this week's Shopping Task," said Ben, "the housemates must become toys."

Tina covered her mouth with her hand, providing a much cherished moment of silence for the others.

"The Task will consist of seven separate challenges," Ben said. "In order to pass the Task, the group as a whole must fail no more than two challenges."

"Big Brother has allocated roles as follows," Ben continued. "Challenge One. The Piano Players. LaToya and Mutya must learn to play a piece of music on a giant piano. To pass the challenge, they must provide a note perfect performance tomorrow."

LaToya giggled at this, while Mutya looked decidedly unimpressed.

"Challenge Two is called Teddy Bear's Picnic," Ben read. "Verne and Michelle will become teddy bears and go on a picnic."

Verne smiled.

"Challenge Three," said Ben. "Toy Native American. Ulrika will become a Native American Warrior. To pass the Task she must learn to fire a bow and arrow accurately."

Ulrika opened her mouth in shock.

"Challenge Four," read Ben. "Ben must become a Toy Dinosaur and his challenge will take place tomorrow."

"For Challenge Five," Ben continued, "Coolio and Tommy must become Toy Racing Drivers. To pass the challenge they must make sure their cars are kept clean and fully maintained."

"Challenge Six," said Ben, "Terry and Tina will show their natural grace and elegance by becoming Ballet dancers on a music box."

"Finally," sighed Ben, "Challenge Seven is a group task for all housemates. Over the course of today and tomorrow, a group of children will make numerous visits to the House. Big Brother will play a trigger sound. Upon hearing this, all housemates have one minute to get into the toy box in the Living Area and stand perfectly still until all the children have left the House."

With that the housemates went to the Storeroom to gather their Task outfits and various equipment.

*BB official website:

CBB6: Day 12 - Ulrika's Advice Line

Ulrika was full of wisdom for Michelle after another upsetting night thanks to Coolio stirring things with Ben and Michelle.

It's amazing how one or two days can change everything," said Michelle. "There's still a big part of me that wants to stay as long as possible."

"Well that's why you mustn't let Coolio ruin it for you," said Ulrika.

"No," said Michelle, "I know I mustn't."

"Listen," said Ulrika, "I'm saying all this and people said it to me. It doesn't sink in really because you can't take away somebody's pain."

Ulrika was referring to her fall-out with Terry. It seems she is still (yes, still) smarting after Terry told her he thought she was conceited.

"You've got to try to take control of it," said Ulrika, "because this is your experience, it's something that you want to have.

Actually... probably... the public will not like to see you upset, I shouldn't imagine."

*BB official website:

CBB6: Day 11 PICTURES - Ulrika and Michelle Share Bath

Ulrika and Michelle sharing a bath together should get a few heads turning towards the Celeb Big Brother show, so here are a few pictures of the pair from earlier today:

*BB official website:

CBB6: Day 11 - Michelle Upset By Coolio (yet again)

It's a daily process - Coolio ribs Michelle, Michelle cries. Seems like a case of deja vu every day in the CBB6 house. While the other housemates have told Michelle to shrug off Coolio's comments about her and Ben, she has been getting more and more wound up as the days go by..........

"I can't take anymore of Coolio," she said, throwing herself down on a chair. "He doesn't understand. Stupid remarks, and it's not funny anymore."

"I find myself walking away from Ben because of Coolio. It's really, really hurting me and it's hurting my boyfriend and it really p***** me off."

"go in there and have a serious talk with him," suggested LaToya.

"I have done. Then first day he apologised. Then he keeps going on and he thinks it is a joke," sobbed Michelle. "When I come out of here I want to know my boyfriend is there waiting for me. That's the only thing that's keeping me going in here."

"Michelle, stay strong," advised LaToya.

"I'll have a word with him, said Tommy.

"Ben's had enough as well," added Michelle.

"As Michelle looked distraught, Coolio exited the Diary Room and LaToya followed him to try and to convince him to cut Michelle some slack.

"I'm just joking," he spat, clearly unconcerned.

"I said, don't pay attention to Coolio," LaToya told him. "She can't take it anymore."

"Well, then she'll leave," shrugged Coolio. "You don't be the judge," said LaToya. "This is my house and I'll do what I want in my house," he shouted. "I can say whatever I want to say. I'm the king. I don't care."

"Mmm, the the truth hurts," nodded LaToya.

"I'm not trying to break someones relationship," ranted Coolio. "I'm a realist. I'm not hurting her, she's hurting herself."

*BB official website:

Monday, 12 January 2009

CBB6: Day 11 VIDEO - Housemates Get Electric Shocks

The Celebrity Big Brother housemates were in for a shock as part of the Great British Quiz Task, every time Verne, Coolio and La Toya got a question wrong - the remaining housemates got an electric shock. Watch the video below as the housemates prepare for a shocking time.......

*BB official website:

CBB6: Day 11 PICTURES - Brit Quiz Electric Shock

Verne, Coolio and La Toya during Brit Quiz
Michelle has enough!

Terry was in for a shock!

Housemates get shocks during Task

Mutya almost in tears

*BB official website:

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