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Saturday, 9 January 2010

CBB7 VIDEO: The Temptation of Stephen Baldwin

Day 7: Watch this spoof video made by Big Brother as it turns Stephen Baldwin into an epic movie as he faces temptation within the CBB7 house. Will he overcome and triumph?

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CBB7 VIDEO: Heidi Tells Big Brother She Wants To Leave

Day 7: The cracks are already starting to show and one of the plastics are beginning to melt. Watch the video below as Heidi explains her reasons too Big Brother why she wants to leave the CBB7 house......

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CBB7: Food Thief Exposed

Day7: Looks like the housemate that has been secretly hiding food has been exposed by Vinnie Jones. He told Stephen and Nicola T that he'd found three t-bags hidden away, to which a shocked Stephen replied saying, "so somebody..... selfishly took them out of the box so they could have them for themselves".

Nicola T and Vinny said that maybe someone had taken them for the team and Nicola told Stephen to be more positive. The Channel 4 website named Lady Sov as being the food thief and the latest theft follows on from Vinnie's missing cookies, as reported on this website.

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CBB7: Jonas And Katia Sleep Together

Day 7: The flirting continued between Jonas and Katia, even though the pair admitted yesterday they both had people on the outside they were seeing. The CBB7 housemates enjoyed Champagne together after the celebrity housemates took part in a live Variety Performance.

Jonas wasted no time flirting with Katia, who tried too resist at first but after he wouldn't take no for an answer, she slowly melted to his advances and before long some smooching noises were heard below the covers - leading to much speculation and gossip as Jonas ran his fingers through Katia's hair. Eventually the pair fell asleep in the same bed, for the second night in a row.....

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CBB7: Heidi Fleiss May Walk From Big Brother House

Day 7: It looks like we could see the first celebrity of the series walkout of the Big Brother house as Heidi Fleiss tells housemates she, 'had to go'. Speaking to Lady Sov and Nicola T at lunchtime that she wanted to leave the house saying, 'I can't do this anymore'. The pair told Heidi that it must be hard for her inside the house but that she needed to stay.

Speaking with Big Brother in the Diary Room, Heidi said she didn't like the shower and needed her food and told Big Brother, "I guess I am not that tough."

But 24 hours in the Big Brother house is a long time - will Heidi Fleiss leave before Sunday? Stay tuned!

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CBB7 POLL: Which Housemates Annoy You?

This weeks CBB7 Poll asks, 'Which Housemates Annoy You?' So get voting in the POLL at the top right of this page (voting closes 15/01/2010). Have you had enough of Stephen Baldwin's opinions or Lady Sov's attitude? Does Stephanie Beacham's posh ways grate or is Vinnie Jones too cocky? Dane Bowers or Nicola T getting the hairs on your head to stand or do Alex Reid and Jonas Altberg piss you off? Has Sisqo or Heidi Fleiss got your vote or is it Katia that annoys you the most?


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Friday, 8 January 2010

CBB7: The New Celebrity Big Brother Housemate Is......

Day 6: The new housemate that has entered the Celebrity Big Brother, was revealed live on Channel 4 during the Variety Performance as being Ivana Trump, as predicted in the press.

Housemates were surprised to see Ivana Trump come out of a box during a magic trick performed by Sisqo. Lady Sovereign had first gone into the box and hid, just as the pair had practiced earlier in the day. Lady Sov was reunited with the housemates a few minutes later and had not left the CBB7 house as some fans feared.

Meanwhile the official Channel 4 Celebrity Big Brother website crashed as millions of people logged onto the website to try and find out the latest addition to the CBB7 house.

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CBB7 VIDEO: Alex Questioned About Cross-Dressing

Watch the video below of Alex Reid being questioned by Vinnie Jones about the cross-dressing stories. The other housemates look on as Alex squirms and answers the questions about cross-dressing and if he has ever done porn!

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CBB7: Jonas And Katia Kiss Then Spend Night Together

Day 6: It's been less than a week and we already have romance, kissing and celebrity housemates sharing a bed together. This is the reason 3m viewers are tuning in each night to the Channel 4 reality show. Jonas Altberg has hit the headlines this week as his porn pictures re-surfaced and he has quickly fallen for the newly single Katia Ivanova - the former girlfriend of Rolling Stone's Ronnie Wood.

Last night Jonas and Katia enjoyed the first CBB7 romantic kiss, as the Channel 4 picture above shows.
The housemates had been rewarded with alcohol after the male housemates had all taken part in the 'King of the Hunks' task, which Jonas joined in by wearing a mankini. Katia and Jonas have been flirting with each other since Day 1 and ended up falling asleep in each others arm last night.

Lady Sov claimed the covers were moving but Jonas replied jokingly that he had been giving Katia an arm massage. The other housemates told them to make a Big Brother baby as they left the giggling couple to enjoy each others company for the rest of the night.

This morning Jonas joined Katia in the garden and gave her a kiss on the lips, telling her it was an innocent kiss. Katia told him it was anything but innocent. Yet the romance could be doomed after Jonas shocked Katia and Nicola T by telling them he was seeing someone.

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CBB7: Housemates Mankini Pictures

Check out these revealing pictures of the lads in a mankini as Sisqo was crowned 'King of the Hunks' last night by the girls in the Celebrity Big Brother house. Is that something poking out of Sisqo's mankini in the bottom picture?

The CBB7 men line up for the contest

A nervous Stephen Baldwin
Alex Reid strikes a pose
Basshunter Jonas Alterg on the catwalk.

Sisqo tries on his mankini

Alex Reid in the pink mankini

Jonas dons a leopard mankini

Sisqo poses during 'King of the Hunks'
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CBB7: New Housemate Revealed Tonight

Day 6: There will be no eviction tonight during the live show at 9pm on Channel 4, instead a brand new housemate will be entering the CBB7 house. As the celeb housemates perform their live variety show, the new housemate will enter the house and shock them all.

Rumours have been doing the mill that Ivana Trump or DJ Tim Westwood will become the twelfth housemate.

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CBB7: Day 5 Viewing Figures

Celebrity Big Brother 7 viewing figures slid below the three million figure last night as 2.9 million viewers (14.3% audience share) tuned in. This was down slightly on Day 4 and just 100,000 down on last year where Day 5's show was screened on a Tuesday. This year the show had 1.2% more audience share as housemates took part in a strange male beauty contest, parading around in Borat style mankinis.

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Thursday, 7 January 2010

CBB7: Stephen Baldwin Quotes

Day 5: Love him or hate him, Stephen Baldwin is providing great entertainment with his well-meaning Bible chats. You know it will end in tears as Baldwin winds up the other CBB7 housemates. The Sun newspaper has done a list of ten quotes from the religious one and here is that list:

1 I'm personally not OK with pornography. I definitely think that it adds to the moral decay or our culture.

2 I'm not going to fight with physical weapons. I'm going to fight with spiritual weapons.

3 I'm very focused on the world and my career and my Porsche Turbo and making money and Stevie B. Inc.

4 Jesus isn't a logo. I'm not promoting some brand. I'm just professing my faith.

5 You gotta love these Christians, they're humble people.

6 I'm focused on the youth of America. I'm focused on the kids who dress like whores.

7 It's not OK to use the F-word to describe my god.

8 What I have learned in my walk of fame with Jesus Christ is that the enemy is evil.

9 Your purpose in this reality is, your dad's sperm hit your mom's egg and that was a miracle.

10 Dude, read your Bible. This is what it says is going to happen. The Bible, you know, B-asic I-nstruction B-efore L-eaving E-arth.

Read more: The Sun

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CBB7: Celebs Sneak Condoms Into Big Brother House

Day 5: Nothing escapes the all seeing eye of Big Brother as several housemates have sneaked condoms into the Celebrity Big Brother house, according to the press.

Jonas Altberg and Dane Bowers have been named as the chief suspects as the pair have been named as the ones most likely to have sex in the CBB7 house. Jonas is no stranger to public sex and has been getting cosy with Katia Ivanova, while Dane and Nicola T have been rumoured as a possible couple on the show.

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CBB7: Stolen Biscuits Anger Vinnie Jones

Day 5: Remember Luke Marsden's Custard Cream Investigation during BB9? Well, it looks like someone has got on the wrong side of hard man Vinnie Jones as he woke up this morning for his cuppa. During the night one of the celeb housemates had stolen his cookies.

Talking to Stephen Baldwin he said, "I had three packets of cookies. Someones had them. The dirty swines!". Baldwin warned him that the stolen biscuits were a sign of things to come.

Five days into the Big Brother experience and things are starting to turn bad between the eleven contestants.........

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CBB7: Day 4 Viewing Figures

Celebrity Big Brother 7 was watched by 3.02m (15%) at 10pm last night as Vinnie Jones birthday passed almost un-noticed. Viewing figures for CBB7 rose slightly on Day 3 (2.97m) but down on last year's Day 4, which had 3.34m (13.1%). Audience share was up year on year as the final series of Celebrity Big Brother continues to grip the public.

Other viewing figures for Big Brother can be found by searching this blog (see top of page).

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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

CBB7: Day 4 - Big Brother's Big Beard Speaks Out

It's just a matter of time before the Celebrity Big Brother housemates explode in anger. We're already seeing cracks appear in the fragile friendships formed four days ago.

Stephen Baldwin is already winding up EVERY housemate with his Bible talk and opinions, while Stephanie Beacham is slowly getting more and more repulsed by the Big Brother experience. Meanwhile Alex Reid is managing to piss off a few of the CBB7 housemates and Heidi Fleiss is slowly simmering away like a pressure cooker waiting to explode.

It's not all bad news though - as Basshunter Jonas and Ronnie Wood's ex-girlfriend Katia seem to have hit it off so well. Maybe she can give him a hand with his addiction...........

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CBB7: Jonas Masturbation Addiction

Day 4: Jonas Altberg has already been hitting the headlines for his porn pictures (as discussed on this website), now he's confessed to having a masturbation addiction as a teenager. He apparently used to masturbate a staggering 25 times a day - OUCH!

Fellow housemate Katia said that the CBB contestants should help him break that record while in the Big Brother house. Jonas and Katia have already been flirting while inside the CBB7 house, but Katia had better watch out as Jonas revealed, "I can honestly say that I like sex. I like very much to use my body for what I was born to do and I'm not really the shy guy. I want to show the world."

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CBB7: Alex Kicks In Snowman

Day 4: After Lady Sov and Nicola T had built the snowman, Alex Reid came along and showed his kick boxing skills. The snowman was destroyed by his kick as he told them, "It was a mercy killing. It was euthanasia. She had to go." Lady Sov was not a happy woman as she told Alex he could have waited.

It seems that the early warm greetings the housemates gave each other four days ago has changed and they are set to be frosty and cold to each other as each day passes......

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CBB7: Housemates Create Snowman

Day 4: While the snow came down, the CBB7 housemates made the most of the winter weather and helped to create a new housemate in the garden. Nicola T and Lady Sov set about building the snowman as Nicola confessed, "I've never built a snowman before in my life! Never, ever! It's fun!"

Jonas joined the girls and encouraged them to make it bigger as this could be the first snowman to enter the Big Brother house ........... well let's hope it doesn't enter the house or it could end in tears!
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CBB7: Day 3 Viewing Figures

As expected, viewing figures for Celebrity Big Brother 7 have begun to settle just like the snow around the UK. Yet it was still the highest rated show on Channel 4 last night, being watched by 2.97m (14% audience share).

This is very slightly up on Day 3 of CBB6 last year where Sunday's ( Day 3) CBB6 had 2.85m (11.1%) at 9pm.

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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

CBB7: Stephanie Refuses To Take Off Sunglasses

Day3: Stephanie Beacham seems to have landed back to earth with a loud thud and a pair of sunglasses that are refusing to leave her face. The diva has refused to take the shades off as she got to know the other CBB7 housemates better today. The former Dynasty actress proved her diva status as she complained to Big Brother about the cheap acrylic sheets and shabby bathroom facilities.

Summer has arrived early in the Celebrity Big Brother house and Stephanie Beacham is ready for action!
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CBB7: Baldwin Bores Housemates

Day 3: Looks like Stephen Baldwin could become the first celebrity housemate for eviction if he continues to bore his fellow CBB7 housemates with his Bible talks and know-all approach. He has already managed to wind up Heidi Fleiss, she branded the born-again Christian as a bit of an idiot in the Diary Room.

Baldwin has been allowed to read his Bible up to an hour every day and he also took the opportunity to say grace at the evening meal - but how long before the rest of the CBB7 housemates turn on Stephen? Watch this space..............

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CBB7: Day 2 Viewing Figures

After an impressive launch on Sunday, Celebrity Big Brother 7 continued to provide good viewing figures for Channel 4. The 10pm slot had 3.4m viewers with a further 156,000 watching on C4+1. Audience share for the episode was 18% (up 6.7% year on year).

Year on year the CBB7 viewing figures were up by almost 700,000 against CBB6 Saturday (Day 2) - 2.72m (11.3%) last year.

Keep up to date HERE on the CBB7 blog.

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CBB7: Celebrity Housemates Get Flirty

Day 3 - Already the celebrity housemates are busy flirting with each other as Stephen Baldwin confessed to having a bit of a crush on Stephanie Beacham. He went on to give the actress a massage last night.

Meanwhile Basshunter singer Jonas has the hots for Katia after saying she looked, "absolutely gorgeous" as he lent her his jacket while outside having a smoke. But he'd better watch out 'cos Sisqo is about - he's apparently interested in Ronnie Wood's ex as well, saying,"Maybe she was a little shy at first, then she seemed to open up a little more. So, yeah. I'm kinda curious."

As the days go by, expect the hormones to go out of control .................

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Monday, 4 January 2010

Big Brothers Big Beard Speaks Out: CBB7 - Day 2

We're just 24 hours into the final Celebrity Big Brother house and already opinions are shifting on the initial first impressions. Seeing the eleven housemates enter the CBB7 house led many people to wonder who the celebs actually were.

From Nicola T to Katia Ivanova it was a bit odd but hey - we had religious Stephen Baldwin with his scary eyes and legend Vinnie Jones so it all balanced out. We'd have loved a fight between Alex Reid and Dane Bowers but instead it looked like they were real friends............ until Dane went into the Diary Room today and confessed all was not as it seems. It turns out the press reports were semi true and the pair had been involved in a bit of a scrap. Big Beard wants them to fight for real in the house.

The ladies (and some lads) will be quite happy if either Alex or Basshunter Jonas get their tops off during CBB7, while lads (and some lasses) will be happy if Nicola T or Katia go topless. I'm sure 'all will be revealed' over the coming days. Meanwhile Day 2 gives the housemates an opportunity to get to know each other and it gives us viewers a chance to change our opinions.

Now we can get to know the celebs as they interact, rather than just the press stories we've read over the past few days. Will Vinnie Jones still be the bookies favourite this time next week? Maybe Heidi Fleiss will go up in your opinion? Stay tuned for a roller coater of a ride that is Big Brother.........

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CBB7 Day 2: Basshunter Porn Pictures Surface During CBB7

Basshunters Jonas Altberg has sparked an internet surge as his pre- Big Brother porn pictures have been plastered all over the web. Holy Moly is just one of the websites that are showing fans of Jonas a bit more than his naked chest!

Click HERE to view the pictures.

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Celebrity Big Brother 7 Viewing Figures Increase

The launch of Celebrity Big Brother 7 was the most watched programme of the day with 6.2m viewers tuning in. The final series of CBB was up around 10% on last years launch as Vinnie Jones, Dane Bowers and Stephanie Beacham became the latest celebrities to enter the Big Brother house.

The programme peaked at 6.7m viewers and boosted Channel 4's ratings for the day on 13.4% and just 3.1% behind ITV's audience share. Over on E4, Celebrity Big Brother's Big Mouth had a respectable half million viewers as Davina McCall chatted about the launch with guests and the studio audience.

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Pictures: The New CBB7 Housemates

Here are the pictures of all the new CBB7 housemates that entered the Big Brother house at the weekend:

Vinnie Jones

Stephen Baldwin

Stephanie Beacham


Nicola T

Lady Soverign

Katia Ivanova

Jonas Altberg

Heidi Fleiss

Dane Bowers

Alex Reid

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Sunday, 3 January 2010

POLL - Will You Be Sad Or Glad When CBB7 Ends?

It's the final Celebrity Big Brother and the first poll of the series asks, "Will you be sad or glad when CBB7 ends?"

Vote in the poll at the top right of this page and let your voice be heard!

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