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Monday, 4 January 2010

Big Brothers Big Beard Speaks Out: CBB7 - Day 2

We're just 24 hours into the final Celebrity Big Brother house and already opinions are shifting on the initial first impressions. Seeing the eleven housemates enter the CBB7 house led many people to wonder who the celebs actually were.

From Nicola T to Katia Ivanova it was a bit odd but hey - we had religious Stephen Baldwin with his scary eyes and legend Vinnie Jones so it all balanced out. We'd have loved a fight between Alex Reid and Dane Bowers but instead it looked like they were real friends............ until Dane went into the Diary Room today and confessed all was not as it seems. It turns out the press reports were semi true and the pair had been involved in a bit of a scrap. Big Beard wants them to fight for real in the house.

The ladies (and some lads) will be quite happy if either Alex or Basshunter Jonas get their tops off during CBB7, while lads (and some lasses) will be happy if Nicola T or Katia go topless. I'm sure 'all will be revealed' over the coming days. Meanwhile Day 2 gives the housemates an opportunity to get to know each other and it gives us viewers a chance to change our opinions.

Now we can get to know the celebs as they interact, rather than just the press stories we've read over the past few days. Will Vinnie Jones still be the bookies favourite this time next week? Maybe Heidi Fleiss will go up in your opinion? Stay tuned for a roller coater of a ride that is Big Brother.........

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