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Friday, 8 January 2010

CBB7: Jonas And Katia Kiss Then Spend Night Together

Day 6: It's been less than a week and we already have romance, kissing and celebrity housemates sharing a bed together. This is the reason 3m viewers are tuning in each night to the Channel 4 reality show. Jonas Altberg has hit the headlines this week as his porn pictures re-surfaced and he has quickly fallen for the newly single Katia Ivanova - the former girlfriend of Rolling Stone's Ronnie Wood.

Last night Jonas and Katia enjoyed the first CBB7 romantic kiss, as the Channel 4 picture above shows.
The housemates had been rewarded with alcohol after the male housemates had all taken part in the 'King of the Hunks' task, which Jonas joined in by wearing a mankini. Katia and Jonas have been flirting with each other since Day 1 and ended up falling asleep in each others arm last night.

Lady Sov claimed the covers were moving but Jonas replied jokingly that he had been giving Katia an arm massage. The other housemates told them to make a Big Brother baby as they left the giggling couple to enjoy each others company for the rest of the night.

This morning Jonas joined Katia in the garden and gave her a kiss on the lips, telling her it was an innocent kiss. Katia told him it was anything but innocent. Yet the romance could be doomed after Jonas shocked Katia and Nicola T by telling them he was seeing someone.

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  1. omg !!! I So so so want Katia and Jonas to get together !!! <3 x ;)

  2. Katia sleep with all guys. In 5 years, she will be a star.... a porn star !

  3. Omg they are like made for each other! They should just get it out in the open and say they fancy each other!


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