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Saturday, 8 August 2009

BB10: Day 65 VIDEO - Housemates Find Out Who Is Evicted

It's the most shocking eviction of Big Brother 10 so far as no-one expected it would be the person Davina McCall announced to the house. Housemates did not know the public were voting for the person they wanted to keep in the BB10 house and the person with the least votes would be evicted.

Relive the moment as Davina reveals all to the house in this C4 video:

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Friday, 7 August 2009

BB10: Day 65 - Shock Eviction Result

Shocking result from this weeks Big Brother eviction meant that Hira became the ninth person to be evicted from the house. Bookies had predicted either Bea or Lisa, but the public failed to vote for Hira as the housemate they wanted to save.

Davina McCall kept the tensions high as she spoke to the housemates and revealed one by one who was safe. Finally it was between Hira, Lisa and Bea - then Davina told Hira she had been evicted with just 5.65% of the vote.

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BB10: Day 65 - Who Stays, You Decide

Tonight's eviction will be based on the housemate with the LEAST votes and it seems yet another female will leave the Big Brother 10 house if the bookies are to believed. Two outspoken housemates, Bea and Lisa are favourites to face the boot while quite Hira has grown in popularity as she has come out of her shell. Dogface remains a favourite inside and outside the house but the house is in danger of being too male dominated if another girl leaves.

The only male housemate that could go tonight is Marcus, who got 40% of the eviction vote last week and may be a surprise if evicted. The dynamics of the house change daily and Marcus is a character you either love for stirring things up or you hate for being such a dick.
Still time to vote, but it would be nice if a male housemate was evicted this week...........

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BB10: Day 65 VIDEO - Rodrigo Tells Big Brother Off!

Big Brother had better be warned - Rodrigo is angry and not amused by Charlie's latest trick. Watch the video below as he storms into the Diary Room after the latest spat with Charlie as they almost fight over the wet beds.

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BB10: Day 65 - Charlie Is 'Rude And Aggressive'

"You're rude, nasty and aggressive," Rodrigo told Charlie in the Big Brother kitchen as they two had a heart to heart following a frosty day after falling out last night.

"You call me aggressive?" gasped Charlie, "you're the one that goes violent."

"You're always the one who starts," replied Rodrigo.

"It was a joke and you always take too far," said Charlie.

"Me? I take it too far?" asked a surprised Rodrigo. "Next time, don't take the joke too far. When I say no, it's no."

The lads should just get it on and be done with it, because one they hate each other one minute and then love each other the next - but it is fun to watch.........

"You said you wanted me to go," said Charlie.

"You said that to me," replied Rodrigo.

"No I didn't I don't want you to go," replied Charlie tellingly.

"I don't want you to go. I don't want either of us to go," said Rodrigo.

"I think we should stay away from each other. I'll sit on one side of the room and you on the other," suggested Charlie.

"Yes, starting now," replied Rodrigo before walking away. And yet, half an hour later, Rodrigo was hiding outside the toilet door waiting to pounce on Charlie and scare him.

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BB10: Day 65 - Rodrigo Unhappy After Prank

Rodrigo and Charlie fell out once again as their love-hate relationship continued. He spent an hour talking to Big Brother in the Diary Room talking about the latest prank where housemates wanted to throw him into the pool.

"I was going to sleep," Rodrigo complained. "Charlie was drunk. Everyone round the bed said, 'Respect him, don't throw Rodrigo in the pool', but he always wants to go too far. He attacked me. He does it to try to get me. Then when I left the bedroom, my bed was all wet."

Rodrigo was also annoyed that he had been called to the Diary Room "immediately" as it would make people think that he was the one "causing trouble".

"If I go because of this situation I'll never speak to him again in my life."

Marcus noted that Big Brother called Rodrigo to the Diary Room because they know that pranks upset him, and said that people would enjoy watching his relationship with Charlie.

"I wouldn't worry about anyone judging you or anything like that," he reassured him. When Rodrigo admitted that he didn't want people to see his "shouty" side, Marcus remarked: "We can only be ourselves, Roddy."

The window fitter continued: "You'll probably be friends again tomorrow. It's always the same. He'll probably say sorry as well."

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BB10: Day 65 - "Freddie's Got A Semi"

Dogface got an eyeful after some late night drunken fun in the Big Brother house. She had been giving Siavash a tickle as the pair joked together when Halfwit came over to join in but his 'sexy voice' was too much for Dogface and she whipped his shorts down.

"Sophie, you debagged me," cried Halfwit, as he gave chase.

Mayhem ensued as the housemates gave up their bitching for a few minutes and enjoyed, first a tickle fest, and then a free-for-all in the pool.

Later, Siavash, Bea, Halfwit and Dogface showered down together, and Dogface was floored by a second sight of Halfwit's manhood.

"Freddie's got a semi," she hooted.

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BB10: Day 65 - Siavash Wants To Apoligise To Girlfriend

Siavash has revealed that he wants to apologise to his girlfriend for his intimacy with Noirin.

Whispering to Sophie in the bedroom, he said he knew that she would never take him back after he kissed the Irish housemate.

"All I want is to say, 'I'm sorry. I'm a piece of shit'," he explained. "The guilt will be on me forever."

The events organiser confessed that Noirin had made him "think that there was something very special" between them.

"Even if people say it was just a mistake, I will always feel bad about it," he added.

Charlie joined the pair and declared that Siavash's girlfriend would not want to be with him anymore, but Sophie advised the 23-year-old to be "persistent". However, Siavash explained that all he wanted was the chance to apologise.

"I'll never ever blame this stuff that happened on Big Brother or anyone, it's all on me," he sighed. "I made the decision. But I'll never be able to explain to anyone how Big Brother played and how I made the decision."

"You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone," Charlie noted, as Siavash stated that kissing Noirin was the "worst decision" he had ever made.

*Story from: DigitalSpy

*BB official website:

BB10: POLL - Is This The End Of Big Brother - The Results

We asked you if you thought this was the end of Big Brother and you voted in the Big Brother Blog Squad Poll. The results are in and most of you think there is plenty of life in Big Brother yet.

Two thirds of people did not think this was the end of Big Brother (66%), while 26% did think it was time Big Brother ended. The remaining percentage thought it had another year to run before it was time to end the long running reality series.

Look out for our next BBBS Poll at the top of this page............

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Thursday, 6 August 2009

BB10: Day 64 - Bea Asks To Move In With Marcus

Look out London, Bea could be heading your way after asking Marcus if she could move in with him.

"I thought you loved Bristol," replied Marcus trying to stay cool, but then started the old blabber. "You could stay in my spare room if you like, but when I get out I will probably be doing renovations, so for the next two or three years it will be a bit of a mess," he explained.

"I'm a bit of a mess, so I'll probably fit in quite nicely," replied Bea with a smile. "Are you messy," she asked.

"No, not at all, but I do have loads of **** all over the place," Marcus replied.

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BB10: Big Brother Viewing Figures Day 54 To 63

Big Brother viewing figures from Day 54 to Day 62 showed a steady 2 million viewers as the long running reality programme entered it's final month. Noirin's eviction (Day 58) was the highlight with 2.5m tuning in. Issac entering the house as Noirin's ex boyfriend on Day 57 was the second highest viewing figure for Big Brother over the ten days.

Day 63 (Wed 5 Aug) - 1.9 million (8%)
Day 62 (Tue 4 Aug) - 2.1m (9.6%)
Day 61 (Mon 3 Aug) - ?
Day 60 (Sun 2 Aug) - 1.86m (8.2%)
Day 59 (Sat 1 Aug) - 1.59m (7.8%)
Day 58 (Fri 31 July) - 2.48m (12.1%)2.42m (15.5%)
Day 57 (Thur 30 July) - 2.2m (12.5%)
Day 56 (Wed 29 July) - 1.86m (7.9%)
Day 55 (Tue 28 July) - 2.13m (9.8%)
Day 54 (Mon 27 July) - 1.93m (11.8%)

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BB10: Day 64 VIDEO - David Feels Sick!

As part of the Alice In Wonderland Task, the four playing cards (Bea, Halfwit, David and Lisa) had to eat some pretty disgusting food. While they all tried their hardest, David struggled the most as he tried to eat the pigs tails.

Watch the video below for the full story...........

*BB official website:

BB10: Day 64 - Bookies Favourite For Eviction

Although things could change before Fridays eviction, bookies are predicting that Bea will be the housemate evicted from Big Brother. All ten remaining housemates face the public vote, but the public are voting who they want to keep in the BB10 house.

Bookies say Bea is the clear favourite on 4/7 with Lisa closing in on 11/8 and Marcus in third place on 9/1. YOU can change that by voting for the housemate you want to STAY in the BB10 house.
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BB10: Big Brother 10 FREE Ringtones

At last you can download FREE Big Brother ringtones thanks to the official Big Brother website over on Channel 4 (see links below). The clips are very short but you might enjoy annoying your friends with them!

Download Bea
Download Charlie
Download David
Download Dogface
Download Halfwit
Download Hira
Download Lisa
Download Marcus
Download Rodrigo
Download Siavash
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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

BB10: Day 63 PICTURES - Alice In Wonderland Task

Desperate to win a luxury shopping budget, the housemates got into the Alice In Wonderland Task. Although Siavash was very tired due to hardly and sleep, David got a bit picky, Hira had her face in cake, Rodrigo had to do lots of smiling and Marcus had to bake some cakes..........

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BB10: Day 63 VIDEO - Halfwit v David Bust Up

Watch the explosive video as Halfwit has a go at David saying he has a game plan, Marcus stirs things and Lisa tells Halfwit he is the one with a game plan. The best video in a long time with Lisa back to her best (she's been too well behaved for a few weeks) and the house divided over the nominations twist.

*BB official website:

BB10: Day 63 - Lisa 'I'm Not Liked On The Outside'

After a massive row with Halfwit and Marcus, Lisa and David took some time to reflect,"We shouldn't be all up should we?" David hissed angrily. "We ******* shouldn't. It's taking it out on people that don't break rules. It's not fair," he added.

"I'm not bothered any more," sighed Lisa.

But she could barely squeeze a word in with David having a rant. "And he just laughed in our faces," he said, referring to his bust-up with Marcus. "He wanted that to happen. That's why I'm not bothered. You can kiss my ******* **** mate."

"I don't care about Friday now. I'm quite looking forward to it. I've been told by different people that I'm not liked on the outside, so that's their opportunity to get me out," added Lisa.

*BB official website:

BB10: Day 63 - Bea 'I'm Allergic To David'

Bea told Siavash yesterday afternoon that she feels "allergic" to David because she dislikes him so much.

The pair were chatting at the bus stop ahead of today's task when she made the admission.

Bea said: "I can see it all kicking off today."

Then, alluding to David and Lisa, she continued: "It's them that don't like me, you know."

Siavash told Bea to be "cool", but she went on: "I don't see me and David and Lisa being friends anytime soon. I have fuck all in common with either of them. I find them dull and boring. All they do is talk about how shit the food is."

She added: "And watching him suck up to people... God, I think I'm allergic! I have no allergies but I think I'm allergic to Dave!"

Siavash refused to get drawn into the conversation, saying: "He hasn't done anything to f**k me off."

*Story from DigitalSpy

*BB official website:

BB10: Day 63 - Siavash Sick Of Carrots!

Siavash had enough of eating carrots and just wanted to sleep but Big Brother made sure the tired housemate continued to eat carrots and wind up his over sized pocket watch.

He had been forced to wind up the watch every hour as part of the Alice In Wonderland Task so had not had much sleep so had a moan at Big Brother in the Diary Room.

"Honestly, seriously, I'm not just saying this, you know that I would do it and I'm not one to bitch, but I honestly need you to give me a few hours before you feed me more carrots," said Siavash pleadingly. "I haven't eaten anything. My stomach is full of carrots and I cannot go to take a *****. It's just there in my stomach. Full," he added with his best mournful face. But Big brother didn't respond apart from to tell Siavash that he was free to leave the Diary Room.

"If I do die, I'll be coming back to see you guys," sighed Siavash.

*BB official website:

BB10: Day 63 VIDEO - Nominations Upset

After two whole months locked away in the Big Brother house, it was no surprise rebellion would break out. Siavash and Marcus were the main culprits but Rodrigo was not amused and tells Marcus just what he thinks of his rule breaking in the Channel 4 video below:

The best argument can be seen on the official website and features Halfwit laying into David about having a game plan, then Bea wades in and finally Lisa explodes with anger. Watch the video HERE.
*BB official website:

BB10: Day 62 PICTURES - Hira Puts Face In Cake

Until this week we had hardly even noticed Hira was in the Big Brother house but as her role playing Alice In Wonderland, she has come alive. The Shopping Task involves the housemates re-creating Alice In Wonderland. Hira needed to find the key but was not allowed to use her hands.

After FIVE hours trying to find the key, Big Brother gave Hira, I mean Alice a hint - the big cake in front of your eyes. Finally Hira got her hands, well her face, dirty and found the key. Watch the hilarious video HERE from the official website.

Hira gets cake on her face as Alice In Wonderland

*BB official website:

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

BB10: Day 62 - Gameplan Row Breaks Out

It all kicked off after Big Brother told the house that everyone faced the public vote because of rule breaking.

Dogface and Rodrigo were chastising Marcus about breaking the rules, but all they received off Marcus and Halfwit were belly laughs.

"I find it funny," laughed Halfwit. "everyone's had game-plans."

"Who has a game-plan?" asked Lisa, affronted.

"I've not broken one rule. What game-plan have I got?" added David. And then it all exploded.

Bea laid into David for the previous butter row, Marcus backed her up, trying to illicit a reaction from Lisa and Halfwit sat on the sidelines, splitting his sides.

Rodrigo and Dogface looked on, but Lisa and David were clearly riled.
"We were genuine friends. I don't know why you dislike me," whined Bea.
"I've worked you out, I know what you're up to," replied David.

"You're so cocky, you're ****holes," said Lisa to Halfwit as he laughed in her face. Lisa walked out to grumble to rabbit Siavash, while Marcus and Halfwit laughed away to themselves in the other room.

"This is awesome!" cheered Marcus.

As the House dispersed to cool down, Halfwit went into the garden to gloat to Siavash. "You open the gates of truth," said Halfwit. "Everyone's been exposed!"

David calmed down in the bedroom while Lisa raged to anyone who'd listen in the lounge. "I don't want anything to do with Halfwit. He's cocky. He's a little ****."

*BB official website:

BB10: Day 62 - Nominations Twist

Housemates are being punished because both Siavash and Marcus broke the rules by trying to influence the voting during this weeks nominations. Siavash refused to nominate any housemate saying he had, "taken himself out of the game", while mischievous Marcus helped in that game plan.

So Big Brother has put up ALL the housemates, but the public will vote on who they want to SAVE not EVICT. The housemate with the least votes will be evicted, so vote for the housemate you want to save and keep in the Big Brother house.

Certain housemates are not happy with Siavash and Marcus for breaking the rules..........

*BB official website:

BB10: Day 62 VIDEO - Rodrigo Writes To The Queen

Rodrigo had expressed his desire to meet the Queen of England and so Big Brother thought they would give him a helping hand in writing a letter to Her Majesty. Giving Rodrigo a blackboard, Big Brother told him how to start and end the letter as he sat on the Diary Room chair - the results are quite funny, as seen below:

*BB official website:

Monday, 3 August 2009

BB10: Day 61 - Marcus Sent To Jail For Masturbation Shocker!

Marcus must be feeling sexually frustrated again and this time he wanted to show Halfwit what he wanted to do, but ended up in the BB Jail for it.

Marcus thought he'd share some private information about 'Marcus time' with Halfwit and Bea. Information we're sure they could have done without knowing.

As Halfwit looked on, Marcus sat on the step in the Garden, giving his bicep a workout on the dumbbell, his other arm placed manfully on his knee. They talked about nominations. Nothing unusual there, you might think. But wait...

"I'm going to do my nominations, then channel some sexual energy," announced Marcus.

Halfwit giggled. Readers of a sensitive disposition, look away now.

"Do you think my way is heroic?" Marcus asked Bea as she joined them in the Garden. "My way. Is it heroic?"

"No," she replied. We think by the word 'way' he was referring to some sort of method for creating a 'blind spot' in order to have some privacy.

"I will show you. I'll show you that my way is heroic. Come on, let's get the duvet and I'll show you."

Bea and Halfwit followed Marcus.

"You're not actually going to..?" said Halfwit, worried.

"I might," said Marcus. The threesome walked through the Lounge and into the Toilet.

"I've got a very attractive penis, thank you for asking," said Marcus. Er, he didn't ask, Marcus. No-one asked.

"Right you take that off," said Marcus, grappling with the mirror in the Toilet, unable to take it off the wall. "Denied!"

"Beautifully ironic and weird," laughed Halfwit.

"You can't stop the champ!" said Marcus. "I'm a force of nature. You can't stop a force of nature."

Just then Big Brother reminded Marcus not to tamper with the fixtures and fittings. So instead he covered himself with a duvet and started gesturing, narrating as he went.

"You've got your tissues there. And then you just work away," he instructed. Work away? At what Marcus, at what?!

It wasn't long before Big Brother called Marcus into the Diary Room and punished him for tampering. With fixtures and fittings, that is, not himself.

"You are bad man," Halfwit told him, as Marcus skulked grumpily to the jail in the Garden. "You can go to prison and reflect."

"They can't stop me. The very nature of the Irrepressible Dark Horse just is... irrepressible," confirmed Marcus.

*BB official website:

BB10: Day 61 VIDEO - Charlie In Tears

Watch the video below to find out why Charlie was in tears, normally the Big Brother housemates are upsetting each other but not this time. Find out why Charlie was in a flood of tears when David put something into his mouth..............

*BB official website:

BB10: Day 61 - Bea Tells Halfwit They Are Only Friends

Halfwit is the latest male housemate to have a knock back, yet rather than give his overworked brain a rest, he's decided the best way to tackle things is to have a heart to heart with Bea - whether she wants one or not.

Coming into the Bathroom earlier today Halfwit interrupted Bea when she couldn't escape - while she was having a bath, in her bikini. Settling himself beside her, he began to try explain why last night he'd asked her if she 'fancied' him.

"You put me on the spot," she told him.

"I didn't intend that," said Halfwit.

"I didn't appreciate it. It came out of the blue," she said.
"My real attitude is the genuine, easy-going attitude," said Halfwit. "Sorry. It's played on your insecurities too."

"Can you pass the soap?" asked Bea, instigating some diversion tactics. "You sounded so serious. You were saying things and I was like, what do you mean? It feels like you're probing.
Honestly, I haven't been asked that question since I was fourteen."

Halfwit shifted uncomfortably, saying: "The reason I said that word was because you said, come on, say it."

"I think I've made you quite aware of my mindset and my attitude," continued Bea. "So I was like, surely he's not asking me that. And you were! And it's not the best time to be having that conversation, with the lights off while we're in bed."

Halfwit started to talk again but Bea'd had enough. Clearly bath time wasn't the right time to be having this conversation either.

"Can we have this conversation in ten minutes?" she asked.

"Yeah! Cool mate! Enjoy your bath!" said Halfwit, uneasily breezy all of a sudden, and left the Bathroom.

"For ****'s sake!" sighed Bea, settling back into her bath.

A bit later on the pair reconvened at the bus stop and Bea spelt it out for Halfwit, once and for all. "I'm you're friend," she stressed. "We have things in common. I'm affectionate with everyone. But that's it."

"I know Bea, I know," stressed Halfwit uncomfortably.

"I don't want to have this talk again. It all feels a bit intense."

*BB official website:

BB10: Day 61 VIDEO - Hungry Caterpillars

The Big Brother Hungry Caterpillars, wrapped in cling film - set about their task in order to win a few tokens. Watch the video below as they wriggle around, looking very green indeed!

*BB official website:

BB10: Day 61 - Marcus 'The Irrepressible Dark Horse'

Marcus called himself 'The Irrepressible Dark Horse' in the Dairy Room a few days ago and you'd be forgiven for wondering what he meant. Big Brother was a little confused so while chatting with Marcus in the Diary Room they asked just what it all meant.

"On the whole I'd rather have gone on Friday. I'm not in it to win it," said Marcus.

"Saying you want to leave doesn't sound like something The Irrepressible Dark Horse would say," interjected Big Brother.

"The Irrepressible Dark Horse does his best work in any situation," began Marcus, suddenly talking about himself in the third person. "I don't have to be here to be The Irrepressible Dark Horse. The Irrepressible Dark Horse is a way of life. It's the spirit of not being repressed, restrained or controlled by anyone. That is me."

Big Brother was silent for a moment. Possibly soaking in the whole zen-like ambiance. "Could you explain more about the philosophy of The Irrepressible Dark Horse?"

"One: try harder," said Marcus immediately. "No matter what you do, always do one more. Do more and that will spread. Two: Always be yourself. And three, you know, try your hardest."

Isn't that the same as one?

"And don't be a tit," added Marcus. "Also the intangible aspects of The Irrepressible Dark Horse are intrinsic to me. I'm born the way I am and I get stuff done. So that can't be taught. It's something you're born with."

"Why intangible?" asked Big Brother. "Could you explain more?"

"Unfortunately they broke the mould when they made me," said Marcus, confidently. "To explain this would go over people's heads. You have to see it, live it, and love it. And then you can respect and understand what it is to be the good old Irrepressible Dark Horse."

"You could try harder," suggested Big Brother.

"I could do," said Marcus, obviously forgetting the number one tenet of his philosophy. "But that would ruin the magic. You have to see it in the flesh."

*BB official website:

BB10: POLL - Is This The End Of Big Brother?

This week's poll asks 'Is This The End Of Big Brother?' Do you think the reality programme has had it's day? Do you still love it and want to see more Big Brother series after this? Would it be better moved to E4 instead? Or maybe just one more year left?

Vote in the BBBS POLL at the top right hand side of this page and let others know what you think.

*BB official website:

Sunday, 2 August 2009

BB10: Day 60 PICTURES - Hungry Caterpillars

For today's Task, five housemates must volunteer to become caterpillars in order to win tokens and a hamper of luxury goods for the group to share. The remaining housemates must become helpers, and dress as Garden gnomes and fairies. Here are some pictures of the Hungry Caterpillars...........


Rodrigo checks out Siavash

Dogface looks heavenwards

David looks like the Incredible Hulk

The Hungry Caterpillars

*BB official website:

BB10: Day 60 - Bea And David Bust Up

Bea and David had a bust up during breakfast when David brought up that last night Bea had accused him of stealing butter.

"You were pinpointing me for taking something that wasn't mine," he told her, clearly a bit upset. "You were having little digs about it. I'm not a thief and I'd rather starve than take anyone's butter."

"I didn't say you were a thief," she said.

"That's how it came across," she snapped. "But if we're getting things out in the open, I've felt you've been snappy with me."

"Oh Bea, I don't want to talk about it," said David, making his cereal.

"Why have you been snappy with me? Other people have said it," she said.

"Like who?" asked David, surprised.

"I'm not gonna name names, you'll just have a go at them," said Bea.

"I don't snap at anyone Bea," said David. But Bea wasn't having it, telling him she was always asking him what was wrong.

"Believe me if there was something, you'd be the last person I'd tell," he said.

Suddenly Bea's face broke into acute hurt, as if someone had just run over her favourite kitten.

"Why are you being so horrible to me?" she demanded.

"I genuinely don't know what you're talking about," he said, shaking his head. "How have I been horrible?"

"I'm really shocked now and I'm really upset," she said, bottom lip quivering. "There's no need to be mean."

Bea stormed out of the Kitchen leaving David wondering what had caused that tsunami of emotion. Lisa looked on, hiding a cheeky smirk at what she'd just witnessed.

"Have I been mean?" asked David.

"No," said Lisa, not adding anymore.

*BB official website:

BB10: Day 60 - Siavash Wants To Leave Big Brother

Could Siavash become the fifth person to walk out of the Big Brother 10 house? He told housemates that he wanted to leave the BB10 house after having his worst week. Since being pushed aside by Noirin when her ex boyfriend arrived in the house, things have been tough for Siavash.

Marcus has been critical of Siavash and believes he has been milking the whole situation to gain sympathy, Marcus told Charlie he has no interest in staying in touch with Siavash outside the house, saying "He just bull sh**s so much. He says something and I just think bull wack mate."

*BB official website:
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