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Saturday, 5 July 2008

BB9: Jen Finally Confesses All

Jennifer was asked by Davina if she liked Dale enough to go out with him and her answer was "Yes", telling Davina McCall that Dale was "sweet and sensitive." Unlike Kathreya, whom she felt was false and had changed, one minute giving her evil looks, then smiling. Jennifer found it hard to believe that Kat and Rachel could be so happy all the time.

Jennifer was surprised that Mohamed had nominated her, as she liked him and said he had always been "sweet and lovely" to her. At first she hated Mario but now she likes him even if he did keep going on about health and safety!

Finally, Jennifer revealed that she wants Luke to win Big Brother 9 because he is so funny. Describing him like an old woman with a cup of tea going around talking to the housemates.

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BB9: New Housemate - Belinda

Belinda became the oldest housemate in the BB9 house on Friday night. The 44 year old Theatre Director is a mother of two and comes from a privileged background but don't be fooled - she describes herself as 'the voice of the voiceless'. She spent the first 11 years of her life in East Africa and is good at killing snakes!

She calls herself radical, intellectual and argumentative. She loves jazz singing and being by the sea and once appeared on stage naked. Belinda will bring plenty of drama during her time in the Big Brother house!

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BB9: New Housemate - Sara

Sara is 27 and often mistaken for Angelina Jolie, the Australian PA is single and hoping to find a hunk in the Big Brother house. She is loud, flirty and on the hunt for a man. Although big muscles are not her thing, guys that look like they are in a band are more for her.

Not a morning person, like she sleep and not into politics are just a few extra points we need to know about Sara. Expect her to be entertaining as she spends the days ahead in the BB9 house.

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BB9: New Housemate - Maysoon

Maysoon entered the Big Brother 9 house following Jen's departure. It's one model out one model in as the 28 year old gets to grips with life in the house. She is fluent in Arabic and is currently single, having an 'on/off' nine year relationship.

She has worked as a model for the past eight years and wants to prove that not all models are stuck-up or self-centred.

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BB9: Day 30 - Jennifer Evicted

Jennifer was evicted from the Big Brother house with 89.7% of the vote. While she took the news well, her 'other half' was not so happy - poor Dale was then left to come to terms with the loss of Jen as she went off to meet Davina McCall.

Dale told Jennifer, "I'm gonna miss you so much". After 30 days of trying to win the 21 year old model. Luke was the first to comfort Jennifer after the result was announced and Mario told her to "keep smiling", while Rex told her he was jealous because she would be meeting Davina.

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Friday, 4 July 2008

BB9: Bex In Pool With Luke

Luke and Bex share pool together

Not to be out done by Darnell, who shared a bath with Rebecca as we reported earlier on Big Brother Blog Squad - Luke has fought back! He got to spend some quality time with Rebecca in the BB pool. Bex certainly looks happier with Luke than she did with Darnell, but will the funny two sum ever get it on?
Luke and Rebecca have had us howling for the past month with their funny antics inside the Big Brother house, so maybe we will see a bit of romance. Better make it quick though as it's looking more likely Rebecca could face the public vote next week.

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BB9: Day 30 - You Decide - Rex or Jen?

They have been in the BB9 house for a month but tonight one of them must leave - Who goes, YOU decide!

In previous evictions the public have overwhelmingly voted the person they want out of the Big Brother house, but tonight could be a tough one. While the money might be on Jen going, many will want her to stay in because of the love 'triangle' between Dale, Stuart and Jennifer.

Now with the addition of three new women into the BB9 house, could it swing the voting public into keeping Jen in? Meanwhile Rex has been proving himself a hit with the ladies outside the house and they may yet keep him in for another week. Many like his straight talking and honest approach, although excluded by some of the housemates, Rex has held up well.

In the latest Big Brother Blog Squad Poll, more people have so far voted Rex into their Top 4 than Jen but it looks like it could be a close result.

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BB9: Day 30 VIDEO - Bex Scary Movie

Late into the night and Rebecca makes a scary movie, dragging her nails down the glass and frightening poor Mohamed who's already having nightmares! Watch the video below to see Rebecca in action:

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BB9: Day 30 - Stuart And Jen Get Close

Jen hugs Stu

The love triangle is sending us all dizzy, but the picture above shows that Jennifer still has feelings for Stuart as they enjoyed time together and a hug. Jen told him that her friendship with Dale was just platonic after Stuart told her, "Your whole friendship with Dale is awkward, it's awkward for the people around you because they think there's something more there."

No wonder he wants a new female housemate - well that wish will more than come true tonight as 3 new females enter the Big Brother house! Jen told Stuart in the bathroom that her friendship with Dale was the same as her friendship with Dennis, but Stuart was having none of it, "No you didn't," replied Stuart firmly, "I'm telling you now you didn't."

Dale still feels threatened by Stuart as Jennifer told Dale about the conversation she'd had with Stuart earlier. His face snarled when she told him that Stuart spoke about their bond saying, "Oh for goodness' sake."

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BB9: Darnell in Bath With Bex

Secret love?

Forget all the talk about a 'romance' between Luke and Bex, it seems Darnell and Bex could be sharing a secret love inside the Big Brother house. The pair have often joked about their love but it has always gone unnoticed - who can forget Darnell's big confession last Thursday when he told Bex his feelings.
Now the pair are sharing a bath together it won't be long before it's a bed they share together!
Poor Luke..............

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BB9: Day 30 - New Housemates To Be Added

Channel 4 has revealed that three new housemates will be added to the Big Brother 9 house tonight. In breaking news, the official website has said that THREE new housemates will be added later tonight.

All three will be female in the latest twist after Alexandra was booted out, Stephanie and Sylvia were voted out and Jennifer faces eviction today. The new housemates will include an executive personal assistant, a theatre director, and a model from a Lynx television advert.

Expect sparks to fly in the Big Brother house as the new women stir things up, will we see new romances?

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Thursday, 3 July 2008

BB9: Day 29 - Rachel Thinks Bex and Jen Are "Lost"

While housemates have spent many conversations claiming Rachel is being fake, she was chatting to Kathreya and shared a few words of wisdom. Rachel believes that the good side to Jen and Bex have been lost at times.

She reminded Kat of how Bex had been so lively the first week but the Big Brother environment can stop people being themselves and getting "lost" in the process. Rachel advised Kat to continuing being herself and to "try to see the positives" in the house, after the "cookie lover" had been upset by comments made earlier.

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BB9: Day 29 - Kat Unhappy

Normally happy, Kathreya has been unhappy today after most of the housemates talked about her. Luke, Mario and Lisa think Kat is not being real with Mario saying, "The charade could only go on for so long." Luke doesn't believe Kat was drunk last night and Mario said she was unstable and shouldn't be in the BB house.

Poor Kathreya has been the subject of many conversations recently as housemates question her character. Last night Rebecca tried to patch things up between the group divide but it seems it may have been a hollow truce.

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BB9: Day 29 - Bex In Jail Again!

Rebecca was sent to the Big Brother jail this morning for breaking Big Brother rules because she spoke about nominations. Not even having time to apply her morning make-up, she was locked up by Big Brother.

She told Mickey and Luke that she had been "naughty" for talking about nominations and expected to be in jail all day.

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BB9: Day 29 - Luke and Bex Share Bed

The oddest couple ever in the Big Brother house Luke and Rebecca, copied the other love birds Dale and Jen as they shared a bed together.

The comical pair shared jibes as Luke joked he's need Viagra to perform. Bex hit back saying, "Why are you trying to fight when you know you want to sleep with me?" Luke then told her to put a pillow over her head.

Rebecca said she would sooner rip her eyes than touch Luke sexually, while Luke preferred to sleep with a python. After a few more jokes, Bex took the huff and left - but Luke soon followed and said she could sleep with him.

Remembering how she had gained his freedom from jail, he said: "In my hour of need you came for me and I’m going to come for you now." Realising how his phrase could be interpreted, he then exclaimed: "Oh God, no." "My political career is over!" To which Bex quickly responded, "My social life is over".


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BB9: Day 29 - Dale and Jen Share Bed

Stuart might have Jen's attention during the day, but at night Dale is the winner. Every night he stays up until the other housemates go to bed for his quality time with Jennifer.
His persistence finally paid off as the "will they, won't they?" romance went one step further with the pair sharing a double bed in the Luxury Bedroom. Prior to sleeping, the pair had been talking about sex with Dale telling Jen, "I'm not a fan of dirty talking, to be honest."

Don't expect too much to be going on under the covers...........

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BB9: Day 28 - VIDEO - Bex and Rex Argue

Tempers boiled over late last night as Bex and Rex came to blows once again in the Big Brother house. Rebecca confronted Rex about the jibe he had made earlier in the week about her weight.

Rex then said, "Why didn't you speak out at the time instead of going into the bathroom and bitching about it?
"I tried to speak to you four or five times and you kept telling me that you didn't want to speak to me. And if I had apologised then you would have just milked the fact that I'd apologised."

The video below shows Rex and Bex at boiling point as Rebecca teases Rex about his restaurants:

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Wednesday, 2 July 2008

BB9: Day 28 - Stuart Sunbathing

Stuart topless, enjoying the sunshine

Stuart has avoided any nominations and any house trouble even though Dale is jealous of him and Jen flirts with him, Stuart has yet to bring real drama to the Big Brother house. Stuart is proving popular with the viewing public and pictures of him topless always keeps people happy!

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BB9: Day 28 - Zoo Task Result

Today the BB9 housemates passed the Zoo Shopping task, Luke and Michael were the only pair (elephants) that failed the task when they were unable to pass the poem memory test. Although they made 146 errors, the group overall passed and will have a Luxury Budget again this week.

It was a rare moment of house unity as all the housemates celebrated happily at the prospect of yummy food and Big Brothers Mystery Tokens. Rex was not happy for long when Mohamed split coffee over him during the excitement!

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BB9: Day 28 - Gossip From The Group

Jen's group have been busy gossiping about the other housemates this evening, but not before her group assured her that she will be safe this week from eviction and Rex would go on Friday.

In the afternoon Jennifer and Rebecca complained about Kathreya and Rachel in their Llama costume saying they never spoke to them. Bex said Rachel was "dull". Then later Bex felt Rachel was playing a game in the BB9 house. Jen and Luke also slammed game players while chatting in the bathroom, but it was Darnell who really knows what is going on in the Big Brother house.

Darnell thought Jennifer's group of friends were the game players. "That's what I don't get," he mused. "All the time everyone else is being fake, but they're the only ones that ever switch."

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BB9: Day 28 - Big Brother Gets Revenge

Rebecca wipes wet bum on Diary Room chair

Big Brother got revenge on Rebecca after she had wiped her wet fishy bum all over the Diary Room chair as a joke. Bex and Jen had been in the Diary Room replacing their wet microphones, it was while on the way out Rebecca made a rude gesture to the camera and then began her seal moves all over the chair while Jennifer called out "Enjoy the tuna".

Fifteen minutes later Rebecca was called back into the Diary Room and presented with cleaning wipes and told to clean the chair. "When you last came into the Diary Room, you soiled the Diary Room chair," Big Brother said sternly. "Can you clean it, immediately."

Big Brother is no soft touch and made sure Rebecca did a proper job of it, forcing her to do even the arms. Could we see another Bex sulk coming as she said "I'm not your friend!" before leaving the Diary Room.

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BB9: Day 28 - Rebecca Is Shocked!

Rebecca is disgusted
Bored Bex had another tantrum when she discovered someone had spit in the sink but not washed it away. Maybe Dennis had sneaked back into the BB9 house and done it, could this be 'Spitgate 2'? either way, they say a picture tells a thousand words - looking at Rebecca's face, you could write a book.

Forget the face, most people will be fixated on Bex's boobs in that revealing top!

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BB9: Day 28 VIDEO - Kat and Rachel Llama Chase!

Here is a 'hilarious' (as Kathreya would say) video of Rachel and Kat inside their joint Llama costume. They decide to chase bunny boy Darnell around the Big Brother house but turn it into a scene from 'It's A Knockout'.........................

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BB9: Day 28 - Bex and Jen Get 3am Wake Up Call

Evil Big Brother had a laugh at 3am as they woke up Rebecca and Jennifer to perform their Zoo Task - the pair had to stand in the garden dressed as seals, while Mario threw cold fishy water over them.

Mario, as Zoo Keeper had also been sound asleep when Big Brother played the Seal song 'Kiss From A Rose' but the housemates responded as per the Shopping Task requirements. Lisa and Stuart also got up to watch the water throwing with Dale close by of course!

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Tuesday, 1 July 2008

BB9: VIDEO - Jen Sucks Up To The Public

Jennifer is up for nomination this week and already she is working the public into thinking she has spoken her mind during her time in the Big Brother house. Telling her followers that they "know what to do" if she gets evicted. It's almost like a mass suicide pact that Rebecca, Luke and Dale are willing to follow.

But will the public fall for it? Rex was the housemate that spoke out against Alexandra when she was aggressive, Rex was the housemate that spoke time and time again - while Jennifer only spoke out in her little group and not to the full house.

Watch the video as Jennifer chats to her clan and judge for yourself, who goes YOU decide!

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BB9: Day 27 - Darnell And Rebecca's Boobs!

Darnell gets an eyeful of Rebecca's boobs!

Darnell got more than he bargained for as this weeks Shopping Task got underway - an eyeful of Bex's boobs. As the pair got into the task, Darnell was greeted by Rebecca's massive boobs at close range. How on earth Bex will fit into the seal outfit is any one's guess!

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BB9: Day 27 - Zoo Shopping Task

Today the housemates were given their Shopping Task - they all have to dress in huge animal costumes for the Big Brother Zoo. Each set have certain tasks connected to the task and it looks like it could be quite a tricky task.

Whenever 'Welcome To The Jungle' by Guns 'N Roses is played into the house the Big Brother housemates have to dance - just for added amusement!

Jennifer and Rebecca - seal outfits
Rex and Dale - kangaroo suits - strength test
Darnell and Mohamed - fluffy bunnies
Rachel and Kathreya - llama suit - both staying joined in suit
Luke and Michael - elephants - memory test
Lisa ans Stuart- flamingo costume - balance test
Mario - zoo keeper - throws water over the seals
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BB9: Day 27 - Nominations

Jen and Rex face the public vote this week

Housemates have nominated Jen and Rex to face the public vote, while Rex welcomed the chance to face the public vote, Jen appeared saddened and somewhat shocked to have been nominated.

Here is how each housemate voted (check this blog for previous weeks):
Dale - Rex and Mohamed
Darnell - Jennifer and Mario
Jennifer - Rachel and Kathreya
Kathreya - Jennifer and Rebecca
Lisa - Jennifer and Rebecca
Luke - Darnell and Rex
Mario - Rex and Mohamed
Michael - Darnell and Rex
Mohamed - Rebecca and Jennifer
Rachel - Jennifer and Rebecca
Rebecca - Rex and Rachel
Rex - Rebecca and Jennifer
Stuart - Rex and Rachel
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BB9: Day 27 - New Housemate?

Could a new housemate be entering the BB9 house this week following the departure of Dennis?

Gossip has it that a sexy female housemate could be added to the mix in an effort to stir things up between the love triangle (Jen/Dale/Stu) and keep the rest of the housemates on their toes.

All will be revealed by Big Brother in due course..............

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BB9: Day 26 - Jen Talks About New Group

Queen Jennifer was feeling the threat of competing groups following the departure of Dennis and Sylvia. Knowing her "group" had been weakened as her position of "queen" in the BB9 house looks uncertain.

Talking to her remaining loyal servants - Rebecca, Dale and Luke, she told them Rex, Mohamed, Kathreya and Rachel had formed a new group that were excluding the others.

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BB9: Day 26 - Lisa and Mario Caught Topless!

Lisa and Mario were caught topless as they were applying fake tan by housemate Luke. Trying to grab a few moments quiet to apply the lotion on each other, Luke couldn't have picked a worse moment to enter the Luxury Bedroom. Lisa had to quickly cover up her breasts - just as well it wasn't Rebecca in there, she would have let it all hang loose!

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BB9: Day 26 - Rebecca Gets Revenge On Mo

Rebecca got revenge on Mohamed after he took the last of her tobacco - she cut up his birthday belt!

Talking in the Luxury Bedroom with Luke and Mario she confessed, "I feel a bit bad about cutting his belt up. I was just snarling and steam was coming out my ears." While Mario replied saying it was a "bit wrong", Bex continued her confession, "I never get angry like this on the outside world, I'm really annoyed with myself, I'm saying things like 'I wanna leave'."

Rebecca was finding it hard in the Big Brother house saying she wanted to get back to her old self as she didn't know what she had become inside the house.

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Monday, 30 June 2008

BB9: Day 26 - Dale Dumped By Jen?

As the Big Brother 9 'Love Square' became the 'Love Triangle' following Sylvia's eviction on Friday night, Dale was looking very much left out of the equation over the past 24 hours.

Jennifer spent most of the past day flirting with Stuart, Stuart was left to moan about being "dumped" by Jennifer saying, "Sucks man. Proper sucks.... I'm getting dumped on national TV." Darnell put things into perspective when he replied, "You've got to play it cool."

"I like her. I proper like her," concluded Dale, but it seems Jen prefers Stuart this week.

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BB9: POLL - Kat Voted 'Most Interesting' Housemate

Kathreya has been voted the 'Most Interesting' Big Brother 9 housemate by readers of Big Brother Blog Squad in a poll conducted over the past week.

The "cookie power" loving housemate has kept the nation entertained for the past month and topped the poll with 37 votes, Dale was a surprise second with 32 votes - we suspect that people found his naked body more interesting viewing. Closely in third place was Coventry girl Rebecca on 31 votes, entertaining millions as she stripped off and played games with Luke.

The least interesting housemates in the BB9 house, as voted by you, were Dennis, Michael, Mario and Lisa - which were the only housemates to poll under 10 votes each.

Here are the full results of the 'Most Interesting' Housemate Poll:

Dale - 32
Darnell - 19
Dennis - 2
Jennifer - 23
Kathreya - 37
Lisa - 9
Luke - 17
Mario - 7
Michael - 3
Mohamed - 10
Rachel - 10
Rebecca - 31
Rex - 19
Stuart - 20
Sylvia - 14

*BB official website:

BB9: VIDEO - Dennis Spits In Mohamed's Face

Here is the Channel 4 Big Brother 9 video where Dennis spat in Mohamed's face following a heated argument between the housemates after Rex went to deface Jennifer's picture of Stuart. Following the spitting incident, Dennis was removed from the Big Brother house.

Watch the video below to see the arguement and the moment Dennis spat in Mohamed's face:

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BB9: Day 26 - Luke Thrown Into Jail

Big Brother threw Luke into jail today for speaking about nominations. Under protest, Luke went to jail fearing he would not be able to take part in nominations today. He asked Rebecca to use the 'Get Out of Jail Free' card to release him, even though the other housemates would hate them for doing it.

Other housemates teased Luke as he sat behind bars, Rex said "justice has been served", Darnell wore Luke's t-shirt and Michael joked that his political career was in jeopardy following his incarceration.

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 26 - Rebecca's Naked Prank

Rebecca teases Mohamed

After telling Jennifer she was bored in the BB9 house, Rebecca played a prank on the housemates. She pretended that Big Brother had ordered her to remove her clothes because her t-shirt was sending a message to the outside world.
Jennifer grabbed a towel for Bex, but the naked prank was revealed when Big Brother told Rebecca to collect her clothes from outside the Diary Room.

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Sunday, 29 June 2008

BB9: Dale and Luke in Bum Sex?!

Have sexual frustrations got a bit too much for Dale and Luke in the BB9 house? This picture just looks so wrong! Make of it what you will but it does look like Dale is bumming Luke in the luxury bedroom. Maybe he was feeling the frustration of not getting Jennifer or Stuart's addition to the big Brother house.
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Big Brother 9 TV Ratings

Critics thought Big Brother was over after the Jady Goody fiasco, but BB9 is proving everyone wrong. Even while the programme was going head to head with Euro 2008 on BBC/ITV, the viewing figures have held up well during the nineth series of Big Brother.

While launch night was a million down at 5.2m, the nightly audience has maintained a healthy 3.2m - 3.5m with Channel 4+1 setting new viewer records on several occasions. Alexandra's eviction being a prime example how 'flexible' TV is helping Big Brother 9 - while 3.5m watched Alexandra being removed from the BB9 house a further 703,000 viewers watched on C4+1 after the football finished.

As well as healthy viewing figures, Channel 4 also benifits from viewers watching Big Brother live on E4. At times the Channel 4 Big Brother official website has struggled to cope with the volumes of internet users trying to find out the latest news about the BB9 housemates. The current series is far from finished and looks set to keep the reality programme on our TV screens for a few more years to come.

*BB official website:
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