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Wednesday, 2 July 2008

BB9: Day 28 - Big Brother Gets Revenge

Rebecca wipes wet bum on Diary Room chair

Big Brother got revenge on Rebecca after she had wiped her wet fishy bum all over the Diary Room chair as a joke. Bex and Jen had been in the Diary Room replacing their wet microphones, it was while on the way out Rebecca made a rude gesture to the camera and then began her seal moves all over the chair while Jennifer called out "Enjoy the tuna".

Fifteen minutes later Rebecca was called back into the Diary Room and presented with cleaning wipes and told to clean the chair. "When you last came into the Diary Room, you soiled the Diary Room chair," Big Brother said sternly. "Can you clean it, immediately."

Big Brother is no soft touch and made sure Rebecca did a proper job of it, forcing her to do even the arms. Could we see another Bex sulk coming as she said "I'm not your friend!" before leaving the Diary Room.

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