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Saturday, 5 July 2008

BB9: New Housemate - Maysoon

Maysoon entered the Big Brother 9 house following Jen's departure. It's one model out one model in as the 28 year old gets to grips with life in the house. She is fluent in Arabic and is currently single, having an 'on/off' nine year relationship.

She has worked as a model for the past eight years and wants to prove that not all models are stuck-up or self-centred.

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  1. is maysoon really a model. i tried to check videos that she has apparently appeared in. seems like a mystery to me.

    she seems ok. a vert liberal muslim by the looks of thinks. mmmmmm identity crisis. sh is very qiuet. not much really to watch. biton the boring side

  2. she aint that pretty. and is well under the height margin for a model. she is a bit boring. nothing is really happening with her


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