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Thursday, 3 July 2008

BB9: Day 29 - Luke and Bex Share Bed

The oddest couple ever in the Big Brother house Luke and Rebecca, copied the other love birds Dale and Jen as they shared a bed together.

The comical pair shared jibes as Luke joked he's need Viagra to perform. Bex hit back saying, "Why are you trying to fight when you know you want to sleep with me?" Luke then told her to put a pillow over her head.

Rebecca said she would sooner rip her eyes than touch Luke sexually, while Luke preferred to sleep with a python. After a few more jokes, Bex took the huff and left - but Luke soon followed and said she could sleep with him.

Remembering how she had gained his freedom from jail, he said: "In my hour of need you came for me and I’m going to come for you now." Realising how his phrase could be interpreted, he then exclaimed: "Oh God, no." "My political career is over!" To which Bex quickly responded, "My social life is over".


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