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Friday, 4 July 2008

BB9: Day 30 - Stuart And Jen Get Close

Jen hugs Stu

The love triangle is sending us all dizzy, but the picture above shows that Jennifer still has feelings for Stuart as they enjoyed time together and a hug. Jen told him that her friendship with Dale was just platonic after Stuart told her, "Your whole friendship with Dale is awkward, it's awkward for the people around you because they think there's something more there."

No wonder he wants a new female housemate - well that wish will more than come true tonight as 3 new females enter the Big Brother house! Jen told Stuart in the bathroom that her friendship with Dale was the same as her friendship with Dennis, but Stuart was having none of it, "No you didn't," replied Stuart firmly, "I'm telling you now you didn't."

Dale still feels threatened by Stuart as Jennifer told Dale about the conversation she'd had with Stuart earlier. His face snarled when she told him that Stuart spoke about their bond saying, "Oh for goodness' sake."

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