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Saturday, 22 August 2009

BB10: Day 80 - Lads Discuss Sexuality

Siavash and Rodrigo had a heart to heart about culture and sexuality as they had a heart to heart today..........

"My family in Brazil will not talk about the subject," Rodrigo admitted

"It will be fine," replied Siavash calmly. "It's a big thing coming from a different country and coming on the show. It's a big, big thing,"

"I feel really, really grateful – and you too?" asked Rodrigo.

"I felt so good when it said in the magazine 'Iranian', it was a nice thing," Siavash revealed proudly.

"Why didn’t they say 'the Brazilian'?" asked Rodrigo with a laugh, "they said 'the bisexual'. They should say the Brazilian Rodrigo, not the bisexual Rodrigo."

"There's nothing wrong with being bisexual," Siavash told him.

"I know, I just think it's funny," replied Rodrigo.

"I'm sure they have said the 'Brazilian' Rodrigo at some point, but 'bisexual' is a lot juicier," added Siavash.

"My family will look on the Internet and go 'Wow!'" said Rodrigo with a slightly worried look on his face.

"It's best for your parents to know," said Siavash. "It's the 21st ******* century, you like who you like. There's no right or wrong in this world when it comes to sexuality," he added.

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BB10: Day 80 VIDEO - Bea Evicted

Watch the moment Bea finds out she has been evicted from the Big Brother 10 house.

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BB10: Day 80 POLL - Who Would You Evict Next?

This week's Big Brother Blog Squad POLL asks 'Who would you evict next from BB10?' With Bea gone and just seven housemates remaining, is the choice becoming harder or is it easy for you to select the next person to be evicted?

Vote in the BBBS POLL at the top of the screen and remember to come back before next Friday for the results.

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BB10: Day 80 - Siavash Dumped By Girlfriend

Siavash will not be getting a second chance with the girl he was going out with before he entered the Big Brother house eighty days ago.

Speaking on Big Brother's Big Mouth to Davina McCall, she said that she would not be giving Siavash another chance after he cheated on her inside the BB10 house with Irish housemate Noirin.

Earlier this week Siavash told Big Brother in the Diary Room that he wanted to say he was really sorry to his girlfriend, even if she wouldn't take him back. Speaking to Sophie and Rodrigo he said that he "always f**ks up" relationships. He said that the girl was the only person who had accepted him for being himself, without asking him to change. Sophie told him that they couldn't go back out with each other because it was "not meant to be". Siavash replied by saying he sought forgiveness and would like to make it up with her as a friend.

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BB10: Day 80 - Bea Confesses She Fancies Siavash

Newly evicted housemate Bea confessed to Davina McCall in her eviction interview that she fancies Siavash.

Bea was being questioned about her Big Brother relationship with Freddie during her time in the house, Davina asked if she fancied Siavash.

Glowing words for Siavash flowed from Bea's lips as she told Davina that she was genuinely attracted to the housemate.

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Friday, 21 August 2009

BB10: Day 79 - Latest Housemate Evicted From Big Brother

No prizes for guessing who was evicted in this weeks Big Brother eviction as the chants of "Get Bea Out" rang throughout the evening. Davina McCall broke the news to the housemates and Bonkers Bea left the house as the eleventh evicted housemate getting 88.24% of the public vote.

Marcus, the 'Irrepressible Dark Horse' survives another week and David will be feeling vindicated following several arguments with Bea, he apoligised to Bea on the way out.

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BB10: Day 79 VIDEO - Whistling Orchestra Task

Watch as the housemates whistle their way through the Grease classic "Summer Nights" in this Channel 4 video. Big Brother is judging the Whistling Orchestra and at the end of the performance the housemates find out if they will win booze for after the eviction.

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BB10: Day 79 - Big Brother 'Magazine' Launched

The Magazine Task got the housemates at their creative best and so Big Brother put their skills to good use by 'launching' the Big Brother Magazine online.

*Gasp with amazement at Marcus's stunning revelation!

*Recoil in shock at the identity David has managed to keep secret all these years!

*Rub your eyes with disbelief at Sophie's new ginger look – complete with baby bump!

*Blush with shock when you find out what Rodrigo really does for a living – and in those pants too!

But, as for what Siavash had down the pants of his skin-tight Launch Party outfit, Big Brother refuses to speculate…

And like all good gossip columnists, the housemates really got into the swing of things – but what is fact and what is fiction? You decide!

Click HERE to take a sneaky peek at the Big Brother Magazine now! It’s glossy.

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BB10: Day 79 - Housemates To Whistle For Booze

For today’s Task the housemates will become the Big Brother Whistling Orchestra, according to the official website.

Charlie was called to the Diary Room and told that he will become the conductor for the orchestra and that the housemates must separate into separate teams of boys and girls.

Once separated the housemates will be required to learn and perform a whistle version of the Grease classic ‘Summer Nights’

The housemates will then be given a couple of hours to learn the track ready for their grand performance later on today.

But as ever with a Task from Big Brother, there is a twist. Throughout the performance Big Brothers Booze-o-meter will be measuring the housemates effort and enthusiasm. The more effort and enthusiasm that the housemates put into their performance the more alcohol they will receive after tonight’s eviction.

If Big Brother deems the housemates performance shows little effort or enthusiasm the Booze-o-meter will go down and the Housemates will receive little or no alcohol

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BB10: Day 79 - Housemates Unhappy Over Magazine Comments

Locked away in the Big Brother house for almost 80 days would have a strange effect on anyone, but throw in some gossip magazines that mention housemates and it's paranoia overload.

Sophie has dumped Kris because of comments she read (see story HERE), Charlie was left reeling after reading comments by BB9 housemates Bex and Luke that called him 'fake'.

Siavash is now worried by comments his girlfriend had written in which she had been positive about him - he couldn't help but think about the whole Noirin saga. Don't forget Bea was also unhappy about comments she had read, whenever is the girl happy?

Well done Big Brother - you just made them twice as paranoid!

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BB10: Day 79 PICTURES - Magazine Launch Party

Housemates were invited to a VIP party for the Big Brother Magazine Launch, after passing the Magazine Task. Here are some pictures from the Press party, and it seems Siavash's crotch became the focal point of the party. Sophie turned up pregnant and Marcus had his dancing shoes on and busted some moves on the dance floor as Big Brother got the party going with some
top tunes.

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Thursday, 20 August 2009

BB10: Day 78 - Sophie Dumps Kris?

The Magazine Task is upsetting a few Big Brother housemates, with Sophie being the latest unhappy magazine reader. She declared that she was washing her hands of Kris after reading gossip snippets in the magazines that Big Brother had put into the house as part of the Task.

The former Dogface is livid that anyone would call her pregnant, for the twin reasons that she looks fatter and might have got impregnated in a communal Bedroom. And her ire is fuelled to peak by reading that former squeeze Kris refused to confirm or deny rumours about what they might have got up to.

"A gentlemen never tells," Kris is reported to have told a magazine, and Bea wasted no time in confirming to Sophie that no real gentlemen would ever say anything like that.

Super cross, Sophie grumbled around the House to Rodrigo and Siavash.

"I've washed my hands of him," Sophie told them as they ribbed her about the coverage.

"He's just saying that to make news," suggested Rodrigo. "Maybe he didn't say it."

"A true gentlemen never tells!" she repeated sarcastically.

"He might not have said it," said Siavash.

"I'm not speaking to him!" confirmed Sophie.

"You don't know he said it," added Siavash.

"Ignore it," said Bea, walking through the room. But Sophie wasn't interested.

"Seriously! I'm not speaking to him again," she said. "People think I'm a big fat pregnant woman and girls will think I'm a ****!"

"No," smiled Rodrigo. "Just chubby."

"They make me feel pregnant," she continued, only half smiling. "I know how Britney Spears feels. I'm going to shave my head!"

Rodrigo ribbed her a bit more until she exploded, good-naturedly of course. "I did not have sex and I did not make noises!"

"I wasn't in bed with you so I don't know," shrugged Rodrigo.

"There's more chance of me having sex with you than with Kris in this House," she said.

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BB10: Day 78 - Bonkers Bea Unhappy With Headline

Housemates have been given a Magazine Task in order to win a magazine launch party tonight, BUT it seems Bea is a little upset (once again!) as Lisa read gossip snippets from the magazines.

"Halfwit is out and we think just in time," she read, talking about last Friday's Eviction from a copy of New! "After the arrival of bonkers Bea..."

"Bonkers!" screamed Bea, taking so much umbrage there'll be none left for anyone else. "Bonkers Bea!"

"I want to read the proper pages. What about Jordan?!" continued Lisa. But Bea had stomped off in a huff.

She went into the garden to find Marcus "Bonkers! They called me bonkers Bea!" she complained.

"Bwaahahahahhahahahahahahaaaa!" laughed Marcus pointing at her. "You got off lightly!"
"Shut your mouth," she fumed.

The Task:

Housemates will receive copies of four magazines to peruse as inspiration for a magazine Task.

After having a good browse, housemates must assume different roles at a magazine: editor, stylist, hair and make-up artist, a journalist, gossip Columnist, photographer, two make-over candidates.

The magazine must include the following articles and features: a make-over for two housemates, nominated housemate interviews, exclusive photographs from inside the Big Brother House, a Big Brother gossip column.

To fit into their roles housemates will be provided with a camera, dictaphone, blackboards and chalk to assist them with their magazine production. Just imagine it's being made before the onset of desktop publishing.

Housemates will be given approximately two hours to meet the magazine deadline. If they complete the Task to Big Brothers satisfaction they will receive a magazine launch party later tonight.

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BB10: Day 78 - Bea Sexually Frustrated!

Bea has been feeling a bit frisky since Halfwit left the house and shared some secrets with Marcus, according to The Sun.

Bea revealed: "I am about to bubble over with sexual frustration. My only release is talking to that man (Big Brother)."

Bea confessed to fancying the owner of one of Big Brother's voices earlier this week. She was happy to learn that Charlie knows the man behind the voice as he had partied with him before entering the house.

Pondering why Big Brother didn't want to talk to her last night Bea said: "I don't think he loves me anymore. Maybe it's because I'm drunk, some men don't like that."

Desperate to talk to Big Brother Bea carefully applied her lipstick and waited for Marcus to leave the Diary Room.

Bea said: "I have thought of things I want to get on the shopping list and I want to talk about sexual objectification."

Window fitter Marcus then teased Bea telling her that Big Brother would not want to talk to her unless she spoke about dinosaurs or sharks.

On returning from the Diary Room Marcus asked if Bea was "happy now". She huffily replied: "No, It was a woman."

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BB10: Day 78 - Halfwit In Love With Bea?

Halfwit and Bea spent a few intimate times together while in the Big Brother house. Freddie confirmed on BBBM that nothing sexual had happened between the couple while they were in bed.

Things had turned sour between Bea and Freddie before his eviction but it hasn't stopped Bea telling Marcus that she thinks that Freddie was in love with her.

They were discussing the impending eviction when she suddenly asked: "Do you think Freddie was in love with me Marcus?"

"No," he quickly responded, to which she seemed surprised.

"No?" she reiterated, before adding: "I think he was."

Marcus again replied quickly, labelling her a "dick" for thinking so, and blaming the fact that she didn't have her "Big Brother brain" in gear.

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BB10: Day 78 - Housemates Pass Shopping Task

Housemates will be enjoying a luxury shopping budget after passing this weeks Shopping Task. The House of Horrors Task featuring Werewolves howling, vampires hanging upside down and Dr Frankenstein performing his experiments - which they passed with flying colours.

The only part of the House of Horrors Task that housemates failed to pass was when David picked the wrong Mummy, he was attempting to identify Marcus' Mummy. So while the housemates may be enjoying luxury food later today, arguments were not being rationed - with Bea and David going for each other once again........

Watch tonight's show at 10pm to view the Task unfold.

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Wednesday, 19 August 2009

BB10: Day 77 - Guess The Mummy!

David was sent to the Task Room where four where four mummies were stood wrapped in bandages – one of them was Marcus's actual Mummy! All David had to do was identify which one it was and he only had a minute to choose after they'd described each other…

Mummy Number One: "I'm Marcus's mummy and Marcus is my little boy."

Mummy Number Two: "I'm Marcus's Mummy and I'm delighted to find out that he can wash up."

Mummy Number Three: "I'm Marcus's Mummy and despite his bad language, I'm very proud of him."

Mummy Number Four: "He was a naughty baby, a naughty toddler, a naughty little boy and he's a naughty man."

"It's a difficult one Big Brother, but I'm going for number two," decided David before scuttling off back to tell the other housemates what had happened.

"They brought my mother in? She should be doing some work somewhere. Skiving off work the lazy *******!" laughed Marcus.

Sadly, David made the wrong choice as it was Mummy Number Four.

*BB official website:

BB10: Big Brother Viewing Figures Day 69 - 75

The latest batch of Big Brother 10 viewing figures are in and as housemates got used to life without Halfwit (Freddie), the warmer weather may have dented viewing figures slightly. Week on week the audience held tight with people tuning in later if they missed the first highlights show on Channel 4.

Day 75 (Mon 17 Aug) - 1.9 million (11% share), with a further 157,000 on Channel 4 +1

Day 74 (Sun 18 Aug) - 1.9 million (8% share) and 248,000 on C4+1

Day 73 (Sat 17 Aug) - 1.5 million (8% share) with 271,000 on Channel 4 +1.

Day 72 (Fri 16 Aug) - The Big Brother highlights show at 9pm had 2.4million viewers (11.7), then 2.41 million (15.2%) watched Freddie's (Halfwit) eviction. E4's subsequent edition of Big Brother's Big Mouth at 11pm pulled in 531k (5.8%).

Day 71 (Thu 15 Aug) - 2.3 million viewers (14% share) and 121,000 on Channel 4 +1

Day 70 (Wed 14 Aug) - 1.8 million (8% share), with a further 473,000 on Channel 4 +1

Day 69 (Tue 13 Aug) - 2 million and (9% share), with 542,000 on C 4 +1.

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BB10: Day 77 - Bea Is "A F**king Drama Queen"

Lisa remarked that Bea is a "drama queen" last night reports DigitalSpy.

Bea had been in the Diary Room complaining about the task make-up, and Charlie and Lisa watched from the garden as she returned to the house.

"She's so dramatic," Charlie grinned.

"She's a drama queen," Lisa agreed. "A f**king drama queen."

The 41-year-old added that she used to call one of her ex-girlfriends a "drama queen", but continued: "F**king hell, I'm taking it back now. No-one is a drama queen compared to that."

Charlie suggested that Bea had been put in the house to behave like Big Brother 7's Nikki Grahame, but Lisa disagreed.

"Nikki weren't as bad as her," she declared. "Nikki knew her friends."

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Tuesday, 18 August 2009

BB10: Day 76 PICTURES - House of Horrors

The housemates have never looked so good as these latest pictures show - as part of this week's Shopping Task, the housemates have been dressed up for the House of Horrors.

Find out how they do on Big Brother......

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BB10: Day 76 VIDEO - Big Brother Nominations Revealed

It's the moment the housemates find out who is up for eviction - but one housemate feels betrayed. Watch the Channel 4 video as Big Brother tells the house who will face the public vote this week.......

*BB official website:

BB10: Day 76 - Three Housemates Up For Eviction

This weeks eviction will certainly be an exciting one as the public get to choose from THREE housemates - Bea, David or Marcus. The housemates nominated on Monday but Sophie and Siavash both refused to nominate, so Big Brother decided to make their choice for them.

When they left the Diary Room and joined the other housemates, the first two people they touched or spoke to would be the two who they "voted" for. Will Bea walk out when she finds out the housemates voted for her? Can Marcus survive another week? Is David the weakest link?

Who will YOU vote for - tune in this Friday on Channel 4 for the results.

*BB official website:

BB10: Day 76 - Watch Message From Home Videos

It has been an emotional roller coaster for the remaining housemates, so Big Brother wanted to give them something special. The Message From Home videos below proved emotional for the housemates and the viewers, so right click and open in a new window on the name you want to watch.

Lisa was the first to receive her message and seeing her mum and aunt made her well up.

Charlie received a moving message from his father.

Bea got a message from her friend and smiled through it.

David cried with joy from start to finish.

Marcus grinned a Marcus type grin.

Rodrigo got slightly teary but managed to control any major waterworks.

Siavash looked ready to burst as he attempted to hear what his mother and cousin were saying.

Sophie beamed through her first message but then tears took hold as Kris reaffirmed his love.

*BB official website:

BB10: Day 76 PICTURES - Housemates Unseen Pictures Part 2

More unseen pictures of the Big Brother housemates as they took pictures of each other while Marcus had a camera. Gives an interesting glimpse of the housemates, from their view.

*BB official website:

Monday, 17 August 2009

BB10: Day 75 - Siavash In Nominations Trouble

Looks like Siavash is in trouble again with Big Brother for not nominating while in the Diary Room.

"Did you do it?" Sophie asked as soon as he entered the Kitchen.

"I did what I thought was right. I'm not really sure what the **** is going on," he hesitantly replied.

"You didn't nominate?" probed a concerned Sophie.

"I did something that I thought was right," he answered cryptically. "But I'm not sure what the **** is going on."

"You can't say that! I'm going in now!" replied Sophie, seeming worried.

Siavash swiftly walked out to the Garden to evade the inquisition as Sophie repeatedly begged for answers.

Just what is going on? It seems that Siavash's plans might have backfired again if his reaction is anything to go by...

*BB official website:

BB10 Day 75 VIDEO - Charlie Gets Message From Home

Watch Charlie's dad deliver a Message From Home to the housemate, it not only has Charlie in tears but some of the other housemates too. Charlie is given a round of applause when he gets back inside the house.

*BB official website:

BB10: Day 75 VIDEO - Sophie Gets Special Message

Sophie (Dogface) gets a Message From Home with a twist that is bound to put a tear in most viewers eyes, watch below as the message unfolds in this Big Brother video.

*BB official website:

BB10: Day 75 VIDEO - Marcus Gets Message From Home

Marcus gets told off for swearing in his Message From Home, as seen in the video below. More Messages From Home will be shown on Big Brother on Channel 4.

*BB official website:

BB10: Day 75 - Rodrigo Cries At Message From Home

Rodrigo is blabbering again, but this time it is not caused by an argument, but his Message From Home. He looked absolutely delighted to see his UK 'parents' Jenny and Peter. "Hello Rod - surprise surprise!" they chorused.

Rodrigo beamed with happiness all the way through the message and tearfully told them, "Thank you, I love you so much!"

Back in the Sitting Room he got hugs and kisses from everyone, including Charlie, who he seems to have buried the hatchet with. He told the housemates, "I'm really happy to see them because they didn't know I was coming to this show. I'm so happy. Thank you Big Brother, thank you so much!"

*BB official website:

BB10: Day 75 VIDEO - Lisa Proves She Is Human

Lisa proved she has a heart as she got her Message From Home, the normally hard housemate couldn't hold back her emotions. Tonight's Big Brother will have more on the Messages From Home, but the video below shows Lisa's message.

*BB official website:

BB10: Day 75 PICTURES - Housemates Unseen Pictures

See these exclusive Big Brother housemate pictures, taken by the housemates when Big Brother gave Marcus a camera to retake his portrait picture. The housemates decided to fool around with the camera and took these great snap shots of each other:

*BB official website:

BB10: Day 75 - Bea Almost Leaves Big Brother

High drama and tears as Bea told housemates she wanted to walk out of Big Brother, as reported on DigitalSpy.

Following an argument with Rodrigo about the fact that she did not receive a message from her mother, Bea became convinced that the majority of the housemates would nominate her for eviction this week.

Speaking to Marcus and Charlie in the living room, she wept: "It's absolute certainty I'll be going home Friday. I'd rather go home tomorrow and speak to my mum."

Charlie told her: "You don't know that. Don't go, you're a strong character."

Rodrigo then joined the conversation and apologised for their earlier row, in which Rodrigo had laughed at Bea's tantrum about not receiving a message from her mum.

"Your mum will be upset if she sees you upset," he said, adding: "Tomorrow's another day."

Charlie agreed: "She wouldn't want you to leave over this. You've given up a hell of a lot to be here."

Bea told Charlie that she felt "miserable", and later sought advice from Marcus alone.

He advised her: "[Big Brother] know what buttons to push. Tomorrow you can be as happy as I am today.

"Everything's magnified in here. It's not that bad," he continued.

Bea was later cheered up by David, who gave her a can of cider.

Lisa, however, was less understanding, and told David: "It fucks me off. It's just attention all the time."

Charlie, Bea and Marcus then sat up sharing jokes and she went to bed a lot calmer, having been reassured that she should stick the show out and make her mum proud.

*BB official website:
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