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Saturday, 3 July 2010

BB11 VIDEO: Sunshine Evicted From Big Brother

Day 24: The latest housemate to be evicted with 42% of the public vote was Sunshine. Watch the video of her eviction here.......

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Friday, 2 July 2010

BB11 VIDEO: Tree of Temptation Mocks Ben

Day 24: The Tree of Temptation really lays into Ben for failing to complete the Task set for him. The wrath of the Tree of Temptation is something to avoid and Ben is about to find out tonight his punishment could lead to his eviction! Watch the Big Brother video below.......

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BB11 PICTURES: International Joke Day

Day 24: Here are some pictures of the Big Brother housemates dressed up in costumes as part of the International Joke Day Task.
 Two chickens cross the road......
 Mario looks pretty in pink!
 Josie as a dumb blonde!
 Nathan as a Scouser!
 Ife does the waiter waiter jokes
 Steve picked for doctor doctor jokes
Caoimhe Irish jokes

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Thursday, 1 July 2010

BB11 POLL: Who Is The Hottest Housemate?

 Day 23: This weeks Big Brother BlogSquad POLL has been asking readers 'Who Is The Hottest Housemate?' Voting closes on Friday, so select the housemate YOU think is the hottest by clicking the poll on the top right of this website.

 Will it be Aussie hunk John James?
 Naughty Shabby?
Mario in his pants?

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BB11: Shabby And Caoimhe Fall Out

Day 23: Poor Shabby, things seem to be going from bad to worse inside the Big Brother house. This week she has been in one big strop (as the video below shows) and now the one friend she has in the house could be about to end, as the official Big Brother website reports:

After having another intimate chat in their Bed, where Shabby told Caoimhe that when she goes to the Diary Room she talks about her 'lusty rage' for the Irish beauty.

Caoimhe wasn't quite sure how to take this bit of 'banter' and the pair soon had a heated discussion. Shabby, who was getting more and more vexed exclaimed 'I can't take this anymore' and left Caoimhe alone.

Nathan was left to console Caoimhe, who told him 'I can't deal with this any more'. She confides in Nathan that she doesn't know what to do; Shabby is her friend, but should she back off?

Meanwhile, in the Living Room, Shabby took confidence in Ife and Corin. The London squatter told how she couldn't understand her, and wonders if she is getting the wrong signals. Ife insights that she 'does fancy' Shabby and that she is 'in denial'. Shabby agrees with Ife's thoughts, agreeing 'I honestly think she does like me. I honestly think she does'.

For Shabby, the 'constant flirting' - such as the 'boob grabbing' and kisses on the neck - have become a problem for the troubled duo. 'The neck is a really intimate place to kiss someone', Shabby concedes, explaining that Caoimhe only does it to her and no one else in the House. 'This is going too far now. This isn't a little crush anymore, I really like her'.

Shabby Throws A Wobbly!

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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

BB11: Big Brother Viewing Figures - Day 15 - 20

Big Brother viewing figures seemed to have stalled around the 2 million mark during the third week. Yet BB11 is up year on year over the same period and remains an healthy addition to the channel 4 line up.

Day 15 (Wed 23 June) - Big Brother - 2.1 million (9.2% audience share) with C4+1 attracting 397,000 (2.2%) viewers.

Day 16 (Thurs 24 June) - Big Brother took 2.04 million (9%) for Channel 4 from 9pm and 432,000 (2.3%) on C4+1, which was the tenth largest multichannel audience of the night.

Day 17 (Fri 25 June) - Govan's Big Brother eviction 2.16m (10.3%) and 2.02m (12.1%) for his post eviction interview with Davina McCall. The viewing figures were almost identical year on year with Cairon's eviction on BB10.

Day 18 (Sat 26 June) - The usual Saturday Big Brother dip resulted in 1.55m (9.1%)  tuning in to Channel 4 at 10pm but was higher than the 1.23m this time last year.

Day 19 (Sun 27 June) - Josie enjoyed her day of treats as Big Brother managed 2.082 million (8.8%) viewers, a further 373,000 tuned in on C4+1 (2.1%).

Day 20 (Mon 28 June) - The housemates penalty shootout against BB Germany attracted 2 million (11.6%) viewers with C4+1 adding 135,000 (1.5%).

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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

BB11: Shabby Wants To Leave Big Brother House

Day 21: It seems Shabby is at breaking point and has had enough of the Big Brother experience, according to the official C4 Big Brother website:

Earlier this evening, Shabby spent a long time in the Diary Room. She was talking to Big Brother about walking out of the show. She was serious, and it seems that she still is.

This afternoon, Dave chose Caoimhe to go up for eviction after saving himself by winning the Save and Replace task. Shabby's mood has deteriorated since then and now she is still weighing up the pros and cons of it all.

She has only shared her thoughts with John James so far. They chatted for a while at the Carousel and then moved to the Bathroom, with Shabby telling the Aussie that she is 'sick of the drama' that she feels she is constantly involved in in the House.

John told her that he knew why she was thinking of leaving and told her that they were the wrong reasons. He feels that she is on the verge of quitting to protect Caoimhe and that she should rethink as she has only known her for a couple of weeks.

John James even went as far as to ask Shabby straight up, 'would Caoimhe do the same for you?' to which, Shabby honestly replied, 'No, I don't think she would'. However, she added that this doesn't make a difference to how she feels.

All of this seems to link back to Govan's departure last week. She was extremely upset about his exit and couldn't believe it at the time. Shabby felt that Govan was the wrong person to leave and she doesn't want to now see Caoimhe leave too.

John was a calming influence for a change and told her that she would really regret it if she left. His opinion was that she should definitely stay at least until Friday, before re-evaluating her feelings.

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BB11: Dave Saved From Eviction

Day 21: Nominated housemates were fighting to save themselves from eviction in a 'Save And Replace' Task today. Eventually Dave won the 'Your Face On TV' Task but had the agonising situation of having to choose another housemate to replace him. In the end Dave selected Caoimhe for eviction. Caoimhe now makes it an all girl eviction choice, joining housemate Shabby and Sunshine.

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Monday, 28 June 2010

BB11: Nominations Result

Day 20: The Nominations Result has been announced by Big Brother and housemates have nominated Shabby, Dave and Sunshine again this week. Just as in previous weeks, the nominated housemates will battle it out in a task in order to save themselves from the public vote. The winner of the task will be able to select another housemate to replace them. Watch this space for more details tomorrow.....

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BB11 VIDEO: England v Germany - Goals

Day 19: The Big Brother housemates in England and Germany battled it out on penalties during a live football shootout. The winning house would be able to watch the football match live.

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Sunday, 27 June 2010

BB11 PICTURES: Puppet Task

Day 19: Zig and Zag introduced the Puppet Task to the Big Brother housemates and here are the pictures from the task:

Zig and Zag
Steve, Ben and Dave
John James and Sunshine

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BB11: Mario Streaks During Pool Party

Day 19: Mario got naked again and proved he is no shy boy during the Big Brother 'Pool Party' last night and other housemates have promised to do more streaking over the coming days.

Digitial Spy reports, After enjoying the dinner won by David in this afternoon's task, John James, Mario, Sunshine, Shabby, Caoimhe, Ife and David headed to the pool. While discussing who should go to the fridge to get cans of lager for the group, someone challenged Mario to walk in naked and collect them.

Mario held a quick vote, where everyone present put their hands up for him to streak. He proceeded to climb out of the pool, remove his shorts and wave them over his head before walking naked into the kitchen.

Ife shouted, "Check out the size of his balls!" The other housemates laughed as Mario casually walked back to the pool with the cans of lager in his hand. He then picked his shorts up and turned to put them on.

David told him: "There's no point in turning your back to us now, we've fucking seen it!"

As the 28-year-old joined the others back in the pool, he joked about always being the one to get naked in the house. "Maybe I could be a male stripper when I get out," he added.

Corin later came to speak to the housemates in the pool, and was informed that she had missed Mario's streak. "Thank God for that!" she exclaimed.

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*Story from Digital Spy
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