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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

BB11: Big Brother Viewing Figures - Day 15 - 20

Big Brother viewing figures seemed to have stalled around the 2 million mark during the third week. Yet BB11 is up year on year over the same period and remains an healthy addition to the channel 4 line up.

Day 15 (Wed 23 June) - Big Brother - 2.1 million (9.2% audience share) with C4+1 attracting 397,000 (2.2%) viewers.

Day 16 (Thurs 24 June) - Big Brother took 2.04 million (9%) for Channel 4 from 9pm and 432,000 (2.3%) on C4+1, which was the tenth largest multichannel audience of the night.

Day 17 (Fri 25 June) - Govan's Big Brother eviction 2.16m (10.3%) and 2.02m (12.1%) for his post eviction interview with Davina McCall. The viewing figures were almost identical year on year with Cairon's eviction on BB10.

Day 18 (Sat 26 June) - The usual Saturday Big Brother dip resulted in 1.55m (9.1%)  tuning in to Channel 4 at 10pm but was higher than the 1.23m this time last year.

Day 19 (Sun 27 June) - Josie enjoyed her day of treats as Big Brother managed 2.082 million (8.8%) viewers, a further 373,000 tuned in on C4+1 (2.1%).

Day 20 (Mon 28 June) - The housemates penalty shootout against BB Germany attracted 2 million (11.6%) viewers with C4+1 adding 135,000 (1.5%).

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  1. big brother ia amazing i think its so wrong they are ending the programme should put it to the public to decide


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