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Thursday, 1 July 2010

BB11: Shabby And Caoimhe Fall Out

Day 23: Poor Shabby, things seem to be going from bad to worse inside the Big Brother house. This week she has been in one big strop (as the video below shows) and now the one friend she has in the house could be about to end, as the official Big Brother website reports:

After having another intimate chat in their Bed, where Shabby told Caoimhe that when she goes to the Diary Room she talks about her 'lusty rage' for the Irish beauty.

Caoimhe wasn't quite sure how to take this bit of 'banter' and the pair soon had a heated discussion. Shabby, who was getting more and more vexed exclaimed 'I can't take this anymore' and left Caoimhe alone.

Nathan was left to console Caoimhe, who told him 'I can't deal with this any more'. She confides in Nathan that she doesn't know what to do; Shabby is her friend, but should she back off?

Meanwhile, in the Living Room, Shabby took confidence in Ife and Corin. The London squatter told how she couldn't understand her, and wonders if she is getting the wrong signals. Ife insights that she 'does fancy' Shabby and that she is 'in denial'. Shabby agrees with Ife's thoughts, agreeing 'I honestly think she does like me. I honestly think she does'.

For Shabby, the 'constant flirting' - such as the 'boob grabbing' and kisses on the neck - have become a problem for the troubled duo. 'The neck is a really intimate place to kiss someone', Shabby concedes, explaining that Caoimhe only does it to her and no one else in the House. 'This is going too far now. This isn't a little crush anymore, I really like her'.

Shabby Throws A Wobbly!

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