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Saturday, 28 August 2010

UBB: Coolio Walks Out Of Ultimate Big Brother House

Day 81:After several arguments with Nadia, Coolio was called to the Diary Room at 13:20. Shortly after, in agreement with Big Brother, it was mutually decided that Coolio should leave the House. Nadia had been packing her suitcase as she was about to carry out her threat to walk out from the house following several heated arguments with the American rapper.

Big Brother broke the news to the surprised housemates at 14:37. With two walking and two entering the house via the Bedsit - it looks like we could be in for an interesting week ahead!

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UBB VIDEO: Tree of Temptation Gives Nick Task

Day 81: Here is the video of the Tree of Temptation insulting Nick Bateman as he causes him to relive the note writing from BB1. Watch as Nick tries to answer back, but the Tree is always one step ahead!

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Friday, 27 August 2010

UBB: John Booted Out As Two Go Into Big Brother House

Day 80: The first eviction from the Ultimate Big Brother house took place tonight and with 50.6% of the vote, John McCririck became the first housemate to leave the house. His interview was as controversial as ever as he slammed Big Brother for not keeping their word during a Task.

Meanwhile Davina McCall revealed that Victor Ebuwa and Michelle Bass from BB5 were returning to the Big Brother house. They would be entering the BB Bedsit to watch the rest of the housemates, bringing a bit of evil to the house. Can the pair avoid Fight Night this time?

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BB11: Big Brother Viewing Figures - Day 69 - 77

Big Brother 11 finished on a high as Josie was crowned the winner, showing a year on year increase of almost 1.4m and continued the good viewing figures for the eleventh series of Big Brother.

Day 77 (Tues 24 Aug) FINAL: 3.931 million viewers and a 17.6% audience share over nearly three hours from 8pm. A further 145,000 (0.8%) watched an hour later on Channel 4 +1.

This was well up on last year's Big Brother final, which averaged 2.6 million (12%) and 2.7 million (16%) across two separate instalments on Friday, 4 September.

Day 76 (Mon 23 Aug): 2.57 million viewers and a 14% audience share from 10pm. A further 196,000 (2%) watched an hour later on Channel 4 +1.

Day 75 (Sun 22 Aug): 2.2 million (9.1%), C4+1 - 470,000 (2.5%)

Day 74 (Sat 21 Aug): 1.8 million (8.8%), C4+1 - 216,000 (1.2%)

Day 73 (Fri 20 Aug) QUADRUPLE EVICTION: Big Brother was watched by 2.95m (12.8%), with many returning at 10.30pm as 2.91m (19.2%) tuned in. Another 183,000 and 121,000 tuning in on C4+1

Day 72 (Thu 19 Aug): 2.62m (15.5%), while 188,000 watched on Channel 4 +1

Day 71 (Wed 18 Aug): 2.4 million (14.1%), C4+1 153,000 (1.7%)

Day 70 (Tue 17 Aug): 2.2 million (12.6%,), C4+1 173,000 (1.8%)

Day 69 (Mon 16 Aug): 2.12m (12.4%) on Channel 4 between 10pm and 11.10pm, and 232,000 (2.5%) on Channel 4 +1.

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UBB: Nasty Nick Writes Notes Again

Day 80: The Tree of Temptation has caused Nick Bateman to return as Nasty Nick with the latest Task.

The Tree revealed who was up for eviction this week and provided him with slips of paper on which he had to write the names of those people and hide them around the House.

Nick promptly set about his task and immediately began writing on and hiding the slips of paper.

The reward the housemates will receive if he is successful is plush cotton bedsheets for the Bedroom.

In true Big Brother style, Darren from Big Brother 1 entered the House and immediately began acting very suspiciously, searching around the House for something...

He then started finding slips of paper with people's names on hidden in various places. These slips of paper were those hidden by Nick for his Tree of Temptation Task and they revealed the names of those people who are up for eviction.

However, Nick was unaware that Darren was tasked to find these slips of paper and he started behaving extremely nervously, denying he was involved and playing the innocent victim.

A short while later, Big Brother gathered all the housemates at the kitchen table and it was clear that Darren was set to make an announcement of some kind.

'Nasty' Nick, slips of paper, a meeting at the Kitchen table... ring any bells? What was Big Brother up to...?

Big Brother then announced that Darren would be announcing this weeks nomination results and that he should read out the names on the slips of paper he had found; Coolio and John McCririck.
It was all a big game played out expertly by Big Brother and his cheeky friend the Tree to reveal the nominations to the housemates! What a couple of sneaky schemers!!

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Thursday, 26 August 2010

UBB: Chantelle In Tears

Day 79: Preston and Chantelle would have been celebrating their 4th wedding anniversary this week, but instead the divorced former Celebrity Big Brother housemates are being forced to see each other as the nation tunes in.

The pressure took it's toll on Chantelle Houghton as she was reduced to tears after a discussion about her failed relationship with Preston. John McCririck mentioned it would be the final send off for Ultimate Big Brother if Chantelle and Preston got together again.

All the talk of divorce became too much for Chantelle and she ran to the Bathroom and started crying.

John immediately came in and apologised to the blonde beauty as he was concerned that she was upset.

Chantelle told the racing pundit that it wasn't him at all who made her cry. Chantelle went on to mention that it would have been her and Preston's 4th anniversary.

Preston went in and comforted Chantelle with a one-to-one conversation and he soon got her smiling. Fans of Big Brother are hoping that the pair can rekindle some of the romance they discovered when they first met on the programme.

Seems like everyone has been in tears since Ultimate Big Brother launched on Tuesday night - Josie, Nikki, Ulrika and Makosi have cried since returning to the BB house!

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UBB: Josie Leaves Ultimate Big Brother House

Day 79: After an agonising two days inside the Ultimate Big Brother house, Josie has left the house as she struggled to adjust. Since Tuesday's BB11 final, Josie has been emotional after being briefly reunited with John James. Inside the house she confessed to missing John James, feeling like a nobody and finding the new housemates strange. Breaking down in tears several times, Josie finally cracked and quit the Big Brother house just after 3pm today.

After walking out of the House through the camera runs, she ran straight into the arms of her man who was at Elstree Studios today for a task.

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UBB: Josie Wants To Leave Big Brother House

Day 79: The novelty of being surrounded by former Big Brother housemates has worn off for Josie and now the BB11 winner wants out! Late into the night, a tearful Josie made her way to the Diary Room to speak to Big Brother.

'I can't handle it anymore' sobbed the Bristolian winner. When asked by Big Brother just what exactly she couldn't handle, she replied 'All of it. I just can't handle it'.

Big Brother reassured Josie, and reminded her that she was 'a winner', however a woeful Jose said that she 'doesn't feel like one'.

'I went out there and seen all my friends and family, and then I've seen John and I've just had to walk straight back in here', she wept. 'It doesn't feel like the same House anymore'.

Big Brother reminded Josie that it is the same House that she has been living in for the past 12 weeks, yet Josie said it felt like the walls were 'closing in' on her.

'You'd think I'd be happy, wouldn't you?' she questioned to herself.

Having expressed her concerns to Brian that she feels like 'a nobody', Josie confided her fears to Big Brother. 'I do miss my old housemates', admitted the blubbing blonde. 'I'm not like these people. They're all celebrities. I'm normal'.

Josie declared that she wanted to leave the House. 'I feel really trapped in here. I just want to go'.

Weeping into her tissue, Josie repeated 'I really want to go'. Will she walk out of the house? Stay tuned!

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BB11 VIDEO: Josie Wins Big Brother 11

Day 77: Josie won the Final of Big Brother 11 and this is the video of her as she meets Davina McCall and the crowds outside the house. Watch her reactions as the reality that she has won after 77 days in the BB11 house. Her victory was also watched by 4m viewers, although Josie was soon back inside the house for Ultimate Big Brother!

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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Ultimate Big Brother PICTURES: The Final Housemates

Day 78: Here are the pictures of the Ultimate Big Brother housemates who joined BB11 winner, Josie Gibson in the final Big Brother house.

Ulrika Johnson - Celeb BB6 winner

Preston - Celeb BB4 housemate

Nikki Grahame - BB7 housemate

Nick Bateman - BB1 housemate

Nadia Almada - BB5 winner

Makosi Musambasi - BB6 housemate

John McCririck - Celeb BB3 housemate

Coolio - Celeb BB6 housemate

Chantelle Houghton - Celeb BB4 winner

Brian Dowling - BB2 winner

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BB11: Big Brother Final

Day 77: Josie Gibson was crowned the winner of Big Brother 11, with an impressive 77.5% of the public vote. Winning a £100,000, Josie told Davina she would give £20,000 to charity. She became one of the greatest housemates ever as she entertained the nation with her straight talking and simple ways. Viewers became addicted to the relationship between Josie and John James as it grew over the summer, although at times the relationship became quite fiery!
Crowds cheered as she was interviewed by Davina McCall, who told her she was beautiful on the inside and outside. John James was on hand to hug and kiss her before she re-entered the house for Ultimate Big Brother.

Who would have thought Dave could have finished second in BB11? Normally the religious housemates are annoying but Dave managed to win the housemates over and us with his weird and wonderful ways. Talking about the glory didn't put us off as we got to know the Welshman more and more. He proved he was up for a laugh and didn't shirk away from the tasks set by Big Brother. With 9.1% of the public vote, Dave was able to leave the house with his head held high - he did himself proud.

Mario entered the Big Brother house as a mole and left BB11 in third place, after having a roller coaster journey during his 77 days in the house. No other housemate had so many highs and lows as Mario and no other housemate got so naked as Mario. He received 5.1% of the vote and Davina asked him if he was really a nudist at heart after discussing his large left testicle. Mario said that he wasn't a nudist and he was shocked Big Brother showed his nude stunts.

JJ finished fourth on 4.5% of the public vote, just ahead of Andrew. He entered the house on Day 45 after being picked by the other housemates, as one of three new housemates. He quickly became friends with John James and caught the eye of Corin, but things turned sour very quickly between JJ and Corin.

Andrew came fifth with just 3.9% of the public vote and was greeted by the cheering crowd and a warm smile. The geek proved to be a winner in the house after arriving on Day 31 and coming out of his shell to become a great housemate to watch as he gave 100% during each task.

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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

BB11: Bookies Big Brother Winner - Final Prediction

Day 77: It's the Big Brother 11 Final tonight and the bookies are predicting just one clear winner. Following Friday's shock evictions from the BB11 house, Josie has become the clear favourite to win during tonight's Final.

Paddy Power have the Final predictions as:

Josie 1/20

Dave 10/1

Andrew 18/1

Mario 20/1

JJ 50/1

Tune in to Channel 4 from 8pm to find out who will win the £100,000 prize and become the winner of BB11. The lucky housemate will then join ex-housemates from previous years for the very final Big Brother to find out who will be crowed 'Ultimate Big Brother' housemate.

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BB11: Simon Webb Sings In Big Brother House

Day 77: He was known for his talent in boy band Blue, but now Simon Webb proved he has solo talent as he went into the Big Brother house to perform during their 'Perfect Day'. Josie was especially elated after the singer gave her a pair of designer sunglasses.

Simon Webb played tracks from his new album and complimented Josie on her new look, although she called him Lee on his departure!

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BB11 PICTURES: Housemates Get A Make-Over

Day 77: The housemates were treated to a professional haircut by celebrity stylist Lee Stafford after Andrew painfully passed his Tree of Temptation Task. Housemates were awarded with the 'Perfect Day' and here are the results of their make-over....

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Monday, 23 August 2010

BB11 VIDEO: Andrew Gets His Legs Waxed!

Day 76: As Part of his Tree of Temptation Task, Andrew had to answer 'Yes' to all the housemates questions, little did he know that one by one the Tree let the housemates in on the Task.

Andrew ended up agreeing to have his legs waxed and the video above shows the painful results as he won a 'Perfect Day' as a treat for all the housemates.

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Sunday, 22 August 2010

BB11: Anthea Turner Serves Housemates Breakfast

Day 75: Housemates were shocked to be woken up by former Celebrity Big Brother housemate and ex-Blue Peter star, Anthea Turner. As part of their 'perfect day', Anthea entered the bedroom with a hostess trolley full of goodies and served them all breakfast in bed. The treats on offer included muffins, fruit, pastries and orange juice.

Anthea told the group that she has been a big fan of the series so far and congratulated everybody on reaching the final. The domestic goddess couldn't resist asking the housemates about their cleaning routines and she listened with great interest as she quizzed Mario on how often they got to use the hoover and how many times a week the group wash their bed sheets.

The housemates, who were still half asleep, kept on commenting on how surreal their wake up was but they were clearly all thrilled with their unexpected early morning feast.Josie was the most excited to see Anthea, screaming loudly!

After Anthea left the House Welshman Dave revealed that he used to have a major crush on the former Blue Peter presenter when he was younger and commented that she still looked amazingly good for her age.

Josie summed the mood of the group up by jokingly saying "We're getting served breakfast by a celebrity, just who do we think we are?"

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