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Friday, 27 August 2010

UBB: Nasty Nick Writes Notes Again

Day 80: The Tree of Temptation has caused Nick Bateman to return as Nasty Nick with the latest Task.

The Tree revealed who was up for eviction this week and provided him with slips of paper on which he had to write the names of those people and hide them around the House.

Nick promptly set about his task and immediately began writing on and hiding the slips of paper.

The reward the housemates will receive if he is successful is plush cotton bedsheets for the Bedroom.

In true Big Brother style, Darren from Big Brother 1 entered the House and immediately began acting very suspiciously, searching around the House for something...

He then started finding slips of paper with people's names on hidden in various places. These slips of paper were those hidden by Nick for his Tree of Temptation Task and they revealed the names of those people who are up for eviction.

However, Nick was unaware that Darren was tasked to find these slips of paper and he started behaving extremely nervously, denying he was involved and playing the innocent victim.

A short while later, Big Brother gathered all the housemates at the kitchen table and it was clear that Darren was set to make an announcement of some kind.

'Nasty' Nick, slips of paper, a meeting at the Kitchen table... ring any bells? What was Big Brother up to...?

Big Brother then announced that Darren would be announcing this weeks nomination results and that he should read out the names on the slips of paper he had found; Coolio and John McCririck.
It was all a big game played out expertly by Big Brother and his cheeky friend the Tree to reveal the nominations to the housemates! What a couple of sneaky schemers!!

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