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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

BB11: Big Brother Final

Day 77: Josie Gibson was crowned the winner of Big Brother 11, with an impressive 77.5% of the public vote. Winning a £100,000, Josie told Davina she would give £20,000 to charity. She became one of the greatest housemates ever as she entertained the nation with her straight talking and simple ways. Viewers became addicted to the relationship between Josie and John James as it grew over the summer, although at times the relationship became quite fiery!
Crowds cheered as she was interviewed by Davina McCall, who told her she was beautiful on the inside and outside. John James was on hand to hug and kiss her before she re-entered the house for Ultimate Big Brother.

Who would have thought Dave could have finished second in BB11? Normally the religious housemates are annoying but Dave managed to win the housemates over and us with his weird and wonderful ways. Talking about the glory didn't put us off as we got to know the Welshman more and more. He proved he was up for a laugh and didn't shirk away from the tasks set by Big Brother. With 9.1% of the public vote, Dave was able to leave the house with his head held high - he did himself proud.

Mario entered the Big Brother house as a mole and left BB11 in third place, after having a roller coaster journey during his 77 days in the house. No other housemate had so many highs and lows as Mario and no other housemate got so naked as Mario. He received 5.1% of the vote and Davina asked him if he was really a nudist at heart after discussing his large left testicle. Mario said that he wasn't a nudist and he was shocked Big Brother showed his nude stunts.

JJ finished fourth on 4.5% of the public vote, just ahead of Andrew. He entered the house on Day 45 after being picked by the other housemates, as one of three new housemates. He quickly became friends with John James and caught the eye of Corin, but things turned sour very quickly between JJ and Corin.

Andrew came fifth with just 3.9% of the public vote and was greeted by the cheering crowd and a warm smile. The geek proved to be a winner in the house after arriving on Day 31 and coming out of his shell to become a great housemate to watch as he gave 100% during each task.

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