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Thursday, 26 August 2010

UBB: Chantelle In Tears

Day 79: Preston and Chantelle would have been celebrating their 4th wedding anniversary this week, but instead the divorced former Celebrity Big Brother housemates are being forced to see each other as the nation tunes in.

The pressure took it's toll on Chantelle Houghton as she was reduced to tears after a discussion about her failed relationship with Preston. John McCririck mentioned it would be the final send off for Ultimate Big Brother if Chantelle and Preston got together again.

All the talk of divorce became too much for Chantelle and she ran to the Bathroom and started crying.

John immediately came in and apologised to the blonde beauty as he was concerned that she was upset.

Chantelle told the racing pundit that it wasn't him at all who made her cry. Chantelle went on to mention that it would have been her and Preston's 4th anniversary.

Preston went in and comforted Chantelle with a one-to-one conversation and he soon got her smiling. Fans of Big Brother are hoping that the pair can rekindle some of the romance they discovered when they first met on the programme.

Seems like everyone has been in tears since Ultimate Big Brother launched on Tuesday night - Josie, Nikki, Ulrika and Makosi have cried since returning to the BB house!

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