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Sunday, 22 August 2010

BB11: Anthea Turner Serves Housemates Breakfast

Day 75: Housemates were shocked to be woken up by former Celebrity Big Brother housemate and ex-Blue Peter star, Anthea Turner. As part of their 'perfect day', Anthea entered the bedroom with a hostess trolley full of goodies and served them all breakfast in bed. The treats on offer included muffins, fruit, pastries and orange juice.

Anthea told the group that she has been a big fan of the series so far and congratulated everybody on reaching the final. The domestic goddess couldn't resist asking the housemates about their cleaning routines and she listened with great interest as she quizzed Mario on how often they got to use the hoover and how many times a week the group wash their bed sheets.

The housemates, who were still half asleep, kept on commenting on how surreal their wake up was but they were clearly all thrilled with their unexpected early morning feast.Josie was the most excited to see Anthea, screaming loudly!

After Anthea left the House Welshman Dave revealed that he used to have a major crush on the former Blue Peter presenter when he was younger and commented that she still looked amazingly good for her age.

Josie summed the mood of the group up by jokingly saying "We're getting served breakfast by a celebrity, just who do we think we are?"

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