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Saturday, 21 August 2010

BB11: Big Brother's Big Beard Speaks Out!

Day 74: The beard is NOT happy and after being silent for 74 days it is time to speak out! Big Brother 11 has been an excellent end to the reality format but sadly we are going to be left with the DULLEST Big Brother EVER.
The public have voted out all the wrong people this week and left in the most bland, boring bunch of housemates since BB4. Of course I wanted John James to be evicted after his actions in recent days and I'm sure Sam Pepper wound up most of the viewers but............. both characters were entertaining.
We now have a final where only one person is in contention to win BB11, and the beard says that makes the final very boring! Yes, Josie is a great housemate but it would have been better if Sam Pepper was there to wind her up or Corin to add her hilarious ways. Even a sulking John James would be more entertaining than Mario, Andrew, JJ and Dave.
I have no-one to blame but myself, I've not voted during BB11 and at the end of the day the line up is partly my fault for not making a phone call. Do I give a ripp? Yes! Am I buzzin'? No! Thankfully we have Ultimate Big Brother as a fitting end too Big Brother, otherwise I'd have switched off my TV and said goodbye BB11 now.

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