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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

BB11 POLL: Four Housemates Eviction Prediction

Day 70: According to YOUR votes in the Big Brother Poll, it looks like one time bookies favourite Steve will be evicted on Friday. In the early days Steve looked like a certain winner with the public and the housemates. Yet 70 days is a very long time on Big Brother, and like a yo-yo, housemates popularity goes up and down.

It looks like Steve could be evicted on Friday along with Dave and Andrew, but it is Mario who has dropped the most in popularity. After entering the house as a Mole, Mario quickly became the favourite housemate but in recent weeks the public and housemates noticed his mood swings had become wider. According to latest votes, Mario has the least number of votes to win BB11 and most likely for eviction.

You still have time to vote for YOUR winner of BB11 in our Big Brother Poll at the top of this page.

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