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Thursday, 19 August 2010

BB11: Andrew Stone Returns For Prediction Task

Day 72: Andrew Stone returned for the Prediction Task, this time he was well aware of the negative comments housemate Andrew uttered after his last visit during the BB High Task. Big Brother picked Andrew and Dave for this task and the pair had to decide if they would rather perform with the all-singing all-dancing Andrew Stone and his guitar player Jesus from Starman, or dance every time he enters the House with his ghetto blaster.

Opting to perform with the Pineapple Studio star, they would be singing Andrew Stone's own original song entitled 'I Don't Want To Dance'. Both Dave and Andrew gave it 100% and delivered an entertaining performance in front of their housemates, Andrew really came alive and got into the performance!

Seems like Andrew has redeemed himself over comments he made about Mr Stone a few weeks prior..........

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