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Saturday, 21 August 2010

BB11: Mario Streaks Again!

Day 74: Mario couldn't resist the opportunity to get naked again as he paraded around the Big Brother house in nothing more than a top hat - much to the embarrassment of Andrew. Due to a task set by the Tree of Temptation, Andrew has had to say yes to all the housemates requests. In a twist, the Tree told Mario of the task and allowed him to manipulate it to his advantage.

As Mario brushed his teeth while standing naked in the bathroom, Andrew went to chat to him. "Are you going to make us lunch today?" Mario asked, with Andrew replying: "Yeah, alright." Feigning surprise, Mario said: "Really? Are you going to make us lunch today?" Andrew confirmed that he would, before Mario sat on the student's knee, leaving him clearly uncomfortable.

While Mario, David and Andrew talked in the bedroom, Mario said: "Andrew, I'm going to be bold. Can you make me some eggs on toast?" The 19-year-old replied: "Can you do me a favour and throw some washing in?" As David and Andrew discussed whether washing needed to be done today, Mario chipped in: "But will you make me some lunch?" Andrew replied: "Yeah, yeah."

Mario then asked Andrew to sit on his lap, before adding: "You can be my puppet, do you want to be my puppet?" Andrew replied: "Yes." The aspiring fashion designer then proceeded to do a puppet show for David, making Andrew say that he fancies Mario and has learnt that he "must stay away from watermelons" since being in the Big Brother house.

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