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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

BB11: Josie Continues Rant

Day 71: It's all over between Josie and John James as the fallout continues. As John James went into the Nest for a chat with Big Brother, Josie was outside in the garden claiming he was just siding with Sam for air time.
She then got up and went into the Nest and continued her rant at John James saying, "Have your little rant and slag me right off. But the fact of the matter is you switched on me ..... you didn't even switch on Sam Pepper."

In emotional scenes, Josie has just told Corin that she wishes she had never got involved with John.

Corin countered the bubbly Bristolian by saying that she was only saying that because she was upset and angry.

The busty babe went on to comfort Josie and told her that she would only think bad things when she is in a mood like this. She also said that Josie should wait until things died down and have a word with John.

Corin carried on by saying that Josie obviously feels let down by the whole situation and that she would feel the same in her position.

The ongoing argument between John and Josie seems to have brought the only two remaining girls in the House closer together.

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