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Thursday, 19 August 2010

BB11: Titan Returns To Big Brother House

Day 72: Titan the robot was back inside the Big Brother house, but this time his mission was to stir things up. As part of Bob Righter's Prediction Task, Steve had a choice between allowing the other housemates to hear one of the following through Titan:

Steve's own nominations


Nominations he has received

He chose the latter and Titan set about his job with aplomb, recounting the six people who have nominated him over the course of the series; Mario, Andrew, Ben, Dave, JJ and Josie.

It was all taken in fairly good humour with Andrew joking, 'well, this is awkward' and Dave bursting out with laughter at the sound of his own nomination.

After the meddlesome metal monster had powered down, leaving a trail of confusion in his wake, Dave attempted to apologise to Steve, telling him that the week he had picked him was really tough. The monk said he had to choose someone and Steve was just one of the unfortunate ones.

The baron, in his usual placating manner, assured everyone that he didn't mind, to which Andrew added, 'it's water under the bridge'. Titan sprayed water at the housemates from his eyes as a parting gesture.

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