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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

BB11: John James Mouths Off Over Bob Righter Task

Day 71: The Bog Brighter Prediction Task has caused lots of friction in the Big Brother house, with John James becoming the most fiery since the Task began. He's already fallen out with Josie after she told him off for picking on Corin. The Aussie housemate joined with Sam who told Corin she couldn't wear her make up as part of the Prediction Task, much to the girls anger.
Then when John James found out he had to wear a crab costume as part of this week's shopping task, he refused to wear it. This led to a fall out with the other housemates, Corin asked him how he could have said those things (about her) when he himself is now purposely failing the task. Typically the Aussie was having none of it and declared that he didn't have to follow BB's rules.

Josie then got involved as she reminded both John James and Sam of their behaviour.

But then... Sam turned on the hunk saying that they're not here 'for a holiday' and that part of the BB experience is taking part in these tasks.

Even John James' best buddy has chipped in now, saying that he agrees with Sam's thoughts. The Aussie refuses to back down though, declaring: 'I couldn't give a rip'. It seemed to be one rule for one and one rule for another in John James world........

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