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Monday, 16 August 2010

BB11: Sam On A Ninja Mission

Day 69: Sam was on a mission to steal Corin's eviction wig and make-up bag, the cheeky housemate made the vow before he entered the Big Brother house. Yesterday he was rumbled as he tried to steal Corin's make-up bag, but Sammy Pepper didn't give up on his mission.

Just after 3am, Sam managed to steal Corin's wig as she lay fast asleep in bed. Earlier housemates saw Ninja Sam crawl across the floor and even Corin asked him if he was going to sleep on the floor all night. Little was she aware that he was hiding her make-up bag and would later hide her wig inside a pillow case.

It seems that all the housemates knew about the Ninja theft - except Corin. Expects an explosive day inside the Big Brother house once Corin discovers her make-up has been stolen along with her wig.

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