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Thursday, 25 June 2009

BB10 POLL: Who Is The Hottest Housemate?

Latest Big Brother Blog Squad Poll is asking the simple question - "Who Is The Hottest Housemate?" Is it Kris or Rodrigo? Noirin or Dogface? Maybe Marcus or Sree is your man? Is Halfwit the one who does it for you or is Lisa the girl of your dreams?

Vote in the poll on the right now.............

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BB10: Day 22 - Halfwit And Angel Face Eviction

Housemates voted in a live nominations show shown on Channel 4 last night and once again Halfwit (Freddie) received the most votes along with snogging partner Angel. The Russian housemate had upset some of the housemates by mentioning peoples weight and appearing to have a dig at them.

Sree escaped the public vote, missing it by one vote - which means either Angel or Halfwit will leave BB10 on Friday.

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BB10: POLL - Who Is The Funniest Housemate?

We asked who you thought was the funniest BB10 housemate in our poll and the clear winner was Charlie. He got more than twice as many votes as his nearest rivals Angel and Sree. Siavash and Rodrigo closest followed next. Karly and Lisa scored the least amount of votes in the poll.

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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

BB10: Day 20 VIDEO - Housemates Forced To Cut Rabbits

Poor Noirin, Lisa and Marcus - as part of the Tudors Shopping Task, the cooks have to prepare food for the King (Siavash) but today it meant opening up rabbits. Something that has almost turned Noirin vegetarian, Lisa seems to enjoy and Marcus just gets on with the task at hand.

The video below shows the task in full flow, it contains some scenes viewers may not like:

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BB10: Big Brother Viewing Figures -Day 19 and 20

The latest Big Brother viewing figures are out and Monday (Day 19) the show was watched by 1.8 million and an 11% share audience for Channel 4 between 10pm and 11.10pm, with a further 136,000 on Channel 4 +1.

Last night (Day 20) the viewing figures slipped slightly to 1.79m (10.6%) for Channel 4 in the 10pm slot, almost 1.5m down on the same time last year and continuing the trend for this series.

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Tuesday, 23 June 2009

BB10: Day 20 - Charlie Loses Nomination Vote

Charlie has lost the right to vote in this weeks eviction nominations after Saivash as King Henry VIII, took away his voting rights after the subject failed to impress his Royal Highness. Damsel Charlie was not too pleased with the Kings choice.

Little do the housemates know that Big Brother may have planned a live eviction for tomorrow night...........

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BB10: Day 20 PICTURES - Tudors Task

How dashing the housemates look as they perform various parts of the Tudors Shopping Task! Here are a selection of the housemates in full costum.........

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BB10: VIDEO - Housemates Lick Each Other

Big Brother housemates get down to some serious licking in this latest video - we have Noirin licking Dogface, Sree gets a licking from Dogface and finally Marcus is reluctantly licked by Sree. Watch the video to find out exactly where the BB10 housemates were licking!

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BB10: POLL - Who Are The Funniest Housemates?

Is Charlie the funniest Big Brother housemate? Or do you find the actions of Marcus funnier? Is Angel the one who makes you laugh or do you chuckle at Karly's mannerisms?

Vote now in the latest Big Brother Blog Squad Poll at the top right hand side of the page, voting is free and closes on Wednesday. You choose who YOU think is the funniest housemate in BB10.

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Monday, 22 June 2009

BB10: Day 19 VIDEO - Rodrigo Trapped In Stocks

Try watching this video of Rodrigo in full costume, trapped in the stocks by Kris and not laugh. Dressed for the Tudors Shopping Task, Rodrigo asked how the stocks work - to which Kris was only too willing to demonstrate for him. Locking him in, Kris and Charlie were soon taking advantage of poor Rodrigo............

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BB10: Big Brother Viewing Figures Day 16 -18

Cairon's eviction from Big Brother on Friday was viewed by 2.2 million (10%) with 2m (13%) returning for the second episode, featuring the live interview with evicted Cairon between 10.35pm and 11.05pm. A further 195,000 and 159,000 watched the two instalments respectively on Channel 4+1 an hour later.

Saturday normally dips and continued the previous weeks decline with just 1.23m (6.1%) tuning in at 9pm hour, showing a year on year drop of 16%.

Day 18 (Sunday) perked up with 2 million viewers (9%) between 9pm and 10pm on Channel 4. Big Brother was seen by another 343,000 on Channel 4 +1 as housemates learnt Russian and the fallout between Sree and Noirin continued.

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BB10: Day 19 VIDEO - Angel and Halfwit Kiss

Angel gives Halfwit a birthday dance he will not forget in a hurry, as John Lennon's 'Give Peace A Chance' piped into the house the pair enjoyed a raunchy dance together.

The pair enjoyed a few kisses as a slightly drunk Angel ran her fingers through Freddie's hair, much to the shock of the onlooking housemates.

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BB10: Day 19 - The Tudors Shopping Task

For this week's shopping task, one housemate must become Henry VIII (Siavash came to the Diary Room to collect the Task, so that means it's him).

Henry VIII will choose any six housemates to be his wives, and two to be courtiers, and all these housemates will live in luxury in King Henry's Court. The remaining housemates become cooks and there is one 'special role'. However no-one will know this 'special role' is the role of village idiot!

The House will turn into Tudor England, complete with a court and Tudor Kitchen. All access to the normal House kitchen is forbidden and housemates must only eat the food set in the Tudor Kitchen, which is all in its most basic form (rabbits, chickens, carp, seasonal vegetables and fruit).

The cooks must spend their time preparing food for the feast on the second day, using real Tudor recipes, and all other housemates must take part in it and pass their tasks throughout the two days.

If at any time housemates must be punished, the Village Idiot will act as their whipping boy and will take whatever Tudor punishment Big Brother metes out to him, such as wearing a barrel or going in the stocks.

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BB10: Shock Eviction Planned For Wednesday

The Big Brother 10 house is set for it's biggest shock yet as one housemate will leave suddenly on Wednesday in a surprise live eviction. It is expected housemates will be forced to name who they want evicted while sat together in the living room, according to The Sun newspaper.

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BB10: Day 19 - Halfwit And Angel Snog

Late night drunken antics led to Freddie (Halfwit) being dared to snog Russian housemate Angel by Charlie. Freddie didn't need much persuasion to kiss the kinky nude swimmer, this time tongues were exchanged between the pair.

Seconds earlier Marcus had planted a kiss on the lips of Charlie but Kris only managed a peck Rodrigo while Sophie kissed a camera and got into trouble. A drunk Angel gave Noirin a kiss after she was told she looked the best, and then Angel nibbled on Rodrigo's nipples for 10 seconds after her snog with Halfwit.

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BB10: Day 18 - Birthday Blues

Freddie's birthday celebrations soon turned into arguments and division, then he found out Angel had kept her birthday secret. This lead to an interesting statement from the wise one, "This is probably the weirdest birthday because it's all being broadcast," mused Halfwit. "It's weird because whenever you experience anything it's almost always an anticlimax."

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BB10: Day 18 VIDEO - Sree And Marcus: The Arguement

It seems this pair are never going to get on, the video shows the argument between Sree and Marcus. Is Marcus just having a go at poor Sree or does Sree bare a grudge against Marcus for flirting with Noirin?

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BB10: Day 18 - Sree And Marcus Argue Again!

The spirit of free love and harmony quickly deserted the hippy housemates as the poo hit the fan, so to speak. Once again it was a new task and a new argument between Marcus and Sree.

Sree approached Marcus in the Bedroom earlier. "Every time when the Task comes you are really really mad about it," he started. "I totally love your passion, enthusiasm to win the Task, but-"

Marcus wasn't having it. "The reason why we argue is, I say to you as a friend, 'Don't **** around.' But you can't just say 'Cool', you always have to say 'Shut your face, **** you,' and it's really abusive."

"No, no, no," argued Sree. "You are elder than me and you are the person who need to put me a certain example, but however all the time you argue with me."

As Marcus started to object, Sree obviously saw that he wasn't going to win this one, and tried to draw a line under it. "The thing is over. Look, we have a good day. End of story."

"Why do you always run away?" said an exasperated Marcus as Sree headed out to the Living Area. "He starts all arguments," he added, turning to Kris who was resting on a nearby bed. "And then he runs around and tries to turn it back on you."

Not able to leave it at that, Marcus followed Sree out to the Living Area where he found him telling the other housemates about the row.

"You're a little game-planning *******!" fumed Marcus.

Karly stepped in in Sree's defence. "Marcus, even before the Task starts, you're like 'Sree, don't **** about'. None of the rest of us say it. YOu're always the first one to say it."

"Because I've always been stuck with him since the day we walked through the door," argued Marcus, turning to Sree. "Nobody else has to sit with you all the time and babysit you. It's always me. Then you go round everyone telling them I'm picking on you all the time when I'm not!"

"I am expressing my feelings with my people who I trust," blustered Sree.

"But there's a difference between expressing your feelings and deliberately trying to make everyone hostile towards me!" insisted Marcus. He then went on to say that Sree was a 'liar' and a 'schemer'.

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BB10: Day 18 PICTURES - Hippy Housemates

All dressed up but nowhere to go didn't stop the Big Brother housemates from putting on their costumes as hippies to celebrate Freddie's birthday and the mid-summer solace with their mini-Stonehenge. Here are the housemates in their outfits:

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Sunday, 21 June 2009

BB10: Day 18 - Kris Bashes His Balls!

Kris has almost reduced to tears after he accidentally hit himself in the privates near the mini Stonehenge while swirling around a couple of scarves on sticks.

Kris was unable to answer Charlie's question as he withered on the ground in agony. Lisa set the record straight saying he'd,"Knocked himself in the balls, You ****** idiot."

After a few minutes Kris got up and hobbled off, discarding the scarves. "I don't wanna play with these any more Charl," he said sadly to his pal.

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BB10: Day 18 VIDEO - Halfwit's Hippy Birthday

It's Halfwit's birthday and Big Brother reveals how they plan to help him celebrate his day. Costumes, hippies and tokens all form part of the equation........

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BB10: Day 18 - Russian Task

Time to put their thinking caps on as the housemates have to learn Russian, if they get them right, they'll win two tokens.

Meanwhile, here are the phrases for you to have a go yourself!

Hello, my name is...
Privet, menya zavut...

I love you, Big Brother
Ya lyublyu tebya, Bol'shoi brat

Excuse me, young lady. Do you know the way to Moscow?
Prostite, devoushka. Vi ne znaete kak dobratisia k Moskva?

I don't speak Russian, so I let the funky music do the talking
Ya ne govoryu po russki, ya proshu funk-muziku govoriti za menia

Next week I would like to write the shopping list
Na sleduyuschey nedele ya khotel bi napisat spisok pokupok

I have started learning Russian today, and I think I have cracked it
Ya nachal uchit' russky sevodnia,i ya dumau, chto u menia poluchilosi

After eating my favourite food, pelmeni, I wash my knives
Posle togo kak ya poyem svoyo lubimoye bliudo-pelmeni, Ya moyu svoyi nozhki

When I go on holiday, I like to wear my hair in braids
Kogda ya yedu v otpusk, ya lyublyu nosit volosy v kosichkah

Excuse me, I'd like a cigarette. Could you direct me to the bus stop?
Prostitte, ya by hotel sigaretu. Vy ne pokazhite mne avtobusnuyu ostanovku?

I need a haircut
Mne nuzhna strizhka

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BB10: Day 18 PICTURES - Housemates Own Photo Album - Part 2

Armed with disposable cameras, the Big Brother housemates were busy taking pictures of each other. This is the second part of that collection:

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