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Saturday, 20 June 2009

BB10: Day 17 VIDEO - Sree Flirts With Rodrigo

Since his fallout with Noirin, Sree has been turning his attention to the boys and today he spent time with Rodrigo. Casually flirting with his arm around him and kissing him, watch the video and you'll see what I mean.............

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BB10: Day 17 - Charlie Gets Naked In Halfwit's Bed

Cheeky Charlie jumped into bed with Halfwit, lifted his legs and pretended to mount Freddie in late night drunken fun. He then stripped off under the covers with Halfwit lying next to him and fellow housemate Karly got a full frontal of nude Charlie after Halfwit confirmed Charlie was indeed naked.

During the late night fun, Charlie jumped on Angel's bed and simulated sex with her, telling her he was only joking. Sree joined in the action by throwing a condom at Charlie, who then said, "I'm going to put it on my penis." He popped up a minute later and complained, "It has split!"

Later the play fighting continued between Charlie and Freddie, who didn't seem to mind the attention from the 22 year-old Customer Service Advisor. After all - Charlie did warn the house he gets flirty after a few drinks, looks like he lived up to his word!

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BB10: Day 17 VIDEO - Kris In Bath With Dogface

Things are getting hot in the bath as Kris enjoys a relaxing bath with Dogface. The couple get down to some sloppy kissing, but not before Charlie has some fun with Kris.

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BB10: Day 17 - The End Of A Relationship

Big Brother's Big Beard speaks out about the relationship between Cairon and Siavash and looks beneath the surface to find out why this was a relationship not based on sex but on real bonds.

The picture above speaks volumes - it shows two very different reactions to the news of Cairon's eviction, it was the end of the first real 'relationship' in the Big Brother 10 house and it doesn't involve Dogface or Kris! This was a relationship between Cairon and Siavash that existed because they were on the same level with each other, a friendship based on respect for each other. Although the pair spent vast amounts of time together, doing things that on the outside world neither of them would have done and it wasn't gay -it was cool.

Cairon's face shows the disappointment at having just been told he was to be evicted from BB10 after just 16 days and then in the background, Siavash expresses his real sadness at losing the closest friend in the house.

Many comments have been made about Cairon's attitude or immaturity, yet this 18 year-old actually proved himself mature in many situations and handled himself well as a teenager placed in such a challenging environment.

Cairon and Siavash added fun into the house as they entertained each other and the viewers, their relationship lifted each of them as they found their place in the BB10 house. It also gave us a bit of insight into both characters. They could joke, poke fun, dress up, undress and paint each others bottom - all without a homosexual undertone. This was a relationship of the purest kind, not born out of a desire to be on camera -it was based on survival together in the Big Brother environment.

Cairon will be missed from the BB10 house...............

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BB10: Day 16 VIDEO - Cairon Evicted From Big Brother

Here is the moment Cairon found out he had been evicted from Big Brother and then said his final words to the remaining housemates before meeting the waiting crowds outside............

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Friday, 19 June 2009

BB10: Day 16 - Cairon Evicted From Big Brother

The latest Big Brother housemate to be evicted is the youngest in this year's house. Cairon didn't stand much of a chance against Freddie (Halfwit), as the public have fallen in love with the posh eccentric one. Cairon got 73.16% of the vote.

Cairon had initially been shocked when his name was called out during nominations earlier in the week, but he soon accepted the reality he could be evicted because Halfwit had survived last week's eviction battle with Sophia.

Davina McCall kept the house in suspense as she revealed that Cairon would be the fourth housemate to leave the BB10 house, keeping the announcemet until gone 10:30pm.

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BB10 Day 16 PICTURES - Housemates Own Photo Album Part 1

The housemates purchased some disposable cameras with their luxury Shopping Budget money. They were soon busy snapping each other instead of snapping at each other.Here is the first part to the BB10 photo album:

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BB10: Day 16 VIDEO - Cairon's Rap

It could be the last video of Cairon in the Big Brother house, so he got together with Siavash and Freddie (Halfwit) for a bit of a rap in the Diary Room. Watch the video as one of the housemates pulls a moonie ............

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BB10: Day 16 - Angel Cuts Rodrigo's Neck

Bookies favourite Rodrigo put his neck on the line,literally - when he let Russian housemate Angel cut his hair. She told him she had cut hair for years and the topless Brazilian let her give his locks a trim. But it wasn't long before he was complaining she had cut his neck, a few seconds later she had done it again and the 23 year-old student must have been wondering just how safe his life would be......

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BB10: Big Brother Viewing Figures - Day 14 & 15

Viewing figures are still down year on year as Big Brother dipped below 2m for Day 14 and Day 15.

Big Brother, which pulled in 1.9 million viewers on Day 14, getting an 11% share on Channel 4 between 10pm and 11.10pm with a further 187,000 watched on catch-up service Channel 4 +1. Viewers got to see the housemates argue about the Ole Bamboo task.

Angels early morning skinny dip was seen by just 1.88m (11.5%) as Day 15 was down over 1m viewers year on year.

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BB10: Day 16 - Sree Jumps Into Bed With Charlie!

Looks like Sree has the horn today and needed some help in the form of Charlie, who was enjoying a lie down in the Bedroom with best bud Kris when Sree pounced, clambering into the bed with the two like a child getting under the duvert with mummy and daddy.

"Sree, what are you doing?!" gasped Lisa, as Charlie looked perturbed and rolled his eyes to Kris.

"He's not doing anything," stated Charlie, presumably referring to any untoward sub-quilt activity.

An uncomfortable silence ensued for a moment, then Sree draped his arms over Charlie.

"You can rub my back again if you want," he suggested, unenthused.

"******* hell, man!" laughed Sree in response to the proposition.

"Don't start him off, he's a horny lad," warned Lisa.

"His hands are down my pants," exclaimed Charlie suddenly, flinging off the duvet cover and grinning wildly.

"No they aren't!" giggled Sree.

"It's the third time now," joked Charlie.

"Sree, do you swing a bit both ways?" asked Kris, seemingly fed up of playing gooseberry in the bed.

"I didn't think he did, but now he's met Charlie..." pondered Lisa.

Kris decided enough was enough and headed out of the bed, leaving the other boys alone.

"See you later Kris. Bye!" beamed Sree, flaunting his new toy.

"You better take good care of him," said Kris, before coaxing his bedtime companion into joining him. "Charlie come on," he pleaded. "Breakfast is ready."

Could it be a new BB10 romance??!!

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BB10: Day 16 PICTURES - Kris And Charlie Camp It Up In Pink

These pictures show Kris and Charlie camping it up in the Big Brother house - dressed in a short pink skirt and pink marigold gloves Charlie showed how it should be done. Kris joined in with some tight pink shorts and fetching top.

Other housemates joined in and made it a glam workout in the garden, while other housemates looked on at this impromptus display.

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BB10: POLL Results- Which Housemates Should Get It On?

This weeks poll asked which housemates should get it on in the Big Brother house, and it quickly became a two horse race. In our imaginary match making poll, Charlie and Rodrigo beat Kris and Sophie (Dogface) by just 3 votes. Maybe the kiss between Charlie and Rodrigo in the pool got voters wanting more because they stole the lead from Kris and Sophie, who have been having a real romance in the BB10 house.

Twisted voters thought Sree would make a good match for Karly and Halfwit (Freddie) should get it on with Angel. The thought of Marcus and Noirin getting together was not appealing, in equal measure Siavash and Sophia turned viewers off. Yet the couple you least wanted to get it on was between Cairon and Lisa - the very thought must have repulsed you all!

Freddie and Angel 5 (6%)
Kris and Sophie 28 (35%)
Charlie and Rodrigo 31 (38%)
Noirin and Marcus 4 (5%)
Cairon and Lisa 1 (1%)
Sree and Karly 7 (8%)
Sophia and Siavash 4 (5%)

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Thursday, 18 June 2009

BB10: Day 15 VIDEO - Hot Pool Action

This video features Dogface and Kris getting all hot and steamy in the Big Brother pool, even while the other housemates are around - someone get them a room please!!

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BB10: Day 15 - Siavash Quizzes Dogface About Sex Noises

Siavash questioned Dogface about her late night sex antics with Kris, he asked the 20-year-old model what happened between her and Kris after she complained of being tired.

"I definitely saw something," said Siavash. "I don't know what you were doing, but you guys were moaning."

The couple were going to sleep in separate beds after Kris confessed he found it hard 'not to do something' while sharing a bed with Sophie (Dogface). "There was definitely a bit of..." Siavash continued, before trailing off.

However, when Siavash asked Sophie directly if she was denying the moaning noises had come from her, she confirmed that was the case. So who was making the noises............. ??!!

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BB10: Day 15 PICTURES - Dogface Shaves Kris

Sophie (Dogface) gives Kris a hand to trim his hair, even when it goes down her top - check out the Big Brother pictures below.........

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BB10: Day 15 - Lisa And Noirin Bitch About Angel

Seems like Lisa and Noirin are jealous of Angel and while she was out exercising in the garden, the pair bitched about her saying,

"Angel, she's a lovely girl," began Lisa in a way that you knew a 'but' was coming.

"She's very immature," said Noirin jumping in before Lisa could finish.

"She's very babyish and she wants attention all of the time," added Lisa in her low gravelly tones.

"Yeah every time she wants to be the centre of attention," agreed Noirin.

"Now, in her leopard-print shorts and vest she will get attention," said Lisa watching Angel through the window with narrowed eyes.

And the cat-calling continued apace, Lisa and Noirin each trying to outdo the other with a tale of Angel's bad points.

"If there's anyone in this House that has a game plan, Angel has a game plan," hissed Noirin as she stared at Angel, "she's not stupid."

"No, she's not stupid at all," said Lisa with a nod.

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BB10: Day 15 VIDEO - Ole Bamboo Task Performance

Here is the video of the Big Brother housemates performing the 'Ole Bamboo' Task for this weeks Shopping Budget, complete with costumes and false moustaches!

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BB10: Day 15 - Nominations - How Each Housemate Voted

Here are this week's Big Brother Nominations in full:

Angel nominated Cairon and Siavash
Cairon nominated Angel and Sree
Charlie nominated Halfwit and Marcus
Dogface nominated Halfwit and Marcus
Halfwit nominated Sree and Lisa
Karly nominated Halfwit and Angel
Kris nominated Halfwit and Angel
Lisa nominated Marcus and Halfwit
Marcus nominated Lisa and Halfwit
Noirin nominated Halfwit and Cairon
Rodrigo nominated Cairon and Halfwit
Siavash nominated Charlie and Lisa
Sree nominated Cairon and Halfwit

Facing Eviction: Halfwit (Freddie) = 9 votes and Cairon = 4 votes

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BB10: Day 15 VIDEO - Angel Goes For Naked Swim

Angel striped off and went skinny dipping in the Big Brother pool while all the other housemates were sleeping. Here is the video as seen on The Sun website, and more videos can be seen on the website.

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BB10: Day 15 - Rodrigo Is Not Happy!

Rodrigo is not a happy housemate after blasting Cairon for switching off housemates microphones without their knowledge. His anger boiled over as he told Sree and Lisa, "This is disrespectful for the show, for this opportunity. It's childish."

Earlier Rodrigo's patience was tested when someone moved his duvet from the bedroom onto the living room floor. "I'm nice, but when people touch my things I change in one second," he told the group.

After 15 days Rodrigo may be about to break and could turn on his Big Brother housemates if driven to the edge.

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BB10: Day 15 - Dogface Is 'Like A Little Doll'

Sophie (Dogface) has been described as being 'like a little doll' by Charlie as housemates opened up to each other after some late night drinking. He went on to tell Lisa, "I like you because you're a fellow gay and you know what it's like." He told housemates he wanted to get to know each of them better and learn more about their backgrounds.

Freddie (Halfwit) went on to tell Angel: "I love you're creative drive," and Marcus: "You're strong in your mind and your body." But was more silent when it came to describing Lisa after the pair often do not see eye to eye!

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BB10: Day 15 - Noirin Turns Down Sree AGAIN!

Sree is not showing any signs of giving up on his attempts to win Noirin's heart, even after she rejected his affections again today.
He can't help but talk to Big Brother in the Diary Room asking for advice and he was talking to the housemates at the Bus Stop - telling them he is a loyal friend who won't accept back-stabbing.

Meanwhile poor Noirin has tried to make things clear to Sree, but he just won't accept the situation. Since Sree wouldn't listen, she had to tell Big Brother in the Diary Room. When she told Sree that they were asking about him, he looked pleased but little did he know it wasn't as good as it sounded.

Will Sree come to his senses? Will Noirin finally cave in to his charm? Stay tuned!

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BB10: Day 14 VIDEO - Kris And Charlie Tickle Sree

Who's been stealing Charlie's water? It seems that Kris knows the answer and poor Sree is at the receiving end of a few tickles..........

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Wednesday, 17 June 2009

BB10: VIDEO - Kid British On BBBM

Here is the video of Kid British performing 'Our House Is Dadless' on Big Brother's Big Mouth:

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BB10: Day 14 VIDEO - Ole Bamboo Practice

Here is the video of the Big Brother housemates practicing this weeks Shopping Budget Task 'Ole Bamboo' from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Watch as they go through the routine, hoping to secure a luxury food budget for the week.

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BB10: Day 14 - Karly Likes .......

Karly doesn't say much in the Big Brother house but when she does, take note and listen! Today she confessed to liking Halfwit for his intellect and brain power. She told Angel, "He's so intelligent. Like, he thinks logically. I like people like that, he does get a wee bit lost sometimes," Karly continued. "I think he gets lost because he's no good in social situations, but he's soooo intelligent. I like people like that, people I can have a really intelligent conversation with."

Just at that point Halfwit (Freddie) walked in and asked who Karly was talking about, to which she blushed and explained it had been about him. "That's a very nice thing to say behind my back," beamed Freddie. It must have been a relief to hear some good words spoken for a change.

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BB10: Day 14 - Public Will Keep Halfwit In

Noirin thinks that Halfwit will survive this weeks eviction because the public will keep him in the Big brother house "just to **** us off." Speaking to Lisa and Dogface she said, "Freddie's probably got a fan base now."

Lisa was more blunt in her reply, "I think he probably irritates people just as much as he irritates people on the inside." It was only Dogface who thought Halfwit would be evicted and had sought to reassure a down hearted Cairon last night that he would get cheers if he got evicted.

Bookies are predicting Cairon will be evicted on Friday.

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BB10: Ten New Big Brother Housemates Lined Up

Another ten new housemates are ready and waiting to enter the BB10 house, reports The Sun today. Next week a new housemate will enter the Big Brother house in a bid to shake things up.

Half a million viewers have deserted the decade old show as the axe looks set to fall forever on the hugely popular reality show. Even the original boss, Peter Bazalgette admitted he no longer watches the programme.

While the current housemates have NOT been compared to series four, they have been the victim of apathy following the live feed being ditched because of costs and falling demand. Viewers have said they didn't feel they were really getting to know the housemates due to the live feed being axed. A new housemate could split up the love interest between Kris and Dogface, according to rumours.

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BB10: Big Brother Viewing Figures Day 12 and 13

Another low rating for Big Brother of 1.8m for Day 12's highlights show at 10pm, claiming 11% of audience share with just 81,000 making the effort to view BB10 on C4+1 as the housemates danced non-stop for hours as dancing flowers.

Day 13 and the nominations highlights attracted 2m viewers (12%) with another 181,000 watching an hour later on C4+1 as Halfwit and Cairon found out they were up for eviction this week.

It seems that viewing figures are proving to be the biggest talking point for BB10 as press reports say that viewing figures have halved since Channel 4 ditched the live feed.

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BB10: Day 13 PICTURES - Ole Bamboo Shopping Task

Bickering and back-biting have gone hand in hand with this week's Ole Bamboo Shopping Task, but here are the Big Brother housemates in action as they learn the moves for the dance routine........

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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

BB10: Day 13 - Cairon Has A Big Willy!

Cairon has a big willy - according to fellow Big Brother housemate Kris, who told Big Brother in the Diary Room during the Ole Bamboo Shopping Task practice.

Cairon was keen to stress that his performance didn't need much improvement - just a bit of fine-tuning. "Chris Brown ain't got nothing on me," he claimed, "but I wanna be on Michael Jackson's level."

"Do you think we look good in leggings?" Kris asked Big Brother. "I don't like standing next to Cairon because he's got a big willy."

"I tucked mine under so it's alright now," said Cairon comfortingly.

There was a long silence from Big Brother. "How do you feel the other housemates are faring in the Task?"

"They're giving it a go," said Cairon. "I think we should have mixed up the groups a bit more, because you have the four best dancers in one group."

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BB10: Day 13 VIDEO - Housemates Argue About Shopping Task

This weeks Shopping Task has caused arguments in the Big Brother house, especially between Sree and Marcus. Housemates have to learn the dance moves to Ole Bamboo from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and perform it tomorrow.

This C4 video captures the argument in all it's glory............

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BB10: Day 13 PICTURES - Karly, Kris And Charlie Shower Together

Kris, Charlie and Karly shared a shower together this afternoon in the Big Brother house after a hot afternoon rehearsing for the Shopping Task. Here are the steamy pictures........

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