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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Celebrity Big Brother: Paddy Doherty Wins Big Brother

Many thought he could actually win Celebrity Big Brother and although he was the outsider, Paddy Doherty became the winner in many people's eyes because he remained 100% real throughout the 22 days inside the house. He was predicted to finish third but you could never tell how viewers would vote and Paddy finished ahead of Jedward and runner-up Kerry Katona.

VIDEO: Paddy Wins Celebrity Big Brother

Paddy often seemed out of place in the house yet he managed to survive nomination as he spoke his mind, even while Big Brother put him through the various tasks such as a chef and Toto the dog in the Wizard of Oz Task. Paddy may have found it hard living in a house instead of a caravan but Paddy proved to be the rock inside the house. A shock win but well deserving!

VIDEO: Paddy's Best Bit's

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Celebrity Big Brother: Housemate In Second Place - Kerry Katona

There was one housemate that would have really loved to have won Celebrity Big Brother, Kerry Katona was indeed that housemate. She had so much to prove while in the house and appeared to be making amends for the mistakes she had made in her life. Throughout her time in the house, she mothered Jedward and sometimes smothered Lucien but she was always entertaining!

VIDEO: Kerry's Best Bits

Kerry celebrated her birthday inside the house and enjoyed several stripteases from the housemates and viewers were moved to tears when Kerry received a message from her daughter at home. She was thrown into action on the first night as Big Brother told her she had to become the biggest diva in the house - she failed the task but survived eviction. Celebrity Big Brother proved Kerry is a winner in viewers eyes, even though she was this year's runner-up!

VIDEO: Kerry's Eviction

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Celebrity Big Brother: Jedward In Eviction Shocker

Jedward caused the biggest shock of the night as the twins failed to win Celebrity Big Brother - even though fans and bookies predicted they would be crowned the winners.

VIDEO: Jedward's Eviction 

John and Edward kept viewers entertained for 22 days and won many new fans, even those who didn't like them, couldn't help but laugh at their style. They were truly in their own little world and it was like watching the Jedward Show. They dressed as babies, went punk rock and did a trolley dash for the shopping task - Jedward were Celebrity Big Brother and a favourite with viewers and housemates!

VIDEO: Jedward's Best Bits

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Celebrity Big Brother: Housemate In Fourth Place - Amy Childs

Just missing out on being in the final three, it was time to say 'taxi for Essex' as Amy Childs was voted out of the Celebrity Big Brother final. Amy remained a popular housemate during her time in the house and endured being plopped on by a blackbird during the Wizard of Oz Task. Romance was a talking point for viewers, as well as her massive....... rollers!

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Celebrity Big Brother: Housemate In Fifth Place - Lucien Laviscount

He seemed to have spent most of his time topless in the Celebrity Big Brother House but viewers finally voted Lucien Laviscount out of the house. The 19 year-old certainly had a roller coaster of a ride emotionally, having to deal with the attention from Kerry and the rejection from Amy. Viewers remember his tearful conversation with Darryn after the first nominations.

VIDEO: Lucien's Best Bits

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Celebrity Big Brother: Housemate In Sixth Place - Darryn Lyons

He might have been the daddy in the house, but viewers finally gave Mr Paparazzi the boot from the Big brother house as Darryn Lyons finished in sixth place on Celebrity Big Brother.

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Celebrity Big Brother: Housemate In Seventh Place - Bobby Sabel

The first housemate to leave the Celebrity Big Brother house during the final was Bobby Sabel - as predicted by the bookies (and the loud chants of the crowds!)

For the first few days people hardly noticed Bobby was in the house but after Sweatgate, Bobby came into his own and became a housemate.

VIDEO: Bobby's Eviction

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PICTURES: Celebrity Big Brother Awards

Day 21 saw the Big Brother Awards and here are several pictures of the award winners .....

 Best Couple - Amy and Lucien
 Best Housemate - Bobby
 Funniest Housemate - Paddy
Most Annoying Housemate - Jedward

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Celeb Big Brother VIDEOS: Housemates Reflect

Day 21 had the housemates reflecting (and bitching) as their time in the Big Brother house draws to a close. Watch the Channel 5 videos below and tune in from 9pm tonight to find out who will become the winner of Celebrity Big Brother 2011.

Day 21 - Housemates Talk About Bobby

Amy, Darryn and Paddy discuss 'Best Housemate' winner Bobby in the bedroom before lights out.

Day 21 - The Last Supper

The housemates enjoy a slap up three course meal courtesy of Chef Big Brother. The mood turns sentimental as the housemates reminisce over their time in the Big Brother House.

Day 21 - Paddy's Tantastic Tutorial

Amy gives Paddy a masterclass in the art of the fake tan, much to Darryn's amusement.

Day 21 - Jedward The Plumbers

Jedward showcase another of their endless talents.... plumbing!

Day 21- The Jedward Awards

Edward dishes out his Big Brother Housemate Awards.

Day 21 - Paddy And Darryn's Bromance

Forget Amy and Lucien - Darryn and Paddy reveal their feelings for each other.

Day 21 - The Jedward Workout

Jedward get into shape ahead of the finale, sharing a cross-trainer, lifting tiny weights and vibrating...

Day 21 - Back To Reality

Kerry, Jedward, Bobby and Lucien reflect on their time in the house, and contemplate returning to the outside world...

Day 21 - The Last Day

Housemates are informed of Big Brother's plans for the finale...

Day 21 - Kerry's Perfect Man

Following last night's antics, Kerry details her favourite features of her male housemates...

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Celebrity Big Brother: Have The Bookies Got The Final Winner Right?

With just a few hours until the Celebrity Big Brother final it seems that the bookies are predicting an outright win for Jedward. But could Kerry Katona cause a massive upset this evening?
Jedward have been firm favourites for most of the three week duration, but Kerry was a close contender at the start. The flirtatious friendship between Kerry - Lucien - Amy may have damaged her chances of winning.

Here are Paddy Power's latest winning odds today:

Jedward 1/4

Kerry Katona 4/1

Paddy Doherty 13/2

Amy Childs 50/1

Lucien Laviscount 80/1

Darryn Lyons 125/1

Bobby Sabel 250/1

Tune in to Channel 5 from 9pm to find out who wins Celebrity Big Brother.....

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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Celeb Big Brother: Housemates Striptease For Kerry

Day 20: Kerry’s surprise party certainly became an eventful one, and the boys in particular have been getting into the spirit of the occasion. Jedward got Kerry to sit down while they stripped off for her.......

Initially Kerry seemed very happy with the effort that her housemates had made in surprising her and decorating the house for the occasion. It wasn’t long before Jedward put the idea of a stripper into the heads of the housemates, much to the annoyance of the older housemates such as Paddy. Lucien was unsurprisingly the first to offer himself to dance.

Lucien got ready in the bedroom while the others waited in the garden, but he soon lost his nerve. Jedward were more than fill in the role, though. Clad in swimming trunks and a pair of Amy’s hotpants, they ventured out to the garden to give Kerry her birthday performance. Kerry was thrilled by, it and clearly wanted more; she was soon urging the rest of the boys to strip for her, too. The boys were eventually convinced, and prepared a routine.

They impressed Kerry with their routine that involved items inside underwear, bananas being unpeeled and a whole lot of gyration. Amy later complained that they only stripped to their underwear........

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Celebrity Big Brother: Big Pizza Run Task - The Results

Day 20: The Big Pizza Run Task had a messy end but Big Brother was still able to pick the winner -  it was the red team who came out on top in the end, winning themselves a takeaway pizza to enjoy. The losers on the other hand have been forced to share a much smaller portion of garlic bread between them.

Both teams brought their inner chefs out in the task, and made pizza masterworks. However, as the Red Team said ‘Mama Mia me finito my pizza!’ whilst jumping up and down on the spot as they were instructed to do in the rules, they were deemed the winning team.

The red team revealed whilst eating their pizza that obviously they were bound to win the task from the moment that they received it.

The Red Team were:

Edward – Chef

Bobby – Chef’s Assistant

Lucien – Waiter

John – Kitchen Hand

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Celeb Big Brother PICTURES: The Big Pizza Run Task

Day 20: The housemates got dressed up for The Big Pizza Run Task and these are the pictures before the task started. The C5 videos show what happened after the task as food went flying everywhere!

Lucien and Bobby
Pizza Paddy
Darryn gets into character
Darryn gets the Italian job!
Edward checks his nails
Bloated Bobby and John
Amy doesn't look impressed

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Celebrity Big Brother Videos: Pizza And Stripping

Here are the videos from Day 20 in the Celebrity Big Brother house, with Kerry's birthday - the boys decide to put on a strip tease. Things get messy during the day's task when pizza topping ends up everywhere!

Day 20 - Boys Strip Dance For Kerry

Not to be outdone by Jedward, the rest of the boys put on a sexy show of their own for Kerry with a little musical assistance from Big Brother....

Day 20 - Jedward Strip For Kerry!

John and Edward give Kerry a birthday present that she will never forget.

Day 20 - Kerry's Surprise Party

The housemates plan a secret birthday party for an unsuspecting Kerry.

Day 20 - The Big Pizza Task Results

John and Edward are in the middle of perfecting their exit routine when Big Brother interrupts them with some good news.

Day 20 - The Big Pizza Task - Food Fight!

The pizzas? Destroyed. The garden? Destroyed. Paddy's trousers? Destroyed. See the carnage unfold.

Day 20 - The Big Pizza Run Task

For today's task, housemates had to assemble their dream pizzas whilst attached to bungee ropes. Here's what happened while the housemates went head-to-head, stay tuned to see the chaos that followed...

Day 20 - Kerry's Birthday Message

Jedward and Bobby have spent several hours creating a fish out of sweets for Kerry's birthday. No idea why, but she seems to like it.

Day 20 - Toilet Talk

Lucien and Paddy are initially perturbed by Kerry's potty mouth, but can't resist joining in...

Day 20 - Lucien Picks Up The Sweets

Lucien begins to make amends for last night's antics. You know you're in trouble when Jedward can tell you off...

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Celeb Big Brother: The Big Pizza Run Task

The task for Day 20 was The Big Pizza Run, for this task the housemates were divided into two teams and went head to head to create their dream pizza with the winning team receiving a prize to ‘top’ all others.

In the Red Team were:

Edward – Chef

Bobby – Chef’s Assistant

Lucien – Waiter

John – Kitchen Hand

In the Blue Team were

Darryn – Chef

Kerry – Chef’s Assistant

Amy – Waiter

Paddy – Kitchen Hand

The Chef’s Assistant Bobby and Kerry had to pass toppings to their team Chef’ but as ever Big Brother was not going to make things simple for them. Bring forth the bungee!

The pizza base would be held by The Waiters Lucien and Amy who stood at the end of their teams run. The Kitchen Hands John and Paddy had to try to hinder and distract the oppositions ‘chef’ by throwing tomato sauce at them – making their path slippery and harder to tackle.
The chefs Edward and Darryn needed to aim to get tomato sauce on their pizza base, followed by a handful of cheese.

The first chef to get four toppings on their pizza would win for their whole team and will be rewarded with a take-away feast to enjoy.

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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Celeb BB: Rider And Seek Task

Day 19: Losing girl group Kela, as groupies were each given the Task of sifting through a vat of coloured sweets, individually picking out their band members favourite colour. In true diva fashion, the swooning groupies were asked by their pop star idols to separate their favourite colours into separate containers.

Lead singer Darryn likes red, so his groupie Kerry is sorting the red ones

Paddy loves the green ones, so his groupie Amy is sorting the green ones

John can’t go without the orange ones, so his groupie Edward is sorting the red ones

And Bobby has a sweet tooth for the yellow ones, so Lucien is sorting these out

Lets hope the boy band members are pleased with their groupies efforts, or it might be a cold and wet night at the stage door for the dis-banded girl group Kela......

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Celeb BB: Rider And Seek Task - The Results

Day 19: Earlier the groupies had the challenge of separating their idols favourite sweet colour from a bucket of several other colours. We know the members of Take This are very fussy, did the ever adoring Groupies impress them?

First to present her idol Darryn with her selection of red sweets was Kerry. Darryn seemed very happy with her work and she was instantly allowed to become a ‘normal’ housemate again. First thing Kerry did was treat herself to a hot shower. It really is the little things, isn’t it?

The next to finish was Lucien who was eager to impress Rock Star Bobby. The task was extremely painstaking and luckily for Lucien, Bobby approved of his effort and allowed him to finally become one of them.

Next up was Edward who completed the task with encouraging words throughout from his Idol, John.

The task proved tough for Amy who finished last exhausted but Paddy empathised with all the effort she put in and sent the glam girl off to become a normal housemate once more.

The groupies all impressed their fussy idols and became as John said, “their friends.”

*BB official website:

Celebrity Big Brother: Viewing Figures - Day 16 To 19

Here are the latest viewing figures for Celebrity Big Brother and Big Brother's Bit On The Side on Channel 5.

Mon 5th Sept (Day 19) - As the final week of Celebrity Big Brother progressed, the seven remaining housemates entertained 2.3m (12.2%) viewers at 10pm, followed by Celebrity Big Brother's Bit on the Side around 600,000 (6.5%) at 11pm.

Sun 4th Sept (Day 18) - Channel 5's Celebrity Big Brother viewing figures totalled 2.5m (9.5%) viewers on Sunday as the unfolding romance between Amy and Lucien kept fans watching the show at 9pm. Celebrity Big Brother's Bit On The Side had 245,000 (1.3%) on 5*

Sat 3rd Sept (Day 17) - A series low for Celebrity Big Brother had just 1.61 million viewers (7.8%) watching Channel 5 from 9.45pm. Celebrity Big Brother's Bit on the Side had 179,000 (1.3%) on 5* an hour later. Channel 4 had more viewers (1.85m on C4 and 176k on C4+1) as Davina McCall returned with Million Pound Drop Live returned at 9.30pm.
Fri 2nd Sept (Day 16) - Tara Reid's eviction was seen by 2.35 million viewers (10% share) at 9pm on Channel 5, just beating former Big Brother host, Davina McCall on Channel 4 with Million Pound Drop Live on 1.97m (+1: 219k.
Big Brother's Bit On The Side had a respectable 664,000 viewers (5.8%) at 11pm on Channel 5.

*BB official website:

Celeb Big Brother VIDEOS: The Amy And Lucien Saga Continues

Day 19 and the romance triangle between Amy and Lucien and a rather dejected Kerry continued to unfold. Kerry offered Amy advice but are her motives pure or is Kerry hoping to get Lucien for herself? Watch the Channel 5 videos below to find out....

Day 19 - Amy And Lucien - The Saga Continues - Part 1

Part 1: Lucien and Amy's relationship is the focus of attention as Kerry gives both of them a right talking to. A rather squirmish triangle has developed....

Day 19 - Amy And Lucien - The Saga Continues - Part 2

Part 2: Lucien lays out his feelings for Amy.

Day 19 - Bobby Gives Amy Some Advice

Back in the bedroom Bobby joins in with Kerry and gives Amy some advice on how to deal with the Lucien saga. Once the man in question returns from the Diary Room the boys diffuse the tension with some sweet antics!

Day 19 - Fan-Tastic

The band take time out of their busy schedule to interact with their devoted followers.

Day 19 - Lucien Struts His Stuff

House hunk Lucien shows Kerry some of his moves as Paddy looks on with interest.

Day 19 - Paddy Feels The Burn

Paddy finishes off his work out in style as Bobby and John cheer him on.

Day 19 - Garden Groupies

'Take This' superstars Paddy and Darryn visit their adoring fans in the garden.

Day 19 - Three In A Bed

Lucien, Kerry and Edward have a triple spoon.

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Celebrity Big Brother - Latest Betting Odds For Final Winner

Day 20: Bookies prediction for the winner of Thursday's final of Celebrity Big Brother will be Jedward, according to Paddy Power. The love triangle between Kerry, Amy and Lucien seems to have dented Kerry's chances of winning as recent episodes have shown a rather jealous Kerry.

Lucien may have captured more screen time as he flirts between the two remaining girls but he has done little to improve his chances of winning, Paddy remains above him in 3rd place. Tune in to Channel 5 on Thursday evening to find out who will be crowned the winner of Celebrity Big Brother.

Jedward 8/13

Kerry Katona 7/4

Paddy Doherty 13/2

Amy Childs 25/1

Lucien Laviscount 40/1

Darryn Lyons 66/1

Bobby Sabel 150/1

*BB official website:

Monday, 5 September 2011

PICTURE: Celebrity Big Brother - Lucien Shaves His Pubes!

Sometimes housemates forget the camera records everything, as the picture above shows. Lucien Laviscount is giving his pubic hair a shave in the Big Brother bathroom (while Tara Reid was in the room - has the lad no shame?!).

Our tip for Lucien would be - ditch the sunglasses while trimming in such a sensitive area, we would hate to see you have an accident!

*BB official website:

Celebrity Big Brother VIDEO: Kela - Never Ever

Day 18 - Kela - Never Ever

The girls performed All Saints 'Never Ever' for the Celebrity Battle of the Bands Task, starring Kerry Katona, Amy Childs, Lucien Laviscount and half of Jedward (Edward).
*BB official website:

Celebrity Big Brother VIDEO: Take This - Relight My Fire

Day 18 - Take This - Relight My Fire

Here is the video of Darryn, Bobby, Paddy and half of Jedward (John) performing 'Relight My Fire' as Take This in the Celebrity Battle of the Bands Task. Bobby provides the visuals, while Darryn provides the main vocals!

*BB official website:

PICTURES: Celebrity Big Brother - Battle Of The Bands

Here are the pictures from the Celebrity Battle of the Bands Task with the boys as Take This and the girls as Kela. Half of Jedward and Lucien join Kerry and Amy to form the girl band Kela and the other half of Jedward, Bobby, Darryn and Paddy formed Take This:

Darryn takes the lead with Take This
Boys v Girls
 Paddy gets into the role for the task
 Darryn and Paddy after the task
 Lucien and Amy await the results
 Kerry helps Darryn get into his costume
 Lucien seems to enjoy his feminine side
 Darryn and Paddy in Take This
 All smiles
 Jedward compares boobs with Amy!
Celebrity Battle of the Bands
Girl power!

*BB official website:

Celeb Big Brother VIDEOS: Battle Of The Bands - Winners Revealed

Day 18 and lots more celebrity flirting and the results from the Celebrity Battle of the Bands. But who will be sleeping in the garden? Watch the Channel 5 videos below to find out.......

Day 18 - Battle Of The Bands Winner

The boys have won Big Brother's celebrity battle of the bands, and will be treated to a superstar lifestyle this evening. The losing band have become 'Groupies' and will be sleeping in the garden tonight.

Day 18 - Celebrity Battle Of The Bands - The Pose Off

Take This and Kela must go face to face holding their cheesiest grin for as long as possible. The last to be eliminated will be crowned the winner and will receive a 10% bonus to their music video views.

Day 18 - Kerry And Lucien Talk Amy

Lucien opens up to Kerry about his relationship with Amy but again directs his charm towards Ms Katona.

Day 18 - Housemates Love Lucien

At the start of a new day there is a lot of love for Lucien in the garden, Paddy is first to sing his praises.

*BB official website:

Celeb Big Brother VIDEOS: Celebrity Battle Of The Bands Task

Big Brother revealed the Celebrity Battle of the Bands on Day 17 and housemates revealed a little too much for the videos......

Day 17 - Lucien Wants To Snog The Face Off Amy

Lucien reveals his plans for Amy, but she's not so keen...

Day 17 - The Girl Band Get The Money Shots!

The Big Brother Girlband; KELA get some sexy cutaways for the music video task.

Day 17 - The Boy Band Get Oiled Up And Ballsy

You'd think that they'd all done this before as the boy band shoot their music video. How many six packs can you spot?

Day 17 - Celebrity Battle Of The Bands Task

Big Brother reveals the new Task to the housemates 'Celebrity Battle of the Bands'.

Day 17 - Darryn Quizzes Lucien About Amy

*BB official website:

Celebrity Big Brother: Lucien Flirts With Amy And Kerry

Not content with flirting with Kerry, Lucien Laviscount has now turned his attention to The Only Way Is Essex star, Amy Childs. After quite a few drinks over the weekend, the pair shared a bed - which Lucien maintained was "top to tail", as he chatted to Darryn about the unfolding events between the pair.

Meanwhile former flirtation partner, Kerry Katona offered some advice for the 19 year-old actor. She told him, "The vibes shes giving you, I'm feeling them." She warned that, "If she messes my lad around, she's got me to deal with." It seems that Lucien has switched from Kerry to Amy over the past few days - but viewers may be forgiven for thinking this is just for the camera's on the final week of Celebrity Big Brother.

VIDEO: Kerry And Lucien Talk Amy

*BB official website:

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Celebrity Big Brother VIDEO: Jedward Get Vajazzled By Amy

Watch the painful moment when Jedward (in just their trunks) get waxed as Amy gives them a vajazzle during her task on Celebrity Big Brother - ouch!

*BB official website:

VIDEO: Celebrity Big Brother Highlights - Day 9 to 16

If you missed any Celebrity Big Brother during the week, then this little highlights video from Channel 5 will bring you up to date with the events from within the house. From the Fright Night task to Jedward trashing the house - Big Brother kept millions entertained once again.

*BB official website:
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