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Monday, 5 September 2011

PICTURES: Celebrity Big Brother - Battle Of The Bands

Here are the pictures from the Celebrity Battle of the Bands Task with the boys as Take This and the girls as Kela. Half of Jedward and Lucien join Kerry and Amy to form the girl band Kela and the other half of Jedward, Bobby, Darryn and Paddy formed Take This:

Darryn takes the lead with Take This
Boys v Girls
 Paddy gets into the role for the task
 Darryn and Paddy after the task
 Lucien and Amy await the results
 Kerry helps Darryn get into his costume
 Lucien seems to enjoy his feminine side
 Darryn and Paddy in Take This
 All smiles
 Jedward compares boobs with Amy!
Celebrity Battle of the Bands
Girl power!

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