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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Celeb Big Brother VIDEOS: The Amy And Lucien Saga Continues

Day 19 and the romance triangle between Amy and Lucien and a rather dejected Kerry continued to unfold. Kerry offered Amy advice but are her motives pure or is Kerry hoping to get Lucien for herself? Watch the Channel 5 videos below to find out....

Day 19 - Amy And Lucien - The Saga Continues - Part 1

Part 1: Lucien and Amy's relationship is the focus of attention as Kerry gives both of them a right talking to. A rather squirmish triangle has developed....

Day 19 - Amy And Lucien - The Saga Continues - Part 2

Part 2: Lucien lays out his feelings for Amy.

Day 19 - Bobby Gives Amy Some Advice

Back in the bedroom Bobby joins in with Kerry and gives Amy some advice on how to deal with the Lucien saga. Once the man in question returns from the Diary Room the boys diffuse the tension with some sweet antics!

Day 19 - Fan-Tastic

The band take time out of their busy schedule to interact with their devoted followers.

Day 19 - Lucien Struts His Stuff

House hunk Lucien shows Kerry some of his moves as Paddy looks on with interest.

Day 19 - Paddy Feels The Burn

Paddy finishes off his work out in style as Bobby and John cheer him on.

Day 19 - Garden Groupies

'Take This' superstars Paddy and Darryn visit their adoring fans in the garden.

Day 19 - Three In A Bed

Lucien, Kerry and Edward have a triple spoon.

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