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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Celeb Big Brother: Housemates Striptease For Kerry

Day 20: Kerry’s surprise party certainly became an eventful one, and the boys in particular have been getting into the spirit of the occasion. Jedward got Kerry to sit down while they stripped off for her.......

Initially Kerry seemed very happy with the effort that her housemates had made in surprising her and decorating the house for the occasion. It wasn’t long before Jedward put the idea of a stripper into the heads of the housemates, much to the annoyance of the older housemates such as Paddy. Lucien was unsurprisingly the first to offer himself to dance.

Lucien got ready in the bedroom while the others waited in the garden, but he soon lost his nerve. Jedward were more than fill in the role, though. Clad in swimming trunks and a pair of Amy’s hotpants, they ventured out to the garden to give Kerry her birthday performance. Kerry was thrilled by, it and clearly wanted more; she was soon urging the rest of the boys to strip for her, too. The boys were eventually convinced, and prepared a routine.

They impressed Kerry with their routine that involved items inside underwear, bananas being unpeeled and a whole lot of gyration. Amy later complained that they only stripped to their underwear........

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