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Monday, 5 September 2011

Celeb Big Brother VIDEOS: Battle Of The Bands - Winners Revealed

Day 18 and lots more celebrity flirting and the results from the Celebrity Battle of the Bands. But who will be sleeping in the garden? Watch the Channel 5 videos below to find out.......

Day 18 - Battle Of The Bands Winner

The boys have won Big Brother's celebrity battle of the bands, and will be treated to a superstar lifestyle this evening. The losing band have become 'Groupies' and will be sleeping in the garden tonight.

Day 18 - Celebrity Battle Of The Bands - The Pose Off

Take This and Kela must go face to face holding their cheesiest grin for as long as possible. The last to be eliminated will be crowned the winner and will receive a 10% bonus to their music video views.

Day 18 - Kerry And Lucien Talk Amy

Lucien opens up to Kerry about his relationship with Amy but again directs his charm towards Ms Katona.

Day 18 - Housemates Love Lucien

At the start of a new day there is a lot of love for Lucien in the garden, Paddy is first to sing his praises.

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