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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Celeb BB: Rider And Seek Task

Day 19: Losing girl group Kela, as groupies were each given the Task of sifting through a vat of coloured sweets, individually picking out their band members favourite colour. In true diva fashion, the swooning groupies were asked by their pop star idols to separate their favourite colours into separate containers.

Lead singer Darryn likes red, so his groupie Kerry is sorting the red ones

Paddy loves the green ones, so his groupie Amy is sorting the green ones

John can’t go without the orange ones, so his groupie Edward is sorting the red ones

And Bobby has a sweet tooth for the yellow ones, so Lucien is sorting these out

Lets hope the boy band members are pleased with their groupies efforts, or it might be a cold and wet night at the stage door for the dis-banded girl group Kela......

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