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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Celeb Big Brother: The Big Pizza Run Task

The task for Day 20 was The Big Pizza Run, for this task the housemates were divided into two teams and went head to head to create their dream pizza with the winning team receiving a prize to ‘top’ all others.

In the Red Team were:

Edward – Chef

Bobby – Chef’s Assistant

Lucien – Waiter

John – Kitchen Hand

In the Blue Team were

Darryn – Chef

Kerry – Chef’s Assistant

Amy – Waiter

Paddy – Kitchen Hand

The Chef’s Assistant Bobby and Kerry had to pass toppings to their team Chef’ but as ever Big Brother was not going to make things simple for them. Bring forth the bungee!

The pizza base would be held by The Waiters Lucien and Amy who stood at the end of their teams run. The Kitchen Hands John and Paddy had to try to hinder and distract the oppositions ‘chef’ by throwing tomato sauce at them – making their path slippery and harder to tackle.
The chefs Edward and Darryn needed to aim to get tomato sauce on their pizza base, followed by a handful of cheese.

The first chef to get four toppings on their pizza would win for their whole team and will be rewarded with a take-away feast to enjoy.

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