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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Celebrity Big Brother Videos: Pizza And Stripping

Here are the videos from Day 20 in the Celebrity Big Brother house, with Kerry's birthday - the boys decide to put on a strip tease. Things get messy during the day's task when pizza topping ends up everywhere!

Day 20 - Boys Strip Dance For Kerry

Not to be outdone by Jedward, the rest of the boys put on a sexy show of their own for Kerry with a little musical assistance from Big Brother....

Day 20 - Jedward Strip For Kerry!

John and Edward give Kerry a birthday present that she will never forget.

Day 20 - Kerry's Surprise Party

The housemates plan a secret birthday party for an unsuspecting Kerry.

Day 20 - The Big Pizza Task Results

John and Edward are in the middle of perfecting their exit routine when Big Brother interrupts them with some good news.

Day 20 - The Big Pizza Task - Food Fight!

The pizzas? Destroyed. The garden? Destroyed. Paddy's trousers? Destroyed. See the carnage unfold.

Day 20 - The Big Pizza Run Task

For today's task, housemates had to assemble their dream pizzas whilst attached to bungee ropes. Here's what happened while the housemates went head-to-head, stay tuned to see the chaos that followed...

Day 20 - Kerry's Birthday Message

Jedward and Bobby have spent several hours creating a fish out of sweets for Kerry's birthday. No idea why, but she seems to like it.

Day 20 - Toilet Talk

Lucien and Paddy are initially perturbed by Kerry's potty mouth, but can't resist joining in...

Day 20 - Lucien Picks Up The Sweets

Lucien begins to make amends for last night's antics. You know you're in trouble when Jedward can tell you off...

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