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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Celebrity Big Brother: Big Pizza Run Task - The Results

Day 20: The Big Pizza Run Task had a messy end but Big Brother was still able to pick the winner -  it was the red team who came out on top in the end, winning themselves a takeaway pizza to enjoy. The losers on the other hand have been forced to share a much smaller portion of garlic bread between them.

Both teams brought their inner chefs out in the task, and made pizza masterworks. However, as the Red Team said ‘Mama Mia me finito my pizza!’ whilst jumping up and down on the spot as they were instructed to do in the rules, they were deemed the winning team.

The red team revealed whilst eating their pizza that obviously they were bound to win the task from the moment that they received it.

The Red Team were:

Edward – Chef

Bobby – Chef’s Assistant

Lucien – Waiter

John – Kitchen Hand

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