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Saturday, 14 June 2008

BB9: Day 10 - Musical Task

Darnell went to the Dairy Room as the 'most musically minded' housemate and was given the new task for the housemates to endure. Darnell will lead the Big Brother Orchestra as the remaining 14 housemates learn to play 'When The Saints Go Marching In'. The housemates will be given an hour randomly to learn their part as part of the task, then must come back and play together in time to the music.

Darnell took control of the task in a caring way, asking housemates which instruments they preferred to play. Mario wanted to make sure Michael had a part in the orchestra and Mohamed said he would love to play guitar as he'd never had the chance before.

Get ready to cover your ears...........

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BB9: Stephanie's Best Bits

Here is the video from Big Brother Eviction Show featuring Stephanie's best bits:
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BB9: Day 10 - Dale and Jennifer Romance Off

Looks like the Big Brother 'romance' between Jennifer and Dale is off as the couple chatted into the small hours of the morning while everyone else was asleep. Jennifer said it just wouldn't work in the real world as her child was priority.

"You shouldn't change for anybody, you should always be yourself .", Jennifer explained as she said we should accept people for who they are. Dale then said, " You should take your own advice" as he referred to Jennifer brushing him off for certain things he had revealed about his past. "I'm no Pete Doherty!", Dale exclaimed.

Looks like Jennifer is playing the safe game as she tries to stay in the house for as long as possible, having seen what happens to Big Brother girls once they get into a romance. Dale looks more frustrated as he played with Jennifer's hair but unable to anything else.

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BB9: Stephanie Evicted

Stephanie became the first Big Brother housemate to be evicted with 48% of the vote, it was an emotional farewell watched by millions - as this picture shows.

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BB9:Knickers To Stephanie

Stephanie will be showing her knickers no more in the Big Brother house as she became the surprise first eviction from the BB9 house last night. Mario had been the favourite to go but viewers spared the 43 year old and evicted the youngest Big Brother housemate.

The shock of Stepanie's eviction was soon forgotten as the housemates celebrated with lots of alcohol. Luke's bed became the focus of activity as Rebecca and Mario joined him in bed, much to the amusement of Lisa, Michael and Alexandra. Luke joked "it took Bex half an hour to get one of her baps out".

Back in the kitchen Darnell asked the housemates if it was 'ok' for Dale to have some toast!

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Friday, 13 June 2008

BB9: Day 9 - Alexandra Tops Annoying Poll

Alexandra has been the Big Brother housemate with the most headlines this week as she sparked viewer complaints as she confronted various housemates. Even here on Big Brother Blog Squad, Alex topped the week long poll with 57% of the total vote as we found out who annoyed you the most in the BB house.

This afternoon Alexandra told housemates she didn't want to be confrontational all the time and just wants to have fun, but lets see how long the "new" Alex lasts!

Here are the results from the "Most Annoying Housemate Poll":

Alexandra 57%
Dennis 35%
Stephanie 28%
Sylvia 28%
Darnell 21%
Kathreya 14%
Mario 14%
Dale 14%
Michael 7%
Rex 7%
Jennifer, Rachel, Mohamed, Lisa, Rebecca, Luke - No votes.

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BB9 - Day 9 - Luke Topless

Luke Marsden topless

Big Brother 9 housemate Luke might not be voted the house 'hottie' if competing against Dale but as the picture above shows, he has sexual appeal for some people and will no doubt have plenty of offers when he gets out of the house.

Luke is hoping today is not the day he leaves the house, saying he would hate to be the first out of the house and he is feeling nervous ahead of tonight's eviction. He should survive tonight as it becomes a battle between Steph and Mario, but you never know how the public will vote.

Talking about next weeks nominations, he said it would be worse to be up for that vote because you would know the housemates didn't want you to stay in the Big Brother house because they didn't like you.

BB9: Day 9 - Mohamed and Dennis Argue About Food

The Big Brother9 housemates are living on a week of rations after failing the task, so naturally everyone is watching the food supplies carefully. As Mohamed tucked into some food, Dennis had a few words to say, as the video below shows:

BB9: Relationships

A week has passed in the Big Brother9 house and already we have seen some interesting friendships, relationships and alliances formed.

1. Stephanie and Rex - A clever move by Steph, not only will she escape eviction she has aligned herself with the most important man in the BB house - the chef!
No-one will be nominating him next week and so by siding with Rex, Steph looks set to escape nomination if she plays her cards right.

2. Jennifer and Dale - Both know what they are doing but Jennifer is mindful that the public eventually like to separate BB love couples. After initially rushing into a union with house hunk Dale, Jennifer has now taken a step back to slow the pace down. Both will be safe for a couple of weeks at least.

3. Alexandra and Sylvia - Forming a close bond from the start the girls have been under the spot light as Alex got the nation screaming at their TV's as she wound up millions and upset most housemates. Sylvia is in danger of nomination because she has been the snake in the grass for Alex. Without doubt, Alex will be nominated by the housemates.

4. Mario and Lisa - Already a couple before entering the house and spending most of their time together since the Secret Task ended. Looks like they will be the first couple to be split up.

5. Mohamed and Darnell - Forming an alliance as outsiders, the pair have found friendship in each other. The lads know they are not the best looking and face prejudices but they have found solace in each other. Both are vulnerable as "outsiders".

6. Dennis and most of the girls - By forming a harem with most of the girls Dennis has guaranteed himself a place in the house for many weeks to come. He will use his personality to pitch housemates against each other while ensuring his own survival. Most likely to face nominations from male housemates who don't like his bitchiness.

Vulnerable housemates include Michael, Rebecca and Rachel who will be easy targets for nominations due to not forming strong partnerships in the first week. Luke and Kat will remain safe as they have been popular from the start. Get set for some interesting nominations next week.............

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Thursday, 12 June 2008

BB9: Day 8 - Eviction Night Looms

Eviction Night is just 24 hours away and Mario looks the most likely to be the first housemate to be voted out of the Big Brother house by the public. Mario and Lisa spent the whole day talking about the events of the last week and about the upcoming eviction.

Luke told them that a few of the housemates have said that Mario would be the first to go, yet a few have said Steph could be the first.

Meanwhile Stephanie has kept herself occupied by blending in with the others, especially with Rex! Rebecca said she was worried about Eviction Night because she feared the crowds could chant "Get Becky out".

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BB9: Day 8 - Happy Housemates

Finally the Big Brother housemates had something to smile about after suffering a day without food. Big Brother finally delivered the shopping (even though everyone is on rations!) and the housemates were elated with the delivery.

The housemates also spent part of their tight budget on a mystery treat, which turned out to be some alcohol and a song will be broadcast into the BB9 house. It has been a boring day for most of the housemates, but at least it was argument free.

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BB9: Stephanie - Celebrity Double

Stephanie McMichael this morning.....

Patsy Stone from Absolutely Fabulous

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BB9: Day 8 - Big Brother Empties Fridge!

Big Brother is living up to it's promise on being tough this year, as the 16 housemates found out this morning. They woke up to an empty fridge - Big Brother had taken the remaining food, leaving just chick peas. No luxury items have been allowed since the housemates failed the Shopping Task.

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BB9: Day 8 - Steph Gets Close To Rex

Big Brother 9 is a house of extremes this year - on one hand we're seeing arguments kicking off for the smallest of things, then hey presto - on the other hand love and romance is all around.
Stephanie is up for the public vote and could be the first housemate evicted tomorrow, unless she can swing things around.

She may not have been convincing during the BB Secret Task with her 'relationship' to Mario, but she is more than making up for it as she has latched onto Rex. Yesterday she began to get close to the BB house chef and this led to late night discussions (see video below) and today she has been trying to get close to Rex - chatting about anything and everything.

Is it her last ditch attempt to avoid the public vote by creating a romance in the house?

BB9: Day 1-8 - Big Brother Popularity Pointer

It's already a week since the 16 contestants entered the Big Brother 9 house, so let's check out the "Big Brother Popularity Pointer" to find out who's on the way up, and who's on the way down in the Big Brother house.

* Kat - Bringing "cookie power" to the nation
* Michael - Best bunny around and fun to watch
* Mario - Offering words of wisdom, tried hard in task
* Rebecca - Can't cook but at least tries, bless!
* Rex - Can cook and willing to do it for everyone
* Lisa - Held up well during task and cleans the house
* Mohamed - Proves he has sensitive side in and out of the Dairy Room
* Rachel - Hardly spoken a word all week but still lovely!

Housemates on the way down:

* Alexandra - The house bitch with far too many chips on her shoulders
*Stephanie - Blew task and proved how shallow she is

* Dennis - OTT but funny, his bitchiness drags him down

* Darnell - Moody, and we're bored of the albino routine already

* Luke - Bit of a know it all so far

* Jennifer - All the makings of the next "bunny boiler"

* Sylvia - Follows Alex to much and is easily misled.
* Dale - Hot with the girls but dead in the head!

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Wednesday, 11 June 2008

BB9: Day 7 - Let's Talk About Sex

Big Brother housemates spent the evening talking about sex: We found out Dale used to watch a a lot of porn, had a test for crabs, denied he was a swinger. Talking about sex Dale said, "They don't count if they don't mean anything.", refusing to disclose how many women he had slept with.

Rebecca revealed she lost her virginity at seventeen and since then has had a total of 12 sexual partners. Luke says that he went to the library first to research about sex, but it didn't help him!

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BB9: Day 7 - Housemates Fail Task, Threaten To Strike!

Big Brother is facing a strike by housemates after the sixteen hopefuls spent the day moaning at the lack of food. To add insult to misery, Dennis and Rachel failed the 'Shopping Budget' task with Alex quitting the task as the rest of the housemates received electric shocks during the buzzer task.

The housemates may end up taking their batteries out of their microphone packs in protest at having to go hungry. Instead of gaining £10 a day for winning the task, each housemate will only have £1 a day to spend on food.

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BB9: Day 7 - Kat To Win BB9?

Kat is already a favourite with the bookies and the public to win Big Brother 9, and now even the housemates agree. Today Rachel, Luke, Jennifer and Kat were sat around discussing who they thought would win BB9. Jennifer and Rachel both think it will be Kat, even Luke said the public would be saying "cookie power" on the streets.

Rachel offered support to Luke, telling him her friends would love him. Is the winner a dead cert? Don't forget to vote in the "Which Housemates Annoy You" Poll at the top right hand side of this page, voting ends soon.

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BB9 - Day 7 - Jennifer and Stephanie Dress Sexy!

Jennifer and Steph get cheeky!

Late last night Jennifer and Steph stripped off down to skimpy sexy outfits as they impersonated the Cheeky Girls. No one else took up Jennifer's invitation to join in, but the bubbly Kat loved it as she screamed out "Cheeky Cheeky!" Worried the outfits might make them look like tarts, the girls sought reassurance - which Lisa gave. Mario disagreed and said they looked like tarts, promptly being told to "shut up" by Steph.

An argument in the Big Brother house couldn't pass without Alexandra joining in - this time she sided with Mario.

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Tuesday, 10 June 2008

BB9: Day 6 - Dennis and Rachel Win Task

After almost two hours of holding the light bulb fixture above their heads, Rachel and Dennis emerged as the two winners of the task and headed off to the Diary Room to collect their prize. Then make their way to the garden as talk of a picnic prize is mentioned.

Meanwhile more food arguments break out between Darnell and Jennifer, as Darnell is accused of eating food when he shouldn't. Jennifer said snacking would mean housemates food would run out. Rex is cooking for everyone.

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BB9: Day 6 - Persistence Task

The Big Brother housemates were told that the new task was one of persistence and that the two housemates who win will receive a "great privilege". They were then informed that the task involved holding on to their light bulb with both hands so that it would remain off, and that the housemates who lasted the longest would win. Big Brother warned the housemates "not to give up too easily". Watch the video below for more details:

BB9: Day 6 - Cleaning Meeting

All 16 Big Brother housemates congregated in the Living Room for an important meeting about cleaning. While certain housemates remained silent during the whole meeting, Mario, Dennis and Lisa were not shy in coming forward with ideas for cleaning rotas and cooking.

Normally shy, Rachel said she was a fussy eater and didn't want too much oriental food, Lisa said both her and Dennis loved cleaning so didn't mind doing more than their fair share. A normally vocal Alexandra remained strangely quiet. Rebecca and Luke have been assigned to do washing up together - perhaps that will keep Alexandra happy if Rebecca is not cooking!

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BB9: Day 6 - Big Brother Romance

Looks like Mario and Lisa could be facing competition in the 'couples' department as Dale and Jennifer spent yesterday together in the garden enjoying the sun and each other. Just a few hours earlier Jennifer had confessed to some of the other housemates she liked Dale and now things have heated up.

Today we can expect the relationship to develop quickly following yesterday's bonding session in the garden playing footsie together. Watch this space!

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Monday, 9 June 2008

BB9: Day 5 - Food Wars

Big Brother contestant Rex was drawn into a 'Food Wars' battle as Alexandra wants the group to vote that chef Rex should do all the BB cooking. Her rant follows Rebecca's attempt at cooking dinner this evening.

Alexandra described the chips as "disgusting" and demanded Rex should take control of the kitchen. Looks like tempers as well as food could be flying in the next few days.

Meanwhile, Mario and Lisa got to enjoy a birthday treat in the Diary Room with strawberries and cream - which Mario managed to get all over his face! The 'Rocky' theme blasted out as Mario celebrated his 43rd birthday, but all was not well in the BB house as Mario faced the cold shoulder from certain housemates.

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BB9: Day 5 - Lisa and Mario Discuss Housemates

Now that the secret task has failed, the housemates have been forming new groups as Mario, Lisa, Stephanie and Luke face the public vote.

Mario and Lisa have been spending the majority of their time together, away from the other housemates. The isolation could make them easy targets next week, if they both survive the vote on Friday.

The couple spent the afternoon discussing the other housemates, especially Stephanie. Lisa could be heard saying, "she'll (Stephanie) probably have a phantom pregnancy in the coming weeks!"
Mario had words of praise for Michael, who had been great since the task.

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BB9: Day 5 - Rebecca Goes Topless

Rebecca Shiner topless for a 'Truth or Dare' game

BB = Big Boobies!

Big Brother housemate, Rebecca Shiner jumped into the pool topless as the housemates were playing a late night game of Truth or Dare as revealed in an earlier post on Big Brother Blog Squad. The bubbly Coventry nursery nurse covered up her modesty as the housemates cheered her on.

"She's got nice big boobies!" yelled Kathreya, offering a very different take on things.

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BB9: Day 5 - Mohamed Has A Crush On.......

Big Brother 9 must have put something in the water or the sun is making everyone randy in the BB house. First it was revealed that Jennifer has a secret crush on Dale, now Mohamed has gone into the Diary Room and confessed he has a crush on Jennifer.

Mohamed said, "When I like someone, I go all shy - especially if I have a little crush on her." But it looks like it will all end in tears as the love triangle develops in the coming days.

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BB9: Day 5 - Dale Topless Picture

Dale has quickly become the Big Brother 9 'hottie' with the vast majority of girls liking him. Jennifer has already confessed to liking him and over the coming weeks we'll see how rivals fare once the hormones are raging!

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Sunday, 8 June 2008

BB9 Day 4 - Jennifer Confesses Crush

Love is in the air as Jennifer confessed to Sylvia and Rachel that she has a crush on Dale on a late night walk around the garden.

"He's lovely and sweet but he's a bit younger than me and a bit immature". Sylvia was trying to match make by saying "They look lovely together." Looks like we might be seeing a game of Truth or Dare...............

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BB9: Day 4 - Mario and Lisa Kiss and Tell

Big Brother 9 welcomed Mario and Lisa into the Diary Room as they were finally able to be a real couple in the house. While in the Diary Room, they were able to kiss and cuddle and share their thoughts. Watch the video below to find out what they said:

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First Eviction Names Announced

The secret task has failed as the housemates guessed Mario and Lisa are the secret couple, which now means the first eviction will be between Mario, Lisa, Stephanie and Luke with the public vote deciding on Friday who will be the first to leave the Big Brother house.

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BB9: Day 4 - Wedding Goes Ahead

The secret task has involved the on/off wedding between Mario and pretend girlfriend Stephanie. Already facing being rumbled by the housemates, and calling the wedding off a few hours before it was due to take place.

The wedding finally went ahead this afternoon, despite Alexandra. "I think we all know how I feel," she blurted. "I contest. I feel this is a sham. It's been given to us in a task format. I don't this it is a strong enough bond. It's a sham."

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