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Saturday, 26 June 2010

BB11: Govan Eviction Video

Day 18: Here is the video of Govan finding out he was the second housemate voted out of the Big Brother 11 house. Would the crowds boo him or cheer him? Watch the video to find out:

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Friday, 25 June 2010

BB11: Govan Evicted From Big Brother

Day 17: The second housemate to be evicted with an impressive 72% of the vote in a four way eviction, meant that Govan became the first male housemate and the most unpopular housemate to leave the Big Brother 11 house.
He claimed  to be bisexual but then told Josie that he was straight - confused you will be! It meant that Dave, Ben and Mario only got 28% of the vote between the three of them.

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Thursday, 24 June 2010

BB11: Housemates In Trouble For Writing Words

Day 16: The pressure of living in the Big Brother house is already making the housemates desperate. Earlier housemates were so hungry due to being on rations, they resorted to going in the waste bin for scraps of food. Then Shabby wrote the word 'help' next to the pool and Caoimhe joined in writing ‘coffee’ as the other hungry housemates looked on.

Big Brother was not happy with the rule breaking and told the girls to stop writing words in tape, they quickly removed the words fearing further punishment.

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BB11: Housemates Forced To Live On Rations

Day 16: Life in the Big Brother house just got a whole lot harder as housemates are forced to live on rations, as Digital Spy reports:
Housemates awoke this morning to find their food replaced with basic rations and the hot water turned off after they failed the shopping task yesterday.

Corin and Sunshine were the first housemates awake and both tried to remain upbeat, with Sunshine suggesting that they will lose weight this week and Corin reminding them that they should be grateful for the food they have.

"Aren't you happy about eating chick peas for the next seven days?" Mario asked Ife and Dave once they were up.

“The thing is they haven’t even given us any spices or anything," Dave noticed, as they all looked at the rations provided by Big Brother.

Ife told them she might just not eat all week, to which Dave said that he enjoyed fasting and had once gone 21 days living on only water and tea.

"I'm just going to keep myself extremely busy and not think about it," Ife replied as the housemates helped themselves to a breakfast of dry toast.

Dave told the other housemates that he felt Big Brother was "pretty pissed off at the minute" after punishing people for continually discussing nominations. Expect tempers to fray over the next week............

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*Story from: Digital Spy

BB11 PICTURE: Caoimhe Touches Up Corin

Day 15:  As the picture from the Big Brother garden shows, things can get quite hot inside and outside the BB11 house. Caoimhe copped a feel of Corin's boobs while the housemates soaked up the glorious sunshine while taking a break from bitching about each other.

Corin was more than a handful with her 30G breasts and didn't seem to mind bisexual Caoimhe helping herself as she flirted in the garden.

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BB11 VIDEO: The Tree of Temptation Strikes Back

Day 15: The Tree of Temptation was livid with Scabby, I mean Shabby for telling Caoimbe about her secret Task. After telling her not to mention anything to anyone, Shabby blabbed all to Caoimbe after their dinner date. No-one messes with The Tree of Temptation, as the humourous video below shows:

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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

BB11 POLL: Which Housemates Got Cosy In Bed This Week?

Our Big Brother Poll at the start of the week asked 'Which Housemates Got Cosy In Bed', giving you a clue from the photo above. While romance seems to have been on and off between John James and Josie and more off between Shabby and Caoimhe - 87% of you guessed the wrong answer.

The couple that got quite cosy in bed, as seen in the picture, were Dave and Ben. The housemates received the least votes in our poll (13%), while most voters thought the couple in the picture was John James and Josie (40%). More voters thought the cosy couple was Ben and Mario (30%) then Shabby and Caoimhe (16%).

Here is the picture that reveals the cosy couple:

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BB11: Big Brother Viewing Figures - Day 10 - 14

It seems the viewing public are still in love with Big Brother as year on year viewing figures seem to indicate. The latest batch of viewing figures have been pretty positive overall.

Day 10 (Fri 18 June) - The first Big Brother live eviction had almost 3 million viewers on Friday night.Rachael's departure was seen by 2.69m (12.7%), with a further 156,000 (1.2%) watching on C4+1. Meanwhile, the reality show rose 1.1m on the equivalent episode from last year and was more uplifting than the England football match earlier.

Day 11 (Sat 19 June) - Viewing figures dropped for Big Brother, delivering the lowest rating of its final series so far, with just 1.65m (7.9%) tuning in, then Channel 4 +1 adding a modest 355,000 (2%) at 10pm.

Day 12 (Sun 20 June) - Big Brother gained over half a million viewers, the show averaged 2.2m (9.4%) for Channel 4 in the 9pm hour, up 590,000 on the previous night's episode. A further 378,000 (2.1%) watched the programme on C4+1

Day 13 (Mon 21 June) - Arguments began erupting within the house as Big Brother was seen by  2.09 million (11.8% audience share), with another 180,000 (2%) tuning in on C4+1.

Day 14 (Tues 22 June) - Nominations and the Tree of Temptation helped keep viewers entertained on Big Brother with 2.31m (13.2%) watching the programme on Channel 4  at 10pm,  a further 206,000 (2.4%) tuning in on timeshift C4+1.

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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

BB11: Who Nominated Who

Day 14: Find out how the housemates voted in this weeks nominations:

Ben nominated Govan and Shabby

Caoimhe nominated Sunshine and Ben

Corin nominated Ben and Mario

Dave nominated Govan and Shabby

Govan nominated Dave and Ben

Ife nominated Ben and Dave

John James nominated Caoimhe and Shabby

Josie nominated Dave and Ben

Mario nominated Govan and Shabby

Nathan nominated Sunshine and Ben

Shabby nominated Ben and Dave

Steve nominated Govan and Ben

Sunshine nominated Caoimhe and Nathan
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BB11: Shock All Male Eviction

Day 14: Shabby has been saved from eviction as she won the Scooter Slide Task and has now put Mario up for the public vote in her place. This now means we will definitely see a male housemate leave the Big Brother house on Friday.

PaddyPower predict that Govan will be evicted (2/5), Ben is behind him on odds of 9/4, then religious Dave 8/1 but former mole Mario is the safest on 14/1.

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BB11: Shabby Gets The Horn!

Day 13: You either love her or loathe her but Shabby is certainly providing lots of entertainment in the Big Brother house. One minute she is arguing, the next minute she has popped her boob out while in the bath (as seen on a previous topic!).  This latest picture has Shabby in a rather compromising position, dressed in just a towel and this girl has had the horn big time since she has been in the Big Brother house.

The evening turned out OK for Shabby as she enjoyed a romantic meal with Caoimhe, not sure her boyfriend would be so happy but at least Shabby was nice and fresh!

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Monday, 21 June 2010

BB11: Nominations Revealed

Day 13:  Four housemates face the public vote this week, but one of the four will be immune when they win the Task set by Big Brother. Ben, Dave, Govan and Shabby received the most votes from their fellow housemates but one of them will be able to select someone to take their place if they win the Task.

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BB11: Nominations Twist - Part 2

Day 13: Nominations that take place this afternoon will cause more friction in the Big Brother house as another nominations twist is added to the equation.

After today’s nominations one of the nominated housemates will then be given the chance to save themselves and choose someone else to take their place.

The two or more housemates who receive the most nominations will take part in an exciting challenge with an all important outcome. The winner of this task will be saved from being a nominated housemate and exempt from this week’s eviction.

The winner must then choose another housemate to replace them as a nominated housemate. Normal rules then apply and whoever is chosen as a replacement will be up for Eviction with all the other nominated housemates on Friday.

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Sunday, 20 June 2010

BB11 POLL: Which Housemates Got Cosy In Bed?

Day 12: The latest Big Brother Poll wants to know who got cosy together in bed, as seen in this picture. If you think you know the answer - then add your answer to the poll at the top right hand side of this page. The answer will be revealed when voting closes.

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BB11: Big Brother Viewing Figures - Day 7 - 9

Big Brother 11 is struggling in the viewing figures as it goes head to head against the World Cup. On Tuesday 15th June (Day 7)  2.26 million (13.1% audience share) tuned into the programme, which was slightly up on Day 7 2009 (2.1m).

Wednesday 16 June (Day 8) Big Brother dipped to 2.04 million viewers and an 8.8% share of the audience, yet was still up year on year as 1.89m (10.9%) watched the BB10 Day 8 highlights a year ago. Big Brother was boosted by C4+1 viewing figures which added an extra 547,000 (3.1%) viewers, it was the third most watched show on multi-channel.

Thursday 17 June (Day 9) Big Brother took 2.15m (9.2%) for Channel 4 from 9pm, up 110,000 on last night's episode.
The programme also pulled in a further 631,000 (3.4%) on timeshift C4+1, which was the fourth largest multichannel audience of the night.

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BB11: Shabby Shares Feelings For Caoimhe

Day 12: Shabby has come clean to Caoimhe about her feelings after being persuaded by Ife that it would be the right thing to do, reports Digital Spy.

Despite her reservations Shabby was forced to explain the recent awkwardness between the pair after Caoimhe became concerned that the girls were hiding something from her.

"Right, what the f**k's going on?" Caoimhe asked Shabby after taking her outside for a cigarette.

After initially avoiding the question, Shabby eventually told Caoimhe that she had developed feelings for her, to which Caoimhe said, "Shabby, don't do this, oh Jesus."

Shabby clarified, “I just wanted you to know that I respect that you're in love with your boyfriend and that I wasn't trying to be some heinous lesbian who was trying to be your mate because it's not like that."

Caoimhe told Shabby that although there was a bisexual side to her, she feels they are best friends and is very much in love with her boyfriend.

"I don't want you to feel awkward as this will not change anything at all," she told Shabby. "When I first saw you I thought you were one of the most beautiful people I'd seen in my life."

After agreeing that it shouldn't change their friendship, the girls went back into the house to talk to Ife and Corin.

*Story from: DigitialSpy
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