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Thursday, 24 June 2010

BB11: Housemates Forced To Live On Rations

Day 16: Life in the Big Brother house just got a whole lot harder as housemates are forced to live on rations, as Digital Spy reports:
Housemates awoke this morning to find their food replaced with basic rations and the hot water turned off after they failed the shopping task yesterday.

Corin and Sunshine were the first housemates awake and both tried to remain upbeat, with Sunshine suggesting that they will lose weight this week and Corin reminding them that they should be grateful for the food they have.

"Aren't you happy about eating chick peas for the next seven days?" Mario asked Ife and Dave once they were up.

“The thing is they haven’t even given us any spices or anything," Dave noticed, as they all looked at the rations provided by Big Brother.

Ife told them she might just not eat all week, to which Dave said that he enjoyed fasting and had once gone 21 days living on only water and tea.

"I'm just going to keep myself extremely busy and not think about it," Ife replied as the housemates helped themselves to a breakfast of dry toast.

Dave told the other housemates that he felt Big Brother was "pretty pissed off at the minute" after punishing people for continually discussing nominations. Expect tempers to fray over the next week............

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*Story from: Digital Spy

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