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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

BB11 POLL: Which Housemates Got Cosy In Bed This Week?

Our Big Brother Poll at the start of the week asked 'Which Housemates Got Cosy In Bed', giving you a clue from the photo above. While romance seems to have been on and off between John James and Josie and more off between Shabby and Caoimhe - 87% of you guessed the wrong answer.

The couple that got quite cosy in bed, as seen in the picture, were Dave and Ben. The housemates received the least votes in our poll (13%), while most voters thought the couple in the picture was John James and Josie (40%). More voters thought the cosy couple was Ben and Mario (30%) then Shabby and Caoimhe (16%).

Here is the picture that reveals the cosy couple:

*BB official website:

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