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Saturday, 15 August 2009

BB10: Day 73 - "Rodrigo Has A Big Willy"

According to Sophie, Rodrigo's manhood is big in a late night drunken conversation between housemates. Earlier Charlie and Rodrigo had been asking Sophie (Dogface) to get out her breasts, to which she said she would never get them out in public as she was conscious it would cheapen her.

Sophie then turned the attention to Charlie and Rodrigo and challenged Rodrigo, "Get your willy out. Charlie said you have!" A blushing Rodrigo denied the story until he finally admitted, "He showed his, and I showed him mine."

Asking a reluctant Rodrigo to stretch out his hand, Sophie laughed as she told the pair that Rodrigo "has a big willy". Charlie didn't look too pleased by Sophie's comparison and within a few minutes another argument followed when Charlie questioned the friendship between Rodrigo and Sophie. Tears were to follow when Rodrigo called Charlie a liar, causing Charlie to burst into tears in the garden as he told Lisa he wanted to go home.

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BB10: Day 73 - Freddie Was "Too Cocksure"

Housemates discussed Halfwit's shock departure from the Big Brother house with some saying he had become arrogant during recent days.

Lisa and Marcus agreed that it was Freddie's overconfidence that proved his downfall.

"I honestly think the reason is he kept saying he was 100% sure that he was staying in, and when you say that no-one likes it," said Marcus.

"People who are cocksure of themselves get nowhere," offered Lisa.

Siavash was the most defensive of Freddie while Bea was the happiest that he had gone in last night's eviction battle with Marcus. The result proved the closest yet in BB10, with just 53% voting for Halfwit and 47% voting for Marcus.

Will Marcus learn from Halfwit's fall or will the 'Irrepressible Dark Horse' ride onto a disastrous battle?

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BB10: Day 73 - Reson Why Charlie Doesn't Fancy Siavash

Siavash was the focus of Charlie's attention as he pulled down his trousers in the bedroom in a discussion about seeing each others manhood's while inside the Big Brother house.

Charlie soon cleared matters up and while joking with Siavash about trying out his bisexual side, saying that he thought Siavash was too hairy for him and so was not his type.

Sophie was also focusing on Siavash was she giggled as he tried to shower, hoping to capture another look at his manhood as she had done earlier in the week when she walked in on him showering.

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BB10 Day 72 VIDEO - Eviction Result Announced

Another surprise for viewers and shock among housemates as Davina McCall announced to the house the tenth person to be evicted from Big Brother 10. The Channel 4 video below captures the moment the result is announced and the crowds reaction.

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BB10: Day 72 - Halfwit Evicted In Close Result

It was the closest result of Big Brother 10 with just 3% difference between Marcus and Halfwit, but the public voted out the bookies favourite to win. This week proved a turning point for the popular housemate after rebellion and cockiness took over and Freddie became the tenth person to be evicted from the house.

Halfwit had looked like being the shows eventual winner for so long after surviving eviction week after week, but the public spoke and voted him out after seven attempts. It seems like Bea was his downfall, with some saying Halfwit had changed after Day 44. Although the public may not want Marcus to win BB10, they were more annoyed with Freddie's behaviour this week and voted him out.

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Friday, 14 August 2009

BB10: Day 72 - Housemates Get Special Prizes

Big Brother is being generous to the housemates for passing their task (they had to convince Rodrigo he really met the Queen) and here is what Big Brother is giving each housemate:

* Marcus - new profile photo and fan mail
* Rodrigo - letter and mug from Buckingham Palace
* Siavash - new clothes
* Bea - coffee machine
* Charlie - 30 mins of Girls Aloud tracks
* Dogface and Halfwit - get names changed back
* David - roast dinner cooked by nan and auntie
* Lisa - tobacco, papers and lighter

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BB10: Day 72 - Bea Thrown Into Big Brother Jail

The public might let out a collective cheer today as they find out that Bea has been thrown into the BB jail. Maybe Big Brother has had enough of her constant moaning and negativity so called Bea to the Diary Room, and from her guilty demeanour it was clear that she knew exactly why.

"Hello!" she said cheerily. "I haven't got my microphone with me, I've just got changed."

Big Brother wasn't interested. "Bea, as you are aware, it is a fundamental rule of Big Brother that all housemates must wear their microphones unless sleeping at night, washing, showering or in the pool. Despite numerous reminders, you've continued to disregard this fundamental rule."

"Oh, come on!" shouted Bea, quickly dropping the charm offensive. "I've literally just come out of the shower! Please don't get me in trouble."

"Bea, as you continue to disregard this rule, you must be punished," said Big Brother firmly. "You must therefore proceed directly to Jail where you will stay until further notice."

Bea's jaw dropped and she sat in angry silence for several seconds.

"I don't want to," she said finally. "I don't want to go to Jail. I've just got out of the shower. I've JUST GOT OUT OF THE SHOWER! I wasn't going to forget it! Please don't send me to Jail, Big Brother!"

"Bea, this isn't a negotiation," said Big Brother calmly.

Bea's bottom lip appeared. "I think that's really unfair," she said sadly. "You don't put somebody like me in a jail. I'm not the sort of person that would fare well in a jail, you know that. Plus I need to put my leave-in conditioner on my hair, I'm not going to be able to sort that out in prison am I? Please will you just give me one more chance?"

"No," was the curt response.

"I can't believe you guys!" stropped Bea, storming out of the room.

On her way to Jail Bea stopped off in the Bedroom to pick up her make-up bag and have a good moan to David and Charlie. "It's bloody ridiculous," she told them. "Can people come and sit with me, 'cause I don't want to deal with that stupid little ****** out there in the swimming pool."

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BB10: Day 72 - Lisa Thinks Marcus Does Care

Lisa and Marcus haven't always got on, but she told him that he has a "soft side" last night.

As the window fitter relaxed in the pool, Lisa said that she did not think he would be evicted this week.

"You haven't been sort of nasty to people," she explained. "I think there's a soft side to you. I don't think you're as hard as you make out. I'm probably the only one that's caught that, because I'm older than everyone else."

She continued: "There definitely is another side to you that you don't show. You don't have to, it is a gameshow and it's up to you how you act.

"You're a private person. You have your reasons. But I do know that somewhere inside this guy, even though everyone thinks that you're swearing and not caring, somewhere you do care."

"We do tend to protect ourselves," Lisa remarked. "We don't really want people to see the soft side because we've been walked over and let down in life, so we tend to shield that."

Although Marcus admitted that he didn't think he had hidden his "soft" side, he seemed pleased with Lisa's observations.

"It means a lot," said Marcus.

*Story: DigitalSpy
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Thursday, 13 August 2009

BB10: Day 71 - Siavash Gets New Clothes

Siavash has been the King of Fashion since entering the Big Brother house 71 days ago, but viewers may have noticed he tends to be stuck in those same clothes (especially his PJ bottoms!).

Big Brother gave Siavash a suitcase of clothes for his special present for his part in this weeks task."Aargh you got me my suitcase. That's a very small suitcase if that's my clothes," cried Siavash as he leapt into the Diary Room.

"Hello Siavash – how are you today?" said Big Brother reminding him of Diary Room etiquette.

"I'm great – looking a bit ****, but great!" replied Siavash excitedly.

And so Big Brother informed Siavash that the suitcase did indeed hold his clothes – clothes that originally wouldn’t fit into the suitcase he first took in the House.

"It's not a huge suitcase, it could've been bigger, but I say 'thank you'," said Siavash graciously. "Hell yes!"

"Are you happy?" asked Big Brother

"Very, very happy," replied Siavash as he had a rummage around. "Three weeks left, I've got enough clothes for the rest of my time in the House," he cried excitedly.

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BB10: Day 71 - Marcus Gets New Picture

Marcus was given a camera and some fan mail as part of his special prize for passing the Best of British Task. He had previously been complaining about his profile picture, so Big Brother is giving him a chance to take a new picture. To cheer Marcus up, Big Brother also gave him a bag of fan mail.

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BB10: Day 71 VIDEO - Rodrigo Finds Out The Truth

Watch the video of the moment Rodrigo finds out the truth about meeting the 'Queen', as Big Brother confesses the truth in the Diary Room. Will it be tears of laughter or tears of anger?

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BB10: Day 71 - Will Housemates Tell Rodrigo?

Seems like housemates are in a right pickle, do they tell Rodrigo he didn't actually meet the Queen or not? If they tell him, then they will each lose out on winning a special prize and tokens but the thought of Rodrigo being duped by Big Brother is tearing the house apart.

Out in the Living Area Rodrigo was talking excitedly ten to the dozen. It's a shame that Big Brother will have to burst his bubble later on.

"I was nervous," said Rodrigo.
"Did you pour her another cup of tea?" asked Lisa. "Did she dunk a biscuit?"
"I didn't even put sugar in my tea, I was that nervous," giggled Rodrigo.

Outside in the garden, Bea, Lisa and David had other views, about whether or not anyone should tell Rodrigo it was all a bit of fun. Halfwit had already told them that is was up to Big Brother to break the news, but if BB didn't, then no-one should. But Bea wasn't having it.

"He said whoever tells him, he's going to be really upset. But if we clap and cheer he won't be," said David. "He's making out we'll do it in a negative way to make Rodrigo feel really upset."

"I don't agree we should wait until the shows over," said Bea. "This means so much to Rodrigo, everyone else knows she's not the real Queen and the only one who doesn't know is Rodrigo."
"I think he'll see the funny side," reckoned Lisa.

"Freddie is saying no he won't," added Bea. "He's saying Rodrigo will be really upset. I'm willing to be dishonest for three hours with him to pass the task. But not three weeks. It's not fair."

"We should tell him today," agreed Lisa.

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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

BB10: Day 70 PICTURES - Rodrigo Meets The Queen

Rodrigo had an appointment with Her Majesty, albeit not THE Queen but as part of the 'Best of British' Task. Will Rodrigo pass the Task or will the other housemates let on that the Queen has not really come for tea? Here are some pictures of a very happy Rodrigo meeting the Queen.

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BB10: Day 70 VIDEO - Rodrigo Meets The Queen

Rodrigo had written a letter to the Queen but Big Brother played a trick on him by bringing in a look-a-like with the housemates having to convince Rodrigo he had actually met the Queen in order to win tokens and a special prize for each housemate.

Watch the videos below as Big Brother first tells the housemates what they must do and the second video features Rodrigo meeting the Queen.

Housemates find out about the Queen's visit.

Rodrigo meets the Queen

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BB10: Day 70 PICTURE - Charlie Gets A Visit From The Other Side!

While Charlie took part in this weeks Shopping Task, it seems he had a visitor as the picture above shows. Could it be Michael Jackson has entered the Big Brother house to pick Charlie's ear for him?!

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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

BB10: Day 69 VIDEO - Halfwit Wants To Know Who Nominated Him

Big Brother announces the housemates who will be facing the public vote for eviction, but one housemate is not happy. Watch the video below as Halfwit asks who nominated him this week as he is shocked to find out David is not up for eviction.

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BB10: Day 69 - Best of British Task

This week's Shopping Task is underway and the theme is 'Best of British' and housemates can 'earn' real money towards the shopping budget. Of course there were a few upsets about who would take on what and Marcus got in a hissy about his profile picture, but once the Task started everyone chipped in.

Siavash and Marcus were dressed in Victorian outfits as they did a spot of snorkeling (as seen in the picture above), Charlie and Dogface are looking glam in suit and evening dress, and for a change it's Charlie who's in the suit. It's for Rodrigo's etiquette Task, that happens tomorrow.

Halfwit is tackling the bagpipes, in an effort to do something musical. Problem is, they aren't exactly bending under his squeezing. "I haven't even got a sound of one pipe yet," he moaned.

Lisa, David and Bea looked bright in jockeys' outfits and are studying form in a bid to win the racing Task. For most of the afternoon their collective math skills have been battling with the odds. Although most of their boats seem to be about which horse Bea has a 'good feeling' about, rather than any actual form. Will they be lucky?

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BB10: Day 69 VIDEO - Marcus Upset Over Picture

Marcus got upset about his Big Brother profile picture when he saw it during today's Task (imagine how we feel!), saying it made him "look a right tool".

"I honestly feel like crying, I really do. After all the things in this House, I've never thought about crying. But looking at that picture makes me wanna cry." He told housemates, "I think I'm actually starting to cry a bit. It makes me so sad," he said. "I can't believe it everyone else's picture looks so nice."

Watch the video of Marcus and Bea having a heart to heart:

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BB10: Day 69 - Naughty Lads Get Nominated For Eviction

The nominations are in and although several housemates said they would vote for David, it turns out that Halfwit and Marcus got the most votes and will now face the public vote. The pair got on the wrong side of several housemates over the weekend as they broke rules, incurring punishment on all the housemates. Then Halfwit had arguments with Charlie and Bea, while Marcus stole some cigarettes, even though he doesn't smoke.

Halfwit has been the bookies favourite to win Big Brother but over the past few days his popularity has been slipping, yet Marcus will be the favourite to be evicted on Friday.

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BB10: Big Brother Viewing Figures - Day 64 - 68

Viewers held steady over the past week on Big Brother, with almost identical viewing figures week on week. Hira's eviction on Friday was the most popular installment of the week with 2.5 million tuning in - matching Noirin's eviction a week earlier.

Rebellion in the Big Brother house mixed with the odd romance helped Monday night's Big Brother start the week on a respectable 2.1 million. Rule breaking is sure to add another twist during this final month.

Day 68 (Mon 10 Aug) - 2.1 million and a 12% share, with a further 114,000 on Channel 4 +1

Day 67 (Sun 9 Aug) - 1.88m (8.3%)

Day 66 (Sat 8 Aug) - 1.5 million, an 8% share, with a further 185,000 on Channel 4 +1

Day 65 (Fri 7 Aug) - 2.5 million viewers and a 13% share between 9pm and 10pm as Hira Habibshah became the ninth person to be evicted from the house. Another 181,000 saw Big Brother on Channel 4 +1. The eviction interview was seen by 2.4 million viewers and a 15% share between 10.35pm and 11.05pm. Another 94,000 viewers watched on Channel 4 +1.

Day 64 (Thurs 6 Aug) - 1.94million viewers (11.9%)

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Monday, 10 August 2009

BB10: Day 68 - Housemates Reveal Who They Nominated

Being free to talk about nominations has lifted a cloud from the Big Brother housemates, but get ready because a storm is brewing and the remaining housemates will be in for a shock or two this week.

Dogface told Siavash and Marcus that she nominated Halfwit (Freddie) most of the time. Siavash said he nominated Freddie on the first week and told him. Charlie was sceptical about talking about nominations saying that maybe those who talked about it would be up. Siavash then drew Charlie into the conversation telling him that he had nominated him once, "at the start because we didn't talk as much."
Marcus and Dogface then confessed to nominating Charlie in the early days. Dogface saying that in the first week she didn't think Charlie liked her.

Dogface continued the conversation in the garden as she told Lisa she had never nominated her, but Lisa confessed to nominating Karly in the first week but after that they got closer. Charlie said he would never nominate the 'group'.

Then with Bea within ear shot, Lisa told the group that she would have nominated Marcus and Halfwit, implying that David would have voted the same. Dogface replied by telling the group she would have voted the same and Lisa said, "I think Big Brother knew as well."

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BB10: Day 68 - Nominations Rules Changed

Housemates were gathered together at the kitchen table as Big Brother dropped a shocking announcement - due to their rule breaking by talking about nominations, Big Brother was changing the rules. Housemates would now be free to discuss nominations - past, present and future.

Marcus was delighted with the news saying, "We must be the worst bunch of housemates ever, that they (Big Brother) thought 'we can't even be bothered to think of ways to punish you.' It's hilarious."

Halfwit, another one of the rule breakers thought the news was welcoming as it would help reduce paranoia. So while some housemates see this punishment as a reward, Big Brother has something far more sinister up their big sleeve and all will be revealed in due course........

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BB10: Day 67 VIDEO - Rebellion In The Diary Room

Those cheeky chappies try and pull the wool over Big Brothers eyes by trying to sleep in the Diary Room, as this video shows:

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Sunday, 9 August 2009

BB10: Day 67 - Rebellion In Big Brother House

Looks like a rebellion is taking place in the Big Brother house and Halfwit, Marcus and Siavash are leading it. The three housemates were sent to jail earlier today for breaking rules - the trio slept in the Diary Room and ignored Big Brother. Then to make matters worse, they staged a jail break and once again wound up Big Brother.

Now ALL the housemates will be punished and Lisa wasn't happy about it. She ranted, "Why can't Big Brother just punish the people that need punishing? Why?" she continued angrily.
"I've had enough now, it's ********," she went on.

"Why should we all be punished – I ain't done nothing. Why? I wanna know why. They're obviously controlling your game now," added Lisa, referring to the three escapees. "I thought you were better than that. ****! I need to be working behind the scenes. Trust me, I'd be more vicious than that," she snarled.

Then Big Brother continued it's punishment by removing all the luxury food the housemates won during the Alice In Wonderland Task.

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BB10: Day 67 VIDEO - Halfwit v Charlie

Halfwit was having a moan about Dogface and Charlie jumps in to defend her against Halfwit. What follows is a full blown argument, as the video below shows.

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BB10: Day 67 VIDEO - Marcus Rumbled For Stealing Fags

Marcus stole some cigarettes and then, clearly rumbled, tries to say he was going to give them away tomorrow. Then he takes offence at being called into question - watch the video for yourself and see if he is telling the truth or not.

*BB official website:

BB10: Day 67 - Dogface Breaks Big Brother Rules

Housemates will never learn as Dogface (Sophie) became the latest Big Brother housemate to break the rules concerning nominations. Following in the footsteps of Siavash, she told housemates she wanted to be nominated.

After a row with Marcus over hoarding cigarettes Dogface told him: "I want to go up against you this week, me and you. I feel like a bitch against you, but if you hadn't taken the cigarettes this would never have happened, that's why I'm annoyed."

Dogface also told pals: "I want to be up for eviction this week, so you should put me up. I don't care anymore."

Expect Big Brother to punish Dogface some time in the very near future..........

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BB10: Day 67 - Charlie Argues With Halfwit

Charlie had been telling Lisa and David a few home truths about Halfwit, before confronting the popular housemate, according to The Sun.

Charlie said to Lisa and David: "He's trying to turn me against Lisa and he's trying to turn Sophie against Lisa."

He went on: "He's always trying to turn people against you Lisa, he's singled you out. If that's not a game plan I don't know what is.

"He's a little informer, a little snitch."

And he asked housemates: "If Freddie does say anything about me can you just tell him to say it to my face."

Later on Charlie confronted Halfwit himself who replied: "You have got me so wrong."

But Charlie wasn't letting up yet and told him: "It's always you, you have to get involved. You're always behind it all."

And as Halfwit tried to respond to the accusations Charlie silenced him saying: "Don't speak about it anymore, you have taken enough time out of my night. My brain is fried so no more words about this tonight. We can speak again just me and you tomorrow."

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BB10: POLL - Which BB10 Housemate Would You Bring Back?

If you could bring back one Big Brother 10 housemate, just who would it be? That is what the Big Brother Blog Squad Poll is asking at the top of this page, and we need YOUR votes to find out the answer.

Would you bring back Sophia to stir things up? Would Kris be a worthy addition? Could Beinazir get a proper chance to be a housemate? Did Angel go too soon? Should Cairon be in the BB10 house again?

Vote now!

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BB10: Day 66 VIDEO - Charlie And Rodrigo Bedtime Smooch

Rodrigo jumps into Charlie's bed for some late night kissing as the pair make up for falling out the night before. This time things are getting steamy between the Big Brother housemates as this latest C4 video shows..........

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BB10: Day 67 - Marcus In 'Fag Gate' Theft Shocker

Another day another row breaks out in the Big Brother house after it was discovered Marcus had stolen cigarettes, causing a 'fag gate' row.

Marcus pinched the fags after they were provided by Big Brother as a treat for the smokers at the Alice In Wonderland tea party.

But Dogface found them in the drawer under his bed when she went to trade some food for alcohol yesterday evening.

And housemates couldn't hide their shock that the self-appointed 'house leader' had been keeping cigarettes when smokers were going short.

Dogface told smokers Lisa, David and Bea: "I could have taken a packet for myself, but he should have left them. I could have stole a teapot and put it in the bedroom but I'd never, and I'd never think of taking the cigarettes from you."

Later she confronted Marcus telling him: "If it was me I would have given them to the smokers to share between them.

"I just don't think you have done yourself any favours."

But Marcus lashed out at Dogface, saying: "No-one is going to tell me I've taken something of someone elses, that's b*******. They didn't have anybody's name on it."

And he tried to justify his actions by telling housemates that he had taken the cigarettes to give to pal Bea as a present later on in the week.

But Bea was convinced Marcus was planning to swap the cigarettes for more food, telling Freddie: "Whether Marcus likes it or not it's a bit odd that he had cigarettes in his drawer.

"Being objective, Marcus barters more than he gifts."

But Marcus insisted he would have returned the cigarettes when the others had ran out. He argued: "I did it for the good of the group."

Dogface is now convinced that both she and Marcus will be up for eviction on Friday after the row made him look "sneaky" and her "look like a bitch".

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BB10: Day 66 - Halfwit Gets A Purple Makeover

Halfwit went for a new makeover on Day 66 in the Big Brother house but might need a few more tries yet to get the look perfected. Maybe he'll get a part in the next Batman movie?

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BB10: Day 66 VIDEO - Spinning Tops Task

Housemates became Spinning Tops for today's Task, if all housemates successfully complete the Task, they may win up to four tokens for the Group. The four Tops must spin around at speed for the duration of the song playing. Each Top must keep on their disc in the Garden, with their Spinner helping them if necessary.

Watch the C4 video below and find out how well they did..................

*BB official website:
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