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Friday, 4 September 2009

BB10: Day 93 VIDEO - Big Brother 10 Winner

The video showing the moment Davina McCall revealed to the house who won Big Brother 10, as Sophie and Siavash competed for the title of Big Brother Winner 2009.

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BB10: Day 93 - Sophie Wins Big Brother 10

It turned into the perfect ending to Big Brother 10 as Sophie won with 74% of the public vote, emerging from the Big Brother house as the deserved winner as she went head to head with Siavash. Sophie looked shocked and amazed when Davina McCall told her the news.

During the interview Davina asked Sophie about her relationship with Kris, to which Sophie replied she would need to speak to Kris. But she did reveal that the couple did NOT have sex while in the house.

Siavash came second and was struggling to get his words out due to a sore throat, and he publicly apologised about his behaviour with Noirin and the effects on his 'girlfriend'.

David surprised everyone by finishing third and came out to some boos but he proved himself a winner by surviving against all odds, lavishing praise upon his best friend in the house - Lisa.

Charlie ended up fourth place and seemed like a kid in a sweet shop as he excitedly chatted non-stop with Davina about his time in the house.

Rodrigo was a surprising fifth place but was genuinely happy to be part of the Big Brother experience and felt very British, even wearing a Union Jack belt!

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BB10: POLL - You Select Winner Of Big Brother

The POLL has now closed and you have selected who you want to win Big Brother 10. Sophie had been trailing all week behind Rodrigo and Charlie, and then went head to head with Siavash, before finally beating all the lads to become YOUR winner of BB10.

Poor David trailed in last place with just 2% of the vote and Charlie slipped to fourth place with 14% of the vote after viewers saw him become stroppy about the Beyonce Task. Rodrigo and Siavash ended up being joint second after a late surge of vote for Siavash. Sophie is also the bookies favourite to win the final of Big Brother 10 tonight, but this could turn out to be a close result as the top four in the POLL are all popular with viewers.

Tune in from 8pm on Channel 4 to find out if the readers of Big Brother Blog Squad got it right.

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BB10: Day 93 - Housemates Send Messages On Twitter

Housemates sent messages on Twitter today after Big Brother provided them with instructions, which explained that they each have their own blackboard with space for 140 letters on it (this is the maximum number of characters in a Twitter update). They then wrote their messages to the outside world on the blackboards and Big Brother delivered them to the public via the OfficialBB Twitter page.

Here is what the housemates wrote:

Sophie: Is so excited for tonight, can't believe I'm in the BB final!! Woop woop! xx So looking forward to a nice treble vodka red bull x

David: Is very happy to be in the Big Brother, feeling nervous about tonight,but is so glad to still be here. Thanks guys, means the world x

Charlie: Has been locked away forever! Can't wait to see my family & friends! Man I miss you so much & it's you that's kept me goingxxMWAHxx

David: Is looking forward to going on holiday SAP! And seeing friends at home,my nan & a good night out in Leeds. Am a real Yorkshire lad xx

Charlie: Thank you all for keeping me in the House. I'm so happy to be here til the end. I can't ask for more than the final :D xx

Siavash: To the guy who shouted my name over the wall thanks so much, please get in touch so I can buy u a drink. Rock & roll. PS luv Mum

Rodrigo: Wants to thanks everyone for being with us this summer & is so excited for seeing his family & meeting you all. I'll miss BB!!! Xx

Charlie: Alreet everyone! I'm still in the House after 92 days! Can't believe it, thank you all! X (can't wait to get out and party) :p x

David: Is Vivienne Westwood mad & am so happy with my letter from the Queen of Fashion & can't wait to meet my idol. Love u Vivienne x

Rodrigo: Enjoyed every task especially meeting the Queen LOL. OMG how embarrassing! I still want to meet the real one though. I love the UK

Sophie: Would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who kept me in the BB House and to those that supported me to the final! xx

Charlie: Is coming to a pub near you soon! Haha only messing :p I'm nearly packed & it's almost over! :( I'm gonna miss you,even the alarm x

Rodrigo: Is missing his family more than ever and is enjoying his last day in the House with his friends. Hope you are having a nice day xxx

Sophie: Cannot wait to see all of her family! OMG especially my two little babies, Army Bear and Miss Moo! OMG I've missed them lots

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BB10: Big Brother Viewing Figures Day 86 - 91

Here are the viewing figures featuring the eviction's of Marcus and Lisa from the Big Brother 10 house.

Day 91 (Wed 2 Sept) - Big Brother had 1.9 million viewers (8% share) in the 9pm slot, with a further 327,000 watching on Channel 4 +1 as the five remaining housemates re-enacted Day 50.

Day 90 (Tue 1 Sept) - An earlier 8pm edition of Big Brother attracted 2.2 million viewers (224,000 viewers on Channel 4 +1 as housemates found out Lisa had been evicted at 10pm. Lisa's eviction was seen by 2.4 million viewers (12% share) and another 142,000 on Channel 4 +1 as the Brummie was interviewed by Davina McCall.

Day 89 (Mon 31 Aug) - ?

Day 88 (Sun 30 Aug) - Big Brother had 1.5 million viewers (9%) with an extra 158,000 on Channel 4 +1

Day 87 (Sat 29 Aug) - Life after Marcus was watched by 1.3 million viewers (7% share), with an extra 153,000 watching on Channel 4 +1

Day 86 (Fri 28 Aug) - Marcus became the twelfth person to be evicted from Big Brother. The highlights show drew 2.3 million and an 11% share, between 9pm and 10pm and 2.2 million and a 15% share tuned in for Marcus's exit interview with Davina McCall. A further 124,000 and 98,000 tuned in for the two instalments respectively on Channel 4 +1 an hour later.

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Thursday, 3 September 2009

BB10: Day 92 - Sophie: No Future With Kris

While inside the house, Kris and Sophie were joined at the hip and both housemates promised to wait for each other once Kris was evicted. The arrival of gossip magazines and comments made by Kris soon changed all that with Sophie dumping Kris after a drunken rambling.

Housemates were talking about meeting Davina McCall and being interviewed, but Sophie was worried:

"She's gonna say 'Did you have sex with Kris?'" groaned Sophie. "I'm gonna be sitting there cringing. I'm getting embarrassed now!"

While Noirin was in the House, Sophie told her that she'd slept with Kris. She has since said that she made it up in order to get Noirin to share her own juicy gossip.

"Why would you say such a thing?" asked David, perplexed.

"I'm ashamed of myself," winced Sophie, covering her face with her hands. "I said it."

"Just tell the truth and say 'I just wanted to see what Noirin had to say'," suggested Siavash reassuringly.

"But then Noirin's sitting there..." pointed out Sophie.

David then assumed the role of Davina and started to interview Sophie about her feelings for Kris.

"Rodrigo said to me 'Do you miss him?' and I was like, no," revealed Sophie, looking anxious. "If you like someone, you miss him."

"Is there going to be a future for Sophorina and Kris?" asked David, holding out an imaginary microphone.

"I don't think so," replied Sophie, but she looked a bit uncertain.

Like Davina herself, David doesn't shy away from the difficult questions. "When you got with Kris, did it mean something to you?" he persisted.

"At the time, yes... But now..." answered Sophie sadly. "I've made my mind up."

Siavash had some words of wisdom. "I think you should wait and see," he advised. "I think Kris will do anything possible to stay with you."

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BB10: POLL - Who Will Win Big Brother 10?

It's the final hours of voting in our Big Brother POLL to find out who YOU want to win Big Brother 10. It was a two way race between Rodrigo and Charlie but Sophie and Siavash have caught up in this closely contested poll.

One thing is for sure - David with be finishing in fifth place in the final if the results of this poll are anything to go by! Will Sophie become the winner of BB10 as predicted by the bookies? Can Siavash steal her crown? Could Charlie or Rodrigo surprise us all?

Voting in our POLL closes Friday afternoon, so VOTE NOW - it's free and fun!

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BB10: Day 92 - Housemates On Twitter

It's a Big Brother UK first: tomorrow Big Brother will be breaking new ground when the current Big Brother housemates take to Twitter!

That's right: Sophie, Charlie, David, Siavash and Rodrigo will be tweeting from inside the House on the very last day of BB10.

If you want to be part of this new fangled phenomenon and hear the housemates tweeting in their own words, make sure you're following @OfficialBB on Twitter tomorrow lunchtime.

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BB10: Day 92 - Siavash Almost Quits

With just two days remaining of Big Brother 10, Siavash wanted to quit once again in a last ditch attempt to speak to his ex girlfriend.

His conscience was troubling him as he pondered his time in the house with Noirin and told Big Brother he wanted to quit the show, but this morning it was a different tune.

He told Big Brother in the Diary Room: "Still, to be honest with you, not sure which way to go.

"I'm thinking about it and trying to see the positive sides [of staying]. I'm not enjoying it with the whole thing in the back of my mind. The fun is gone."

When BB reminded him he could give his side of the story to host Davina McCall when he left the house on Friday's final, he explained: "I never do stuff and run away from the consequences but it will be another episode of upsetting the people concerned."

And after BB pointed out he'd never know if he could have won the show, Siavash added: "If I stay, then when I leave it's a half-a***d apology. I will never know whether if I had left the day before, things would be different. Which one is more important to me?"

After taking an hour out to ponder his options, Siavash returned to the Diary Room and told Big Brother he would stay until the final.

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Wednesday, 2 September 2009

BB10: Day 91 - Charlie Shares Feelings For Rodrigo

Charlie has discussed his feelings for Rodrigo in a chat with Big Brother, as reported on Digital Spy.

The former Mr Gay UK contestant started laughing when he was asked in the Diary Room how his relationship with the Brazilian has developed during his time in the house.

On being questioned about why he was giggling, Charlie replied: "Everyone keeps going on that there's something going on between us, but there's not."

He added: "You've heard it from the cat's mouth."

Big Brother then queried Charlie if he knew why housemates think that there is more to his relationship with Rodrigo than meets the eye.

The Geordie responded: "Maybe it's because we're close, cause we are close. Do you think?"

When asked to sum up his relationship with Rodrigo, Charlie stated: "Love, hate and laughter - that's a good one isn't it?"

He explained: "We love each other, we hate each other and we have a laugh."

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BB10: Day 91 - David Gets Birthday Surprise From Vivienne Westwood

David was in for a Birthday surprise from fashion icon Vivienne Westwood as Big Brother called him into the Diary Room.

"Happy Birthday David!" said Big Brother, "in front of you is an envelope – please open the envelope and read the letter inside aloud."

And so David did as he was instructed.

"Dear David," David read out.

"There you are on TV and sometimes wearing my clothes and telling everyone how cool they make you feel. I'm really pleased. It's a big compliment. I wish you luck with the show. Whatever the outcome, please get in touch with me on your release. I want to talk to you about my manifesto: Active Resistance to Propaganda – AR for short. Being a fashion lover is a good start for AR – then you become an art lover, then a freedom-fighter.

Good Luck with the Show!


Big Brother struggled to hold back the tears, but that was too much of a tall order for David.

"Thank you so much Vivienne, I'll treasure this," sobbed David.

Big Brother tried to get David to reveal how he was feeling. "She's an amazing woman, she's written me this and it means a load," replied David. "Fashion would not be the same without her," he added.

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BB10: Day 91 VIDEO - Lisa Is Evicted

Lisa became the thirteenth housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house and this video shows the moment Davina McCall revealed which housemate would not make the final

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BB10: Day 90 VIDEO - Housemates Perform Beyonce Song

David took the role as Beyonce with the housemates trying to re-enact the video for 'Single Ladies' with Siavash and Sophie in supporting roles in one of the last Task's of BB10. Watch the video of their performance below....

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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

BB10: Day 90 - Davina Reveals Latest Evicted Housemate

Davina McCall revealed to the house which housemate would not be making it to the Big Brother 10 Final, and it was Lisa who got the chop. It was down to Lisa and Charlie Dressed in black, Lisa said, "Told ya!" as she hugged the housemates. "Listen, I'm glad, don't get worrying!"

Lisa was evicted with 68.59 per cent of the public vote.

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BB10: The BEST Big Brother Task

Here are some pictures from the BEST Task of BB10, just because of the sheer humour involved. David and Lisa were dressed up as Aliens as part of the Future BB House Task, given a packed lunch and then for the first time in Big Brother history, two housemates were let out of the Big Brother house.

Unable to talk to the public, Lisa and David had two hours in which they had to have their picture taken by members of the public at three famous London locations. Big Brother would be in contact with the Aliens via a mobile phone.

What followed was the BEST episode of BB10, the pair set off on an open top bus around London. Like kids in a sweet shop - David and Lisa had the time of their lives. David was so excited, loving how people waved yet were unaware they were two contestants from Big Brother. Lisa was constantly being called or pulled by David because she couldn't hear a word he was saying!

They managed to pull it off well and returned to the BB10 house, where the remaining housemates had been branded as 'boring' , so had escaped the house by breaking out and running amok around the camera run.

When David and Lisa re-told their own adventures as Aliens around London, the whole escape plan seemed rather dull in comparison. The Alien Task showed David and Lisa in a whole new light..........

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BB10: Day 90 - Bookies Prediction For Eviction

Tonight the bookies have predicted which housemate will get evicted and this time it looks like time is up for Brummie Lisa as she became the favourite to go on 1/10 odds. Although Lisa had been growing in popularity over the past few weeks, she came across badly in last night's Big Brother highlights show.

It is not expected the favourite to win the show will be evicted tonight, last year Kat was evicted just before the final in a jaw dropping shocker. Sophie is now this year's favourite to win the show on 4/5 odds, taking more bets than all the other housemates combined.

Charlie or Rodrigo are expected to come third behind Siavash and David trailing in fifth place. Viewers will find out who will miss the final at 10pm tonight on Channel 4. Davina McCall will interview the evicted housemate and a special Big Brother's Big Mouth on E4 at 10:30pm.

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BB10: Day 90 - Beyonce Task

To keep the housemates entertained, Big Brother has made today's Task all about Beyonce - with the re-enactment of the 'Single Ladies' video.

One housemate must take on the role of ‘Beyonce’, while the remaining housemates will split themselves into the following roles: -

2 X Beyonce’s backing dancers
1 X Choreographer
1 X Stylist
1 X Production Assistant to Beyonce, backing dancers and crew

In order to pass the Task the housemates must take on their roles allocated to them, Beyonce and her backing dancers must learn and perform the routine whilst the choreographer must arrange and oversee their rehearsals and final performance.

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BB10: Day 89 VIDEO - Housemates Watch Themselves

As part of the Reenactment Task, Big Brother got the housemates to watch an episode from BB10. Day 50 had been selected by Big Brother, all was well until the subject of Siavash and Noirin came up and it all got a bit to much............

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BB10: POLL - Close Battle In Winners Poll

The winners POLL has turned into a two way battle between Charlie and Rodrigo as you the votes continue throughout the week. The two housemates have been getting hot under the covers during their time in the Big Brother house. Will it go down to the wire? Can Rodrigo win BB10?

This year is open to any of the six housemates, well four of the housemates - it seems that David or Lisa are the most likely to get the boot in Tuesday's eviction. VOTE NOW at the top of the page.

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Monday, 31 August 2009

BB10: Day 89 VIDEO - Nominations Revealed

Big Brother gathered the housemates to reveal which housemates would be facing the public vote for Tuesday's eviction. Some housemates had refused to nominate and some housemates nominated as normal. But which housemates will be up? Watch the video to find out..........

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BB10: Day 89 VIDEO - Lisa Not Happy Being Called Boring

After a few drinks Charlie, Rodrigo and Sophie got a bit more daring and it was Lisa and David who were in the firing line. Watch the video as Lisa is not amused at being branded as boring..........

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BB10: Day 89 - Reenactment Task

Housemates must re-enact an episode of Big Brother which would be shown on the plasma screen for the Shopping Task.

Gathered in front of the plasma screen as the familiar Big Brother music heralded the start of Day 50s show, the housemates clapped and cheered.

Charlie watched as the footage showed him in the Diary Room, "Where's Kenneth?" Charlie asked Big Brother, transporting the housemates back to the time when Kenneth went AWOL over the fence.

The next part of the show saw Lisa and David on the bench. Cue the laughter from the watching housemates as their teasing about Lisa and David constantly being at the bus stop was confirmed.

But soon the smile on Siavash's face turned to one of sheer horror as he realised that he and Noirin had been an item on Day 50. He immediately leapt up and went running out of the Task Room looking visibly shaken.

"I'm not watching this, I'm not listening to this," he screamed running away from the viewing. He went to the Bedroom, rolled onto his bed, covered himself with his duvet and groaned the groans of a man in deep distress.

"Oh God, national humiliation all over again," he whimpered, still covering his head under the duvet and possibly hoping he could stay under there forever.

"I was looking forward to watching that episode," he lamented from under his duvet.

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BB10: Day 89 - Eviction News

The housemates have just found out that all housemates will face the public vote and Big Brother told them that one housemate would be evicted on Tuesday. Marcus said he would like Rodrigo to win or Lisa, because she would make the most of the money.

The eviction will take place in a special 2 hour programme on Tuesday on Channel 4, between 8 - 10 pm.
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Sunday, 30 August 2009

BB10 Day 88 VIDEO - Housemates Refuse To Nominate

It looks like Siavash has finally led all the housemates into rebellion, with more agreeing not to nominate after Big Brother called Charlie to the Diary Room and asked him to nominate. The video below has the discussion, but watch out because the rebellion looks flawed after David confessed he'd voted, prompting Rodrigo to say he would have to nominate now.

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BB10: POLL - Who Do You Want To Win BB10?

It's the final week and our POLL this week asks, 'Who Do You Want To Win BB10?'. Already Charlie and Rodrigo are clear leaders but could Sophie or Siavash steal it later in the week.

Will Lisa or David surprise the bookies by winning Big Brother? Vote in the Big Brother Blog Squad Poll at the top of this page. Don't forget it's the final on Friday, will the readers of this blog pick the correct winner? Stay tuned!

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BB10: Day 88 VIDEO - Housemates Shown Nominations Video

The truth is revealed by Big Brother as the housemates are sat on the sofa's, they got to watch the video of the nominations. The poo looks set to hit the fan as the reasons for nominating were also shown.
It's painful viewing for the housemates, but watch the video and see for yourself.....

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BB10: Day 87 - Sophie 'I Lied About Kris'

Sophie was thinking about life on the outside and the fact she will be soon leaving the Big Brother house. Digital Spy reports,

Sophie has admitted that she lied about having sex with Kris.

Rodrigo pulled Sophie to one side to discuss a rumour he had heard that Sophie wanted to leave the house before the final.

Sophie explained that she feared bumping into Kris, who she had a brief romantic fling with during her time in the house.

"They're going to ask me about having sex and being pregnant," she explained. "I originally said I did it, but I was joking."

A clearly worried Sophie then described her fear at meeting Kris during the final and her regrets at the relationship.

"Now I'm going to look like an idiot. Kris is going to be sitting there on the last night... I wish I'd just been myself."

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BB10: Day 87 VIDEO - Task With No Name

The housemates have received another Task that will give them the opportunity to increase their prize fund by £10,000.

The problem is, they have not been told what the Task is, only that they will pass if the Pass Or Fail meter in the large Task Room reaches the 'PASS' mark. Watch the video below as they crack on with the strange Task.

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BB10: Day 87 - Sophie Dreams Of Kris

Sophie woke up on Saturday and told Rodrigo about the dream she had about Kris,

"I had a weird dream," revealed Sophie. "I dreamt that my mum wasn't speaking to me and she kept saying, 'If you want to speak to Kris, then I don't want to speak to you.'"

"Then Kris kept trying to kiss me and talk to me and I didn't want to speak to him," she continued, looking very confused. "I was trying to run away from him and my mum. Such a weird dream!"

*BB official website:
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