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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

BB10: The BEST Big Brother Task

Here are some pictures from the BEST Task of BB10, just because of the sheer humour involved. David and Lisa were dressed up as Aliens as part of the Future BB House Task, given a packed lunch and then for the first time in Big Brother history, two housemates were let out of the Big Brother house.

Unable to talk to the public, Lisa and David had two hours in which they had to have their picture taken by members of the public at three famous London locations. Big Brother would be in contact with the Aliens via a mobile phone.

What followed was the BEST episode of BB10, the pair set off on an open top bus around London. Like kids in a sweet shop - David and Lisa had the time of their lives. David was so excited, loving how people waved yet were unaware they were two contestants from Big Brother. Lisa was constantly being called or pulled by David because she couldn't hear a word he was saying!

They managed to pull it off well and returned to the BB10 house, where the remaining housemates had been branded as 'boring' , so had escaped the house by breaking out and running amok around the camera run.

When David and Lisa re-told their own adventures as Aliens around London, the whole escape plan seemed rather dull in comparison. The Alien Task showed David and Lisa in a whole new light..........

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